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Contact Sky: Email, Phone Number & My Sky Login

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If you’re looking to get in touch with Sky, you might be imagining you’ve got a bit of a mountain to climb in finding the right place to go or the right number to call. With big companies like Sky there is often a tangled web of numbers, email addresses and online help sections to go to depending on your query. In fact, the process for contacting Sky is relatively simple. Let us run you through it.

Sky Free Phone Number

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The first thing you’ll want to know is - does Sky have a customer support number you can call for free? The answer is: if you’re a Sky Talk customer, yes, they have a few. They’re all 03 numbers, which cost the same as an 01 or 02 number and will be included in your package. If you’re not a Sky Talk customer you will need to check with your provider about potential charges. Here they are:

blue telephone

Sky Contact Numbers
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
03337 591 018
03337 592 974
03337 593 964
*Monday to Sunday: 8.30am-11.30pm

These numbers work regardless of whether your issue is with Sky Email, Mobile, Talk, Broadband or TV, so call volume is a bit of an issue and you may be faced with a lengthy wait in getting your query heard. For this reason, Sky pushes customers towards solving issues through their pretty extensive and effective Help Centre.

If you head to this section of their website you can get specialised help depending on what service you need help with and what kind of issue you’re having. The centre is divided simply across the categories you’d expect:

Sky Help Centre landing page screenshot
A look at the Sky Help Centre landing page

You just click on the button for the service you’re having a problem with and keep clicking until you find your solution! The section runs very deep and covers a wide range of issues - we actually believe most issues can be solved in this way, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always resort to calling.

Man holding thumbs up card

If you really prefer a phone call, however, things may not go so badly for you. Although according to Ofcom they are the second-slowest of the major providers in terms of call waiting times, their 2 minutes 3 seconds average is not far off the overall average and pales in comparison to the 7 minutes 50 seconds that Plusnet customers have to endure. They also rank second best in terms of satisfaction with complaints handling, leaving around 6/10 callers feeling satisfied.

If neither of these options is working for you, Sky also allows you to send queries via text on 07860015582 to get a response from one of their agents. They do warn that responses to this number may not be immediate and that you will be charged at your provider’s standard rates. Don’t bother to call this number - no one will answer!

Sky Complaints

If you want to get in contact specifically in order to make a complaint, you can bypass the wait associated with the general number by calling one of their specific complaints lines. Here you have two options, depending on whether you’re looking to complain as a TV, Broadband and Talk customer or as a Sky Mobile customer:

blue telephone

Sky TV, Broadband and Talk complaints
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
03300 413 019
*Monday to Sunday: 8.30am-11.30pm

blue telephone

Sky Mobile complaints
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
03337 592 883
*Monday to Sunday: 8.30am-11.30pm

My Sky: login to the app

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As a Sky customer, there are a number of issues you can handle yourself via the My Sky app. You can log in to the app using your Sky iD, which all Sky accounts should have, but if you don’t have one yet you can follow these steps to make one. Once you have your Sky iD set up you can download the app through the App Store or through Google Play.

If you’re query relates to any of the following points, you should know that you can deal with all of them on the app and save yourself the trouble of calling in:

  • Joining the Sky VIP loyalty programme.
  • Viewing and managing your Sky services.
  • Seeing offers and upgrades available to you.
  • Checking and paying your bills, seeing future costs and changing payment details.
  • Tracking orders and rescheduling engineer visits.
  • Keeping an eye on your broadband speeds and usage.
  • Finding out useful info before your Home Move and contacting Sky through the app.
  • Managing Sky Go devices, changing your TV pin, activating Remote Record and pairing your viewing card.
  • Fixing broadband problems using their diagnostic tool and using their step-by-step guides to solve common issues.
  • Chatting with Sky experts within the app.

We’d say this is a pretty complete set of features to choose from and, according to reviews on both Android and iOS, the app functions very well. It scores a respectable 3.9 out of 5 on Google Play and a more impressive 4.3 out of 5 on the App Store. We’d recommend that before you even bother trying to get in touch you make sure you’ve got the app downloaded.

Sky Business Contact

If you’re looking to contact Sky for Business about either business TV or a business broadband deal, you will have to go a different route. The first way to consider is through arranging a callback via their website, for which you’ll need to provide:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Product of interest
  • Business name
  • Business postcode

If you prefer, they also offer a live chat service through which you can speak with one of their agents and save yourself filling out a couple of the above boxes. You can also forego the form filling altogether and give them a call yourself on the following number:

blue telephone

Sky for Business contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
08444 173 447
*Monday to Friday: 8.30am-9pm; Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am-7pm

Independent customers from the Republic of Ireland can reach them at 0818 719 883 instead. They have a further series of emails depending on what sort of customer you are - independent customers based in the UK can call 08444 883 683, group customers from the UK or ROI can call 08442 411 611, and multi-site customers from the UK or ROI can call 08442 410 059.

They also have a couple of email addresses to choose from: independent customers can contact and group/multi-site customers can contact

If a postal address is what you’re after, you can reach them here:

Press inquiries

All press inquiries should be directed to You can also visit the group’s website for more information.

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Social media

Sky has a strong social media presence, but from a customer’s perspective the most effective way of contacting them would certainly be via Facebook Messenger. Their own Help Centre frequently suggests chatting to them via this service as an alternative to calling. They seem to use their main Twitter account more as a means of advertising upcoming TV content, but they do have a dedicated Sky Help Team account where you can get support from an adviser from 8.30am-11pm on weekdays and 9am-9pm on weekends.

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