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Moving house checklist

Moving home is such a confusing process that it’s difficult to organise everything. One of the most important parts is notifying your change of address to your employer, banks, local authorities and of course utility companies. In this complete change of address checklist, we’ll go through all the key things to remember!

How Do I Change My Address in the UK?

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A change of address can be an awkward part of moving home. If this is the first time you’ve moved in a while, there is lots of information to remember. Some things you’ll be able to change the address earlier than others, so it’s important to have a change of address checklist ready to make sure you keep track.

In this guide, will cover the full Change of Address checklist including:

  1. Utilities
  2. Household & Broadband
  3. Local Authorities
  4. Employment, Banks & Insurance
  5. Vehicle & Driving Licence
  6. Recreational

In this guide, we will go through each of these in detail to explain exactly what you need to do! We’ve also included a downloadable Change of Address Checklist PDF for you to print out and use.

How Do I Change the Address on My Utilities?

Going through the change of address process for your utilities can get complicated. Since your utilities are all provided by different companies, it can be stressful contacting each of them to cancel accounts and set new ones up.

Electricity and Gas

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Before you make your move, you will need to either cancel your current energy account, or move your tariff to your new address. You will need to contact your energy company and let them know that you are moving to a new property.

If you have a dual-fuel tariff, you might be able to move both your electricity and gas, however you need to be sure you have a gas connection at your new home. If you wish to cancel your account, make sure you are out of contract so you can save on exit fees!

Find your Electricity Supplier! Find your Gas Supplier!


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You will need to notify your water supplier when you are planning on moving and whether you are moving to a new place in the same area, or if you’re moving out of an area. If you are moving out of an area, you will need to close your water account and you will be given a final bill.

You cannot choose your water supplier, so you will not be able to take your tariff with you when you move homes. You will need to set up with your new water supplier as soon as you move in. Remember to take a water meter reading if you have a meter when you move out and when you move in.

Find out who supplies your water!

How To Do a Change of Address for Household Services

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Household services – like your broadband and TV licence – are your utilities because you can have a lot of them to change around.


If you’ll be transferring your broadband packages to your new address, your provider can set you up at your new home once you inform them of the move in date. At a convenient date and time, they'll arrive at your new home and install a fibre optic broadband router to get surfing on the internet quickly. If you do decide to move your broadband, you might be asked to pay a moving fee that could cost up to £60.

If you felt like your broadband bills were too high at your old address, check to see if you are still in contract with your broadband provider. If not, you should have a look to see if you can find a better deal for your broadband at your new property.

Be aware of exit fees! If you want to cancel your current broadband deal but you are still in contract, you might have to pay a high exit fee in order to leave it. This exit fee usually becomes cheaper from month to month, but it is best avoided if you can help it.

TV Licence

Your TV licence won't be valid when you move to a new property so you will have to change this information on the TV Licensing website. The TV licence change of address process can be done up to 3 months in advance of your move. You can change your TV licence online for free.

You could be prosecuted and be fined £1,000 if you watch, record or download programmes illegally at your home. If you don’t already have a TV licence, then you need to get one!

If you already had one at your old address, don’t assume that it will move with you to your new home. You’ll need to update your details so that the TV Licensing authority can ensure you are correctly licensed at your new house.

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Do I Need To Let My Local Council Know I Have Moved?

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You will need to inform your current local council when you are moving out so you can sort out your council tax, electoral roll, and your pension and benefits if you receive them.

Updating Council Tax

If you are moving to a different area, you’ll need to cancel your council tax contribution with your current local authority and set it up with the new local authority. You will also need to update your direct debit details.

If you are moving within the same area, you can keep the details the same however your property might be in a different Tax Band so your tax might increase or decrease.

You should access your Local Council’s Moving section on their website to update your details, or you can also call in and do it over the phone. After you’ve cancelled your council tax, you will receive a final bill for your last contribution.

Registering on the Electoral Roll

In order to vote in your new area, you will need to register again. You can do this by heading to the government's Register to Vote section of their website and filling in the online form. You will not be able to be registered in two places so when you register again, you’ll be taken off the register in your previous area.

Sorting Out Benefits and Pensions

If you are receiving benefits or your pension from the government, you will need to make sure the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) are aware of your move. If you don’t, it is possible that you could have your benefits frozen!

How Do I Update My National Insurance Details?

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When you change address, as well as your bank details and council tax, you will also need to make sure your employment details are up to date as well. This means updating your national insurance number, income tax, and letting your employer know that you’ve moved.

Updating National Insurance

Fortunately, you are able to update your income and tax and insurance number details on the same government service. Be aware that you’ll need to have a Government Gateway user ID and password to be able to use the online process. If you don’t have one, you can create an account. You’ll then need to fill in your new address details and all your tax information will be updated.

Informing Your Employer

Your employer or their HR department will need to update your contact details to send you any correspondence regarding your contract. Also, your employer can anticipate covering your position or workload in the event that you may need time off to move into your new home.

The payroll department certainly needs to be updated to ensure there are no complications in paying you your wages or sending you your pay slips.

Update your Insurance Policies! Make sure you’ve updated your address on all your insurance policies such as life insurance, home or contents insurance, health insurance, and pet insurance.

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Changing Your Banking Address

Informing your bank about your change of address should be towards the top of your priority list. Preferable as close as possible to your move date. Not only will they change your billing address for any payments you make, but doing so can also protect you from identity fraud.

If your bank continues to send your bank statements to your old address, the incoming homeowners who replaced you may just throw them in the bin, perhaps a public bin. Regardless of where it ends up, it could get into the wrong hands.

You can do a change of address with your bank either online, calling them over the phone, or popping into your local branch to inform them that you are moving home.

How Can I Do a DVLA Change of Address?

It’s extremely important to remember to do a DVLA change of address to make sure your driver’s licence is up to date with your new details. Drivers have been warned that they could face a £1,000 fine if they fail to inform of a DVLA driving licence change of address.

What is the DVLA? The DVLA stands for the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The DVLA is a government agency that maintains a record of all the vehicle registrations and licensing in the UK. It is sponsored by the Department of Transport.

What Do I Need for a DVLA Change of Address?


In order to change address with the DVLA, you’ll be to have:

  • Driver’s licence
  • British citizenship or residency
  • Your addresses in the last 3 years
  • Your National Insurance number

You also must not have been banned from driving and your new address must be within the United Kingdom. You might also need to change the photo on your licence if it is going to run out soon.

What Is the DVLA Contact Number?

The easiest way to complete a DVLA change of address is to go online on the government’s website. You will find a step by step guide on how to change your address on your driving licence, and be able to go through the entire process online.

However, if you prefer to call, you can contact the DVLA on 0300 790 6801, available Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm.

What About a DVLA V5 Change of Address?

You must also change the address on your vehicle log book or V5C. This is a document that includes your vehicle’s registration details. You can easily update your details by using the government’s online form to fill in your new details.

In order to change your V5C address, you will need:

  • To be the registered keeper
  • Your registration number (number plate)
  • Reference number on your log book

Don’t forget to update your vehicle tax details! If you pay via direct debit, you will also need to update your change of address details for your payments. This includes making sure your vehicle tax is up to date with all the correct information. If you’ve changed your direct debit details, you will also need to update those.

Recreational Subscriptions

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Login to your online bank account and bring up a list of all the recurring payments that come out of your account. Although you may have already updated your billing address at your bank, any organisations that you are subscribed to should know of your change of address so that they can continue your subscription.

These are some of the most common organisations people subscribe to that require notification of a change of address:

  • Gym or sports club
  • Amazon or other e-commerce sites
  • Paperback magazine editions
  • Netflix / Streaming services

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