Energy News

What is Hackney Light and Power? Click here for Selectra’s look at the UK’s latest council-run energy venture.
POWER-GEN Europe is a leading European event that brings together energy professionals. Discover what it offers the energy sector across Europe.
12 November, 2019-Gnergy given final order for unpaid green taxes. Selectra looks at Ofgem’s warning to the supplier.
11 November 2019 - Robin Hood Energy borrows from Nottingham City Council to pay Ofgem green tax bill. Read Selectra’s take on the story.
24 Oct 2019 - Toto Energy has shut down, leaving its customers in an uncertain position as Ofgem scrambles to find a solution.
10 October, 2019-Is your business paying too much for energy? Selectra looks at Ofgem’s plan to rein in rogue energy brokers.
8 October, 2019 - The IPCC has released a Special Report on the climate crisis. Click here to read Selectra’s explanation of its most important findings.
4 October, 2019 - Will Ofgem’s plan threaten UKs net-zero 2050 pledge? Read Selectra’s analysis of energy networks’ worries.
30 September, 2019-What does the SSE and Ovo deal mean? Selectra looks at the impact on Big Six energy. Read our comprehensive analysis.
30 September, 2019 - UK urges EV chargepoints to simplify payments. Read Selectra’s take on the best energy provider for EV drivers.
Ofgem has revised the recently-introduced energy price cap. Find out what that means for customers like you and how you can benefit.
25 September, 2019-Why is the UK’s smart meter roll out taking so long? Selectra looks at what's been happening. Find out more in our news analysis.
23 September, 2019-What caused the UK’s biggest blackout in a decade? Selectra breaks down the latest report to Ofgem. Click here for our analysis.
13 September, 2019-Octopus Energy takes on Coop Energy customers. Selectra takes a look at the deal. Click here to find out what this means for you.
The EU’s climate emergency summit calls for countries to commit to targets by 2050. What does the UK's net-zero target mean for you?
What does Nabuh energy switch mean for Avid customers? Do you need to do anything to maintain your electricity supply? Find out here.
What happens to Solarplicity customers now? UK supplier Solarplicity has gone out of business. Find out what steps you need to take if you are a customer.
Will Brexit drive up your energy bills? Will the lights go off if there’s no deal? Find out what to expect from your bills and energy service!
Job cuts confirmed in the npower and Eon merger - but wait, weren’t they merging with SSE? Click to read the latest updates on the npower/Eon/SSE merger/mess.
Spark Energy's 290,000 domestic gas and electricity customers are now with Ovo Energy. How will it affect you if you have a supply or are owed money by Spark.