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O2 is one of the big four networks that make up the UK’s mobile network infrastructure, but what does it provide for its users? Want to know more about My O2, O2 priority or how being an O2 customer could help you get tickets to your favourite band in the O2 arena? We discuss perks, plans, sim only deals, customer reviews, contact deals and so much more about the O2 network. to plans, sim only details to plans.

Not satisfied with its position as one of the UK’s top supermarket chains, ASDA expanded its reach into the mobile realm in 2007. ASDA mobile claims to have some of the most affordable standard rates around, but does it have Pay As You Go bundles that suit your needs? Selectra breaks down everything ASDA mobile - including ASDA mobile bundles, mobile phones, benefits and rates into bite-sized pieces so that you can get a taste of what the network has to offer.

Choosing the right mobile phone provider can be overwhelming, especially with the number of competing mobile carriers on the market. Don’t worry, Selectra is here to help. We talk BT sim only, upgrades, how to contact BT, customer reviews and so much more. BT Mobile could be the right provider for you, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the network.

EE mobile is the self-proclaimed number one network in the UK, but what do you get as an EE customer? What would you like to know about EE? We talk EE customer service, reviews, 5G capability, benefits, EE upgrades, prices, SIM only deals and the list goes on. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive look at everything EE mobile.

The giffgaff mobile phone network positions itself as ‘the mobile network run by you’, but do its users benefit from the kind of customer-centric service promised? We take a look at customer benefits and reviews as well providing a giffgaff login tutorial for web browsers and the app, giffgaff voicemail, mobile charges, roaming and so much more.

One of Lycamobile’s slogans is “call the world for less” and it’s easy to see why. Known for its competitive international rates, Lycamobile is a great option for those looking to communicate with friends or loved ones in other parts of the world. But what else can you expect from Lycamobile?

Chances are that when you think of the brand Sky, TV comes to mind. In recent years Sky decided to expand their existing services to include mobile. Compared to many of the other long-standing UK providers, Sky mobile is the new kid on the block, so what can you expect from Sky? From SIM only plans and SIM-free phones to the pros and cons of the network - read on to get the full download on Sky mobile.

Sure CW specializes in all aspects of telecommunications and the networks that carry voice and data around the world. They deliver solutions that have a positive impact on their day-to-day operations. Just as telecommunication is vital for individual and personal relationships, it is an important tool for businesses as well. Telecommunication makes it possible for communities to effectively communicate with customers and deliver high standards of customer service in the highly competitive business world.

Not content with their place as one of the major UK supermarket brands, Tesco now has around 5 million mobile phone customers. What do these customers get from their provider? From benefits to Tesco Mobile phones, pay monthly plans, pay as you go and apps, we guide you through everything Tesco Mobile.

Virgin Media Mobile is one of the top mobile network providers worldwide, and in the UK in particular. Aside from having over 3 million mobile customers, Virgin Media also has licence holders in 8 different countries.

Vodafone has been a major player in the Telecoms market since 1982. In fact, the first two mobile phone calls made in the UK were made through the Vodafone network! Nowadays the network has around 19.5 million customers in the UK alone which accounts for around 21% of the market. How well does this mobile giant perform when it comes to customer service, network coverage, sim only and pay monthly plans?

Which Provider Is The Best Mobile Network In The UK?

Best mobile network

Everyone is different, as are their mobile needs. And there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right mobile plan or Pay As You Go SIM. It’s worth considering pricing, network coverage, data, calls, texts, benefits, rewards and customer service quality among other things. Here at Selectra, we wholeheartedly believe that it’s always worth shopping around for the right deal. There are loads of UK mobile networks on the scene and choosing the right mobile deal can be overwhelming to say the least. We want to make this process easy for you, so we’ve put together the essential UK mobile providers guide. You can see information on each mobile carrier including their general pricing so that you can decide on the best mobile network for you.

  • Things to consider when switching providers
  • Are you better off with Pay As You Go SIM than a pay monthly contract? If you don’t need a new mobile device then it’s an option worth considering.
  • Are you better off with a smaller provider? We’ve included information on smaller providers as well as the big Telecom giants below to keep you fully informed on what’s out there.
  • You can now switch providers over text, so no long waiting times over the phone or awkward breakup conversations with your provider.

ID mobile

Company logo, ID Mobile

ID Mobile is powered by the Three network and their benefits for customers include relatively low prices and lots of extras. With ID Mobile you can choose from pay monthly, Pay As You Go or SIM-only plans.

A huge upside to opting for ID mobile is that your data will also be rolled over each month if you have any left over. However it’s worth noting that they don't offer huge amounts of data in the first place. So if you’re a data addict, ID Mobile probably isn't the best choice for you.

Save on data usageAre you wanting to save money on your monthly phone bill? Mobile data is becoming more and more of a monthly staple and although text and call allowances are now often unlimited the same is usually not the case for data. We’ve put together some handy tips and tricks for managing your data, give it a read.

Lebara mobile

Company logo, Lebara Mobile

Lebara mobile is a Vodafone piggybacker that primarily focuses on international communities who frequently make phone calls to friends and families in other countries. They offer SIM-only plans and nothing else.

Lebara has a very specific target market and if you’re not a regular international caller, you’re probably better off considering other options.


Company logo, Three Mobile

Three is one of the top four networks in the UK, and offers customers a wide range of choices in terms of unlimited data, monthly plans and PAYG plans. Three have tailored their services toward data and streaming addicted customers. If you are a data-hungry person, Three could be the right option for you.

If you have a large appetite for movies and music, Three offer some great options for streaming that won’t eat up your data allowance. Even if you are not a big data user, Three provides some really affordable Pay As You Go packages that could be just the ticket.

Although Three has received some complaints, customers are relatively happy with the customer service they offer, and the selection of plans they are able to choose from.


Company logo, Voxi

Voxi (launched by Vodafone) has its own unique target market: the under-25s. In an attempt to make themselves more attractive to this target market, their focus is primarily on social media. All their customer service is performed online and in that sense they can be considered a truly modern mobile phone provider.

The fact that all Voxi customer service is performed online could be an issue for some, but seeing as Voxi is aimed at technology-savvy young people, those who fit that bill might prefer the digital approach to a more traditional one.


Company logo, Smarty

Smarty, run by Three, is a simple and straightforward network with just five SIM-only options on the market. If you already have a mobile phone and are looking for a simple and affordable deal, Smarty could be perfect for you. Since Smarty is quite a new provider, there is not a lot of information about their customer service available online, or any Ofcom data for that matter, but from what is available, customers have given a roughly average score to their provider.


Company logo, FreedomPop

FreedomPop is probably the only mobile network provider to offer plans that are completely free. Yes, that’s right - completely free. FreedomPop offers some plans which don’t need to be paid for at all, but we would recommend keeping your expectations relatively low when it comes to these.

If you are using a free plan, you might sometimes have to put up with a weak signal or crackly phone calls. They also offer paid plans where you might have better results. Some of the customer service reviews aren't great, but for a network that has some free plans, this probably isn't too surprising. Opting for this provider might save you money, and the free plans could work for you, so whilst we don’t think the quality is the best, we wouldn’t say you should rule them out all together either.

POP Telecom

Company logo, Pop Telecom

POP Telecom is a small, family-owned mobile network which offers phone and broadband deals. The provider focuses on simple services for very specific target markets, from elderly people to gamers.

It is worth noting that POP telecom does not perform the best for customer service in the eyes of customers. You can only contact them during normal business hours but the website will tell you that they are always available, which is a little bit confusing from the offset.

If you fit into one of their target markets though, POP could be the right option for you. But be wary as apart from the disappointing customer service reviews, POP telecom also had a small legal hiccup not too long ago where they didn’t file their accounts.

Looking for a UK SIM card?There are a few things to consider when taking out a UK phone contract or getting your UK SIM, so we’ve put together a step by step guide to getting a UK SIM or phone that will help ease you through the process. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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