Vodafone Broadband - Bundles, Reviews, Rewards


Perhaps not best known as a broadband provider, Vodafone is making waves in 2019 as one of the best of an emerging crop of ISPs on the market. A host of awards has recently shone the spotlight directly on Vodafone as a company you should seriously consider switching to. At this year’s uSwitch Broadband Awards they took home the Best Value Broadband Provider award, as well as the overall Best Provider of the Year award. This comes the year after being named the Best Value Provider and Fastest Uploading by Broadband Genie.

Particularly if you’re an existing pay monthly Vodafone mobile customer, you can get yourself a great Vodafone broadband deal. Even if you’re not, they’re some of the best value for money deals out there, leaving some other major providers in the dust when the numbers are tallied up.

Vodafone Bundles

So what’s the fuss about? What can you get with Vodafone that you can’t get anywhere else? Well, let’s break down their packages:

Vodafone Broadband Bundles
Superfast 1
Superfast 2
Existing: £21 New: £23
Existing: £25 New: £27
Upfront: £0
Upfront: £0

As you can see, the offer is simple: two deals - one fast, the other faster; one cheap, the other cheaper. New customers (those without Virgin mobile packages) pay slightly more, but still get a steal.

Both of these packages are unlimited and come with Vodafone’s Ultimate Broadband Guarantee: superfast speeds or money off until it’s fixed. A home phone line is also included and customers have access to the ultra-smart Vodafone Broadband App.

But how do Vodafone Broadband customers review it?

Among the review focused on Vodafone’s mobile phone services on Trustpilot are plenty of signs to see that customers are beginning to appreciate their broadband services as well. A running theme throughout the most positive reviews is heaped praised for their customer service team:

Vodafone Review 1
Vodafone Review 1

My Vodafone

As a customer you’ll get access to the My Vodafone app, a handy tool that lets you track your spending, check your bills, upgrade or change plans, and manage your extras. All this with no faff - you can login to Vodafone at home on your laptop or on the train with your smartphone.

Well done

The app is available on Android or iPhone, and also has a Live Chat feature that you can use to get 24/7 help in resolving any issues you have with your contract. It also has instant secure login through your fingerprint if you have this feature on your phone.

Vodafone VeryMe Rewards

Cinema tickets

Customers also find themselves eligible for the VeryMe rewards programme, through which they receive weekly discounts and giveaways that change over time to reflect their interests. You can access it through the app, and rewards include exclusive pre-sale access to The Lion King UK and Ireland tour in the Autumn, and could be anything from discounted Odeon cinema tickets to a Tesco meal deal!