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Boost is an exclusively pay-as-you-go energy supplier in the UK. It’s an offshoot of Ovo Energy and was born from Ovo’s Smart PAYG+ branch. Boost is all about using technology and new features, like their Winter Wallet, to make managing and paying for energy use more efficient. Claiming to have the ‘first truly smart prepayment platform’ via their smartphone app, their goal is to eliminate having to travel to top-up energy cards. Read on to find out if they're really fulfilling those goals, or are just one more PAYG supplier.

Boost Energy reviews

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Boost Energy has stated that it brings together ‘simple 21st century technology and great service’ in order to empower their customers, but are their customers feeling the love?

Overall, Boost reviews are good, but not quite great. The majority of customer feedback is extremely positive, but a large minority of negative reviews are bringing down their image and keeping the company from being seen as one of the absolute best energy suppliers.

Take Trustpilot for example. 49% of Boost’s 1,390 reviews are ‘excellent’, the highest score possible, and an additional 8% are ‘great’, the second highest. On a platform known as a place for customers to vent their complaints and frustrations, that is a strong mark in favour of Boost. However, that is balanced by 34% of customers giving a ranking of ‘bad’, Trustpilot’s lowest review possible.

So, what are we to make of Boost’s mixed reviews? Let’s delve in further to find out.

Been with Boost since it was OVO, never had any problems. The app is great, auto-top up [is] really useful. Joined the Winter Wallet again, excellent idea, helps greatly with large bills in winter. - David with Boost

The energy company’s positive reviews frequently mention friendly and helpful customer service and the convenience of being able to top up without having to leave their homes thanks to the Boost smartphone app. They also mention unique features like auto-top up and Boost Winter Wallet. So far, this is all completely in line with Boost’s promotional materials and sales pitch.

However, once we look at negative reviews, the image changes somewhat. Interestingly enough, the most frequent criticism is not directly levelled at Boost. Many customers complained about cold calls, or even door-to-door salespeople, who didn’t clearly explain Boost’s offerings or plans.

Another unhappy customer here. Cold caller convinced me it would be cheaper to switch, a couple [of] days after [I] emailed to cancel switch-over, which they didn’t do… Why does it seem so difficult with Boost?? Stress!!! - Katy with Boost

Boost makes it very clear that they do not have internal salespeople, meaning these misleading sales pitches are coming from third party intermediaries.

Like most energy suppliers, Boost works with multiple independent contractors. Judging by the mix of very positive and very negative reviews, some, but not all of them, are less than forthright with potential customers. We recommend that Boost look closely at their sales partners, as they are strongly affecting their image among customers, and currently not for the better.

Which? similarly puts Boost in the good, not-quite great category. They rank 12th out of 30 energy suppliers, meaning they’re doing well, but there’s still room for improvement. In the company’s defence, the categories they scored highest in - value for money, phone and online customer service and bill clarity - were Boost’s highest scoring areas.

Boost Energy prices

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Generally speaking, pay-as-you-go energy tariffs like Boost are more expensive than standard tariffs that are paid at the end of the month or quarter. One of the biggest reasons is that with a PAYG plan, you will automatically have a variable tariff, where prices change over time and are generally cheaper.

The benefit of a pay-as-you-go, or prepaid, plan is more control and flexibility in terms of how much you spend per month. Because you pay for energy before its use, you’ll never be surprised by a higher than normal bill at the end of the month. Additionally, because there are no fixed tariffs with prepaid meters, you’ll never face an exit fee if you decide to switch suppliers.

Boost just has two tariff options, Smart PAYG+ and Traditional PAYG. Prices are the same on both plans, the only difference is whether or not customers have a smart meter.

British Gas Standard Tariff
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec standing charge Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas standing charge Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 17.28p £535.68 31.74p 21.02p 4.09p £511.25 28.90p 19.89p £1,046.93
Southern Scotland 16.50p £511.50 31.74p 20.24p 4.09p £511.25 28.90p 19.89p £1,022.75
North East EN 16.54p £512.74 31.74p 20.28p 4.09p £511.25 28.90p 19.89p £1,023.99
North West EN 16.58p £513.98 31.74p 20.32p 4.09p £511.25 28.90p 19.89p £1,025.23
Yorkshire 16.23p £503.13 31.74p 19.97p 4.07p £508.75 28.90p 19.81p £1,011.88
Merseyside & N Wales 17.64p £546.84 31.74p 21.38p 4.09p £511.25 28.90p 19.89p £1,058.09
East Midlands 16.24p £503.44 31.74p 19.98p 4.05p £506.25 28.90p 19.73p £1,009.69
West Midlands 16.56p £513.36 31.74p 20.30p 4.15p £518.75 28.90p 20.14p £1,032.11
East EN 16.71p £518.01 31.74p 20.45p 4.10p £512.50 28.90p 19.94p £1,030.51
South Wales 17.08p £529.48 31.74p 20.82p 4.17p £521.25 28.90p 20.22p £1,050.73
London 16.18p £501.58 31.74p 19.92p 4.27p £533.75 28.90p 20.62p £1,035.33
South East EN 17.09p £529.79 31.74p 20.83p 4.25p £531.25 28.90p 20.54p £1,061.04
South West EN 17.39p £539.09 31.74p 21.13p 4.27p £533.75 28.90p 20.62p £1,072.84

Last Updated: May 2019

Although it is a pay-as-you-go supplier, Boost has fairly competitive pricing. It’s actually cheaper than some of the pricier direct debit options, particularly those offered by Big Six suppliers.

If you have a prepaid meter, your options are more limited than homes with standard electricity and gas meters. Among the prepaid options, Boost’s prices may not be the absolute best at every moment, but they’re certainly competitive.

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Want the savings to be simple?

Call or compare to make the switch to a better tariff in minutes!

Because prices vary due to constantly changing market factors, the best way to be completely sure you’re getting the best deal is to give us a call. Our energy experts can find the best tariff for your home in just minutes.

Phone number and contact info

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Boost has high-scoring reviews for online customer service, and their website reflects that. Their ‘Help’ page has plenty of resources organised by category to help you easily and quickly find info on whatever you’re searching for. There’s also an online contact form where you can request a response to a specific question.

If you don’t find whatever you’re looking for there, Boost also has customer forums, where you can see if someone else has had the same problem or inquiry or start your own thread to try and resolve any issues.

Have an emergency?Boost has a separate phone number for meter emergencies: 0800-358-3523. For a carbon monoxide leak call the Gas Emergency Service directly at 0800-111-999.

You can also reach Boost by phone at 0330-102-7517 from Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00 and Saturday 9:00-13:00 or by email at

If all else fails you can reach Boost via post or even by dropping in at the address below.


Boost Power
1 Rivergate,
Temple Quay, Bristol


Make a complaint

If you’re currently a Boost customer and would like to make a complaint, there are additional resources specifically to speed up the process. Their feedback page lists their full complaint handling process, as well as providing the contact information listed above.

It also has links to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Energy Ombudsman in case Boost is unable to deal with a complaint to your satisfaction.

Boost Energy login

Boost Power online login screen

Looking for Boost’s online login? You can find it simply by clicking the link provided below.

In order to access your online Boost account, you’ll need to use your corresponding email address and password. If you can’t recall your password, don’t worry, just click the ‘Reset my password’ button and you’ll be able to change it.

If this is your first time using the online platform, click ‘First time logging in?’. This will allow you to create your password for future use.

Once you’re signed in you’ll be able to see your balance and top-up online, all without having to spend precious time waiting to speak to a customer service representative!

Boost login

Fuel mix

Boost is an offshoot of Ovo Energy and therefore they both have the same fuel mix. Compared to those of other suppliers, with only two energy sources it is a fairly unique mix.

Unfortunately, Boost/Ovo is not a 100% renewably sourced energy supplier. However, 42.9% of its electricity comes from renewables, which is far more than the UK average of just 29%.

On the other hand, a full 57% of the company’s energy comes from natural gas. This is higher than the national average of 41%. Natural gas is a non-renewable resource that also contributes to carbon dioxide emissions, which adds to global climate change.

Why so much natural gas? Ovo has stated that it’s to ensure that its electricity is as cheap as possible for their customers while also being as green as possible. That’s why they avoid using coal, which produces even more CO2 than natural gas. They also avoid nuclear energy, which creates potentially devastating and difficult-to-manage radioactive waste.

Now that wholesale prices of renewable energy have lowered to be on par with natural gas and other non-renewable resources, it seems strange that Boost and Ovo are still using such a high percentage of gas.

Boost Energy and Ovo - the history

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Boost is a branch of Ovo Energy, an electricity and gas supplier in Britain. Ovo started as a group of friends sitting around a kitchen table who wanted to build a different type of energy supplier, with fair service and prices closer to wholesale costs.

One of the innovations that Ovo Energy came up with was their Smart PAYG+ brand, which was designed to allow pay-as-you-go customers to control their energy via their smartphones in the same way you’d pay for a prepaid phone plan.

In September of 2017 Ovo’s Smart PAYG+ plan become Boost, a dedicated prepaid energy supplier. They offer both a Smart PAYG+ and a Standard PAYG tariff available for customers without smart meters.

In the two years since Boost was founded they’ve worked to provide new tools and solutions for their customers such as auto-top up, top-up reminders and the Winter Wallet.

Boost Winter Wallet

Boost takes pride in having unique tools to make its customers’ lives more simple. One of the most popular innovations they’ve introduced is the Boost Winter Wallet.

What is the Winter Wallet?

The Winter Wallet is a solution developed by Boost to help its customers prepare for the colder, darker winter months, where energy bills are often much higher.

A house wrapped up in a red scarf and winter hat

The idea is to create a digital ‘wallet’, where customers can save money throughout the year. Those savings can then be used in winter to pay for higher gas and electricity bills. Customers who pay into the Winter Wallet every day for a month are eligible to receive credit rewards towards their bills!

How does Boost Winter Wallet work?

Customers who want to use the Winter Wallet need to sign up for the service with Boost via the smartphone app. They should then create a target amount of money to save for the winter.

Boost takes that amount and calculates how much you need to save every day in order to have that amount by 1st November. That amount will then be automatically moved from your balance into your winter wallet every day. Come November, the money is available for customers to use to pay for higher energy bills.

If you aren’t able to make the daily amount, or want to stop saving money, you can stop the auto-payments at any time.

Boost Winter Wallet is only available to customers with a smart meter. For more info, check out Boost’s Winter Wallet page below:

Boost Winter Wallet

Smartphone app

Two smartphones showing screenshots of the Boost Power app
Source: Boost

Letting their customers directly monitor and control their energy use via smart meters and the Boost app is the centrepiece of their business. So, what’s the verdict on their all-important smartphone app?

Due to the nature of the business, Boost’s app gives customers more features compared to other energy companies, at least if you’re a customer with a smart meter. Using the smartphone app customers can:

  • Top-up easily without having to visit the shop.
  • Set up, monitor and manage auto-top-ups to make the process effortless.
  • Save money automatically with Winter Wallet.
  • Automatically receive a reminder via SMS when their balance is running low.

The app is fairly well reviewed with 3.1/5 stars on the Google Play Store and a slightly lower 2.1/5 stars on the Apple App Store. Positive reviews frequently mention the convenience of not having to go to the shop to top-up.

This app is excellent. So much easier to top up and you can start saving money for the winter months early… Well done Boost… - Chris using Boost Android app

As is the case with nearly all energy suppliers’ apps, lower reviews bringing down the average generally correspond with errors due to recent software updates, which are usually resolved over time.

Looking to download the Boost app? You can get the app on your phone for both Android phones and iPhones via the links below.

Boost pay as you go energy

Confused about pay-as-you-go energy? Also known as prepaid, the idea is that you pay for gas and electricity before you use it rather than paying bills based on usage after the fact as with most energy tariffs.

While prices are generally higher than other tariff options, it does give customers the reassurance that they’ll never be surprised by unexpected high bills at the end of the month.

Reading a prepaid meter is slightly different from a standard meter, but luckily Boost customers with smart meters can monitor their energy directly through their phones.

Smart meters

As we noted in the smartphone app section above, the unique features offered on the Smart PAYG+ are the core of Boost’s offerings and are only available to customers with a smart meter.

A yellow meter with a blue lightning bolt in front of it

What is a smart meter? A smart meter monitors your energy use in near real time, which eliminates the need for submitting meter readings. It also gets rid of estimated bills, which are almost always higher than bills based on actual meter information.

In the case of Boost, it also enables much of the most useful functions of the smartphone app. Boost customers with a smart meter and the Smart PAYG+ tariff can top up without leaving home and can use added features like the Boost Winter Wallet.

Customers with a smart meter still have the option of contracting the Standard PAYG tariff, but as the prices are exactly the same as Smart PAYG+, there’s really no reason to do so.

If you’d like to request a smart meter installation with Boost, you can do so via the link below. Have your login information as well as your postcode to hand as you’ll need them for the booking.

Book a smart meter

Warm Home Discount

Boost is one of the very few independent suppliers that offer the Warm Home Discount! That means that eligible customers will receive a discount on their bills during the colder winter months.

The Warm Home Discount is a government discount scheme designed to help pensioners and other households at risk of falling into fuel poverty.

There are two groups of people eligible for the discount. The first are pensioners (individuals or their partners who receive the Guaranteed Pension Credit) who receive their energy from a supplier participating in the scheme. If you’re part of the first group, you’ll automatically receive the Warm Home Discount.

The other group of people who may be eligible are those who are on a low income or receive government benefits other than the state pension. This group must apply through their energy supplier every year and receiving the discount is not guaranteed.

Moving home

If you’re moving out of or into a Boost supplied home, you should contact them directly at 0330-102-7517.

a family floating on blue balloons carrying cardboard moving boxes

Contacting your energy supplier before a move is extremely important as it can help you avoid being billed for someone else’s energy use.

If you’re moving out of your Boost supplied home they’ll need the following information:

  • The date you will move.
  • Your new address.
  • Your new phone number and other contact information.

If you’re moving into a Boost home and would like to stay, just call the number above to receive your new card and key.

If you’re thinking about switching the supplier of your new home, the best thing you can do is give us a call at Selectra. Our Energy experts will make sure you get the best tariff possible.

For more resources on moving home with Boost you can click the link below.

Moving home with Boost

Our Verdict

The Pros The Cons
 Control energy with easy-to-use app  High natural gas fuel mix
 Winter Wallet and other movie-saving innovations  No fixed price tariffs available (PAYG standard)
 Warm Home Discount available  Mixed customer service reviews

Boost’s parent company, Ovo Energy, set out to change how the energy supply industry works within the UK market. With unique and innovative features powered by technology, Boost is the natural evolution in making that happen.

Although they may not be the absolute cheapest option (as fixed tariffs are unavailable with pay-as-you-go meters), their prices are competitive. But Boost’s true edge comes from its unique features available on the Smart PAYG+ tariff: auto-top up, never needing to go out of the house to top up, SMS reminders and the Boost Winter Wallet.

If you live in a home with a prepaid smart meter and you want handling your energy to be as simple and easy as possible, Boost may be the best option for your home.