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Eon: their 2019 Login, Contact info, Reviews and More

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German-owned Eon is one of the UK’s largest gas and electricity suppliers, providing energy utilities to both domestic households and businesses. They’re the biggest investor-owned gas and electricity company in the world. Like the rest of their Big Six competitors, they’re currently losing customers due to high prices and poor customer service.

Customer service

How does Eon stack up against the competition in the eyes of their customers? Generally, while they're not the worst energy company, they are far from being one of the best.

Their customer feedback on independent review sites ranges from poor to mediocre. Their worst review average by far is on Trustpilot with a dismal overall score of 1/10. A full 89% of their reviews are 1 star, the worst rating possible. Still, that isn’t particularly surprising, as Trustpilot is known for customer complaints.

Worst energy company ever, poor customer service and over charge customers. Rip people off... avoid avoid avoid!! - Customer with Eon

Some of the most common issues cited in negative reviews are unexplained and unexpected increases in billings and slow or unhelpful customer service.

There have also been some shady dealings, as customers have reported Eon stating that they would be faced with exit fees within the last 49 days of their contract, which is a bare-faced lie!

Our own research has shown Eon to be one of the slowest companies around when it comes to responding to their customers. Eon representatives took longer than any other energy company to respond to phone calls.

While not dead last, they also tended towards the bottom when it comes to responding to live chat queries. Out of all energy suppliers in the UK, only British Gas and Bulb Energy took longer to respond on average.

They fare slightly better on Which?, receiving an overall customer score of 57% and 3 stars across the board based on attributes including bill accuracy and phone customer service. Still, compared to other gas and electricity providers they ranked 23rd out of 30, meaning there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

But are they actually improving on their less-than-stellar customer service reputation? Looking at recent years, it seems clear that their service standards are actually declining over time. In the 2017 Which? survey Eon ranked 14 out of 23, meaning they’ve been surpassed by nine providers in only one year!

They sent me an incorrect bill, obviously trying to rip me off. The guy on the phone... said that can't be helped (most likely didn't want to) and terminated the call in the middle of the conversation... - Ranis with Eon

While reviews are far from positive, it is worth noting that Eon’s customer service reviews are comparable to those of other Big Six companies. Eon actually outscores suppliers like British Gas and npower. Still, with a number of higher ranked independent energy suppliers, Eon’s customer service reviews are not even close to competitive.

To get even more insight into what Eon’s customers think, check out our full Eon reviews page via the link below.

Eon reviews

Fuel mix

All energy providers are required by the UK Government to disclose the fuel sources of their energy supply in an effort to put emphasis on renewable energy sources and combat the effects of climate change.

Fuel mix is another area in which Eon isn’t quite able to shine. Nearly 17% of their domestic electricity comes from renewable sources, which is considerably below the national average of 29.04%. With more and more focus on sustainable energy, such a low percentage of renewables stands out, and not in a good way.

In addition to a low percentage of renewables, Eon’s fuel mix is made up of a larger percentage of natural gas (53.5%) and coal (10.1%) as compared to national averages (42.2% for gas and 7.6% for coal).

While several of the other Big Six companies also have disappointing fuel mixes, there are plenty of smaller suppliers that offer 100% renewable energy tariffs at prices that outperform “dirty” providers like Eon.

Eon does offer a 100% renewable energy tariff backed by REGO (Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin) certificates, but their customers will have to pay even more for guilt-free electricity and gas because their greener tariff options are significantly overpriced.

In this day and age, there is no reason for renewable electricity to be more expensive than power generated with fossil fuels.

Eon login

Eon energy website login screen

Looking for Eon’s login page? You can find it by simply clicking the link below. If you’re already a registered Eon customer, just enter the corresponding email address or username, followed by your password.

If you’re a new customer, you can register by clicking the ‘Create an account’ button below. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can click ‘Help me to log in’, followed by ‘forgotten password’ or ‘reset your ID’. You’ll only need your account number and personal information, all of which can be found on any one of your bills.

Signing up for this account will give you access to the following:

  • Submit meter readings online easily, without having to call
  • Pay any bills and outstanding charges directly through the website
  • Monitor and manage your payments to Eon

Login to your account

Warm Home Discount

Eon does offer the Warm Home Discount to their customers; if you’re an eligible Eon customer, you could save money on your heating bills in the colder months from October to March.

Counting on savings from the Warm Home Discount?If you think you need the Warm Home Discount, you should still look into switching. Many independent suppliers have tariffs so low you can save money even without the Warm Home Discount!

Not sure what the Warm Home Discount is? It’s a government programme that takes money off of recipients’ energy bill during the colder winter months. The scheme is available for pensioners and certain other individuals at risk of fuel poverty.

Worried you’ll have to give up the Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment? Don’t fret, the programmes are non-exclusive, meaning if you’re eligible, it’s possible to receive all three at the same time.

If you’re still not sure whether or not the Warm Home Discount is worth Eon’s high prices and bad service, be sure to read our Eon Warm Home Discount page:

Eon Warm Home Discount

Eon smartphone app

smartphone with Eon mobile app screen
Source:Eon Energy

If you’re an Eon customer and prefer to do everything on your phone, you’re in luck, because Eon has their own smartphone app that lets their customers manage their service on-the-go.

Their app lets registered customers do the following:

  • Submit meter readings easily without a phone call
  • Renew their tariffs or switch to a new one
  • Book a smart meter installation
  • Monitor energy use to spot opportunities to save energy and money

The Eon app is relatively well reviewed with 3.1/5 on Google Play Store and 2.9/5 on the Apple App Store. While those numbers may not seem groundbreaking, they’re actually quite high compared to other energy mobile apps.

The app is available for both Android and Apple phones, you can download the apps via the links below.

Eon smart meters

a yellow smart meter with a blue lightning bolt

Thinking about getting a smart meter? Whether or not Eon is your provider, if you have a standard meter, consider getting an upgrade. A smart meter eliminates the need for in-person meter readings and lets you monitor your usage in real time to help you form money-saving habits.

In a bid to make people more comfortable with their energy usage, be more in control and put an end to estimated bills, the UK Government had planned for everyone in the country to be installed with a smart meter before 2020. However, as delays have mounted, 2020 has shifted into a soft target.

Eon is just one of many companies that distribute and install smart meters free of charge. If you would like to sign up for your free Eon smart meter you can click the button below to book a fitting.

Apply for an Eon Smart Meter

Meter readings

man with beard thinking

Do you need to submit a meter reading? It’s a simple and easy process, but it can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never submitted one before. Fear not, we’ve broken down the process in our step-by-step meter reading guide.

Why take a meter reading? Simply put, to save yourself some money. Energy suppliers are only legally required to take a reading every two years. Other than that they can bill you based on energy use estimates, which will almost always be higher than actual usage.

If you’re currently an Eon customer and wish to submit a meter reading, you can contact them via the link below.

Submit a meter reading

About Eon Energy

Eon is the world’s largest investor-owned gas and electric company. It came into existence after the merger of two German energy companies, VEBA (translated: United Electricity and Mining Corporation) and VIAG (translated: United Industrial Enterprises Corporation), in 2000.

Operations started in the UK when the previously government-owned Powergen was acquired by Eon in 2002.

Eon claims to be focused on providing innovative and sustainable solutions to make their customers’ lives easier. However, a quick glance at their fuel mix and customer reviews makes us question how seriously they take their own mission statement.

Eon now employs around 9,400 people across the UK and supplies energy to over 6.8 million household and business customers nationwide. Eon currently holds about 13% of the UK market share, meaning it has lost 9% of the market in the last fifteen years.

Business tariffs

Looking for an energy partner?

Lower your overheads; give us a call to find the best tariff for your business!

In addition to their domestic electricity and gas, Eon does offer business energy tariffs, but they seem to be on the more expensive side.

Rates vary based on the amount of electricity that you use. There are various categories that benefit high usage customers, giving them a lower rate for gas and electricity.

Because energy prices vary greatly depending on usage, if you’re searching for the lowest possible tariff for your business, the best thing to do is give us a call.

Moving home

Be sure to inform your new home energy supplier about your move so you can be sure there won’t be problems with your service or billings. You should also make sure to contact the gas and electricity provider of your former residence to avoid having continued bills in your name!

Moving into or out of an Eon supplied home? you can contact them via the link below.

If you’re moving, be sure to check out our moving home page, with info on:

Moving home with Eon

Careers at Eon

Interested in working at Eon? They’re searching for employees for various roles in different cities across the UK, including Leicester, Bolton and Coventry including:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Project Quantity Surveyor
  • Bid Writer
  • Project Programme Manager

Not seeing the role you’re looking for? You can see all Eon job offers via the link below.

Careers at Eon

Our verdict

The Pros The Cons
 Above average smartphone app  High prices
 Warm Home Discount available  Poorly reviewed customer service
 100% renewable tariffs available  Low % of renewables in most tariffs

Eon has a few high points, including a moderately well-reviewed smartphone app and the availability of the Warm Home Discount. However, speaking frankly, those perks aren’t even close to making Eon worth the high prices and terrible customer service.

There’s a reason so many of their customers have already switched. The real question is, what are you waiting for?