Opus Energy is the all-green business energy provider supplying gas and electricity to over 340,000 business premises across the UK. Find out about Opus Energy’s tariffs and services, how it compares to other business providers and how its customers rate it.

Opus Energy summary

Electricity: Wind, solar, thermal, and hydro  100% renewable energy
Fuel mix score: ★★★★★  Supports clean, renewable energy generators
Domestic market: England, Scotland and Wales  Competitive pricing
Customers: 340,000 business premises  Mixed customer service reviews
Selectra score: ★★★  History of incorrect invoicing

About Opus Energy

Opus Energy has been operating in the UK business energy market for over 15 years. It currently provides gas and electricity from all-green, renewable sources to more than 340,000 - and counting - business premises in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Not only that, the supplier partners with and supports over 2,100 independent green energy generators and developers throughout the UK by purchasing the clean power they produce and selling it into the grid.

In 2015, Opus Energy broke into the higher echelons of the business energy market by piercing through the hegemony of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers, who, up until 2014, were the dominant forces in both domestic and business energy.

Opus is now the fifth largest supplier in the business energy market.

Quick facts

  1. 100% of the supplier’s energy is made up of renewables.
  2. The supplier supports over 2,100 clean energy generators and developers in the UK.
  3. 48% of customers rated the provider as ‘Bad’ on Trustpilot.
  4. 39% rated the provider as ‘Excellent’ on the same customer review site.

Opus Energy customer reviews

Opus Energy received 997 reviews on the customer review site Trustpilot. Of these reviews, the majority, by a couple of percentage points, were negative, with 3% rating the supplier as ‘Poor’ and a further 48% rating it as ‘Bad’ - the lowest rating possible on the site.

From a sample of the negative reviews, we have the found following as the predominant subjects of discontent:

  • Bad customer service
  • Incorrect invoices

In contrast, 4% of customers on Trustpilot gave the provider an ‘Average’ rating, 6% rated it ‘Great’, and 39% rated it ‘Excellent’; the latter being the highest possible rating.

Though split by the slightest of margins, the polarised view of the supplier marks a sudden downturn in the reception of its services. Only in 2017 Opus Energy won Utilities Provider of the Year, and in the first half of 2019 it held on to a score 6.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot’s old scoring system. Now it lingers on a less than favourable 2.7 out of 5 TrustScore.

Opus Energy tariffs

Opus Energy provides both gas and electricity to businesses of all sizes. Standard rates are available for small and medium-sized businesses, while large businesses are eligible for corporate energy management. The proceeding sections contain all the information you need.

Small and medium business tariffs

Customers with small or medium-sized business premises can choose from electricity-only, gas-only, or dual-fuel fixed-rate (Standard Fixed) contracts, which usually last for a term of three years. Upon the completion of the tariff term, customers can then choose to negotiate a new fixed-rate contract or move onto a monthly variable rate (Standard Variable) tariff.

  1. Standard Fixed: Fixed-rate tariffs keep the price you pay for energy the same throughout your contract term. This means that you will be protected from price rises rooted in fluctuations in wholesale energy prices.
  2. Standard Variable: Variable-rate tariffs can apply regular increases and decreases to the price you pay for energy depending on the price of energy in the wholesale market.

Tariffs for large businesses

Large businesses, defined as those that operate more than five premises or spend more than £100,000 on energy every year, are eligible for corporate energy rates. Customers receive a dedicated account manager and can choose from fixed gas, fixed electricity, and flexible electricity tariffs.

Please note that you may incur climate change levy and green deal charges.

Opus Fixed: Fixed electricity

Opus Fixed offers a fixed-rate for electricity for the duration of the contract term agreed to between you and Opus Energy. The rate you are offered will depend on the size of your business and your consumption.

Opus Evolution: Flexible electricity

With Opus Evolution, large business customers are given direct access to the wholesale energy market. To be eligible for this tariff, your business must use over 5GWhs of electricity over a year, which is the equivalent of £500,000/year on electricity.

This tariff is available for Half Hourly (HH) and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) metering.

Corporate Gas: Fixed gas

On the Corporate Gas tariff, you receive a fixed price for gas for the duration of the contract term agreed to between you and Opus Energy. The supplier commits to volume flexibility by ensuring that there is no volume tolerance.

Out of contract rates

‘Deemed’ or 'out of contract' rates for gas and electricity are applied to customers who have moved into new premises that receive energy from Opus Energy, and who have not yet agreed to fixed-rate or corporate energy contracts. The application of these rates ensures that your new premises don’t get left in the dark.

Rates for electricity

Opus Energy’s out of contract rates for electricity differ based on your business profile class (PC) and whether you use Half Hourly (HH) and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) metering. Rates for electricity are as follows:

  1. NHH, PC 1-4: 25.5p/kWh (unit rate) | 95p daily standing charge.
  2. NHH, PC 5-8: 23.5p/kWh (unit rate) | £3.00 daily standing charge.
  3. HH, low voltage: 23.5p/kWh (unit rate) | £3.00 daily standing charge | 5.25 kVA/day availability.
  4. HH, high voltage: 22p/kWh (unit rate) | £6.00 daily standing charge | 6.25 kVA/day availability

Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Rates for gas

Gas out of contract rates are based on your premise’s consumption banding - the amount of gas consumed onsite over a period of 12 months. Rates for gas are as follows:

  1. Band 1: 6.99p/kWh (unit rate) | £1.50 daily standing charge.
  2. Band 2: 6.99p/kWh (unit rate) | £2.00 daily standing charge.
  3. Band 3: 6.99p/kWh (unit rate) | £2.50 daily standing charge.
  4. Band 4: 6.99p/kWh (unit rate) | £3.00 daily standing charge.

Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

All green fuel mix

Opus Energy has committed to combating climate change through the provision of 100% clean, renewable energy to its business customers. For that alone, the supplier is held in high esteem over and above larger competitors such as British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Scottish Power, SSE and Npower.

The primary source of the energy provided by Opus is wind power, which makes up around 72.9% of its supply mix. This is followed by thermal, or green gas, at 11.9%; solar power at 7.6%; and hydropower also at 7.6%.

Accordingly, the provider produces no radioactive waste or CO2 emissions in the procurement of its energy supply. The average CO2 emissions produced by all UK suppliers is 208g per kWh, while the average radioactive waste is 0.0013g per kWh.

Opus Energy receives top marks from us for its fuel mix.

Opus Energy services

Along with its brilliant fuel mix, the all-green supplier provides a few additional services that help its customers manage their accounts and energy usage. Opus Energy also supports green energy generators and developers through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Below you can find more information about Opus Energy’s additional services.

Smart meters

Opus customers with small or medium-sized businesses can now request smart meters from the supplier. Smart meters help customers keep on top of their energy consumption by allowing them to monitor their usage in real-time.

They also submit automatic meter readings to your supplier, saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself over the phone or online, and ensuring that your bills are accurate.

To find out how to contact Opus Energy for a smart meter, skip to the ‘How to get in contact with Opus Energy’ section of this page.

My Opus Energy online account

When you sign up to Opus Energy, you will receive a My Opus Energy online account through which you can manage your account details, check your usage and submit meter readings if you do not have, or have yet to receive, a smart meter.

Purchase Power Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements - or PPAs - are contractual arrangements through which power generators can sell the energy they produce to a consumer or trader. Opus Energy offers fixed, flexible and bespoke Power Purchase Agreements to producers that generate energy by wind power, solar, anaerobic digestions and hydropower.

  1. Fixed PPA: For smaller scale generators and Renewable Obligation (RO) sites. Opus Energy offers a 1-3 year agreement with a fixed price for energy purchase.
  2. Flexible PPA: For larger generators and RO sites with consistent and predictable output - i.e. high voltage and non-intermittent generators. The supplier offers 1-3 year contracts at a quoted market price.
  3. Bespoke PPA: For High Voltage (HV) connected sites. Opus Energy will tailor the agreement and terms of purchase, including price, to you.

Switching to Opus Energy

Switching to Opus Energy is quick and easy. Take a look at the ‘How to get in contact with Opus Energy’ section of this page to find the correct contact details for your switch. Opus will negotiate your contract with you, check all the details and then send you a pack with all the required documentation.

The supplier will take care of the rest for you. However, you may be requested to provide a meter reading before or shortly after your switch. Once the switch is complete, customers will receive an Opus welcome pack with guides and other useful information.

Please note that you must cancel your contract with your existing supplier before switching to Opus Energy. If you do not cancel your contract, your supplier may object to the switch.

How to get in contact with Opus Energy

New and existing customers can get in touch with Opus Energy through a variety of channels. In the table below you can find the contact numbers for every one of the supplier’s departments.

Department UK contact number Email address
General enquiries 0843 227 2377 [email protected]
Moving premises 0843 227 2377 [email protected]
Sales 01604 653 466 [email protected]
Corporate sales 0845 437 9405 [email protected]
Renewable Sales 0845 040 5802 [email protected]
Corporate Account Management 0843 227 2359 [email protected]
Renewables Account Management 0845 040 5795 [email protected]

Please note that all lines are open from Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.

Alternatively, customers can write to Opus Energy at the following address: Customer Care, Opus Energy House, 8-10 The Lakes, Northampton, NN4 7YD.

Opus Energy’s Selectra score

Opus Energy certainly impresses with its 100% clean, renewable energy supply, which not only aids in the effort to assuage the climate crisis, it also supports long-term sustainable producers that could, in future, become the backbone of a green economy.

Although the supplier earns the highest of commendations for its commitment to renewables, its customer service - which was lauded in 2015 as a major factor in breaking the hegemony of the Big Six suppliers in the business market - is somewhat of a red flag. This is compounded by its history of invoicing mistakes.

This, taken together with the additional services that it offers and the clarity of its customer service structure, we have given Opus Energy a Selectra score of 3/5 stars.

Opus Energy: Selectra's verdict - ★★★

Opus Energy