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If you've ever wondered, who supplies my water? Selectra can help you get all the information you need about your water bill and water supply, especially when moving into a new home.

Water supply in the UK is broken up into over 20 companies that cover all UK residential areas. Unlike with other home bills, you don't get a choice of water supplier, therefore it's important to investigate who supplies my water. Each water company is responsible for the water supply and sometimes sewerage too for a certain region.

Who Supplies My Water Service?

Finding out who supplies my water in the local area is very simple. The water supplier operating in your local area will be responsible for supplying you with a reliable water supply that meets UK water quality standards. This includes ensuring that water is safe for human consumption and that water contaminants are below thresholds set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

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In addition to water quality, water pressure is another crucial aspect of your home water supply. Too little water pressure results in boilers and appliances not functioning properly, as well as inconsistent water flow from taps and showerheads.

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Water Bill Rates

Most homes in the UK have to pay for their water supply. Your water bill gets paid to the local water supplier who is in control of the water supply in your area. In some cases, water rates in your bill will also include a fee to cover sewerage and sanitation services that are often part and parcel of the work water suppliers do. Check out our detailed water guides to get the full picture on your water bill.

Water bills and water rates across the UK are regularly looked at by Ofwat, the industry regulator for residential water suppliers. This is supposed to ensure a balance between affordability and water suppliers being able to maintain infrastructures such as district piping and water quality equipment.

Don't expect water rates to be identical across every water bill in the UK. Water rates will vary depending on where you live in the UK, based on how hard it is to supply water to your area. Find out more about water in your town or city specifically.

You should find out who supplies my water to know exactly what your water bills will be like.

What Is The Average UK Water Bill

The average UK water bill is how much we spend on our water and sewerage services in the UK. This depends on many factors.

As mentioned above, by far the biggest influence will be who is my water supplier. Since each UK region’s water is supplied by a different water company, the water rates will vary accordingly.

Other factors which influence your water bill will be how much you use and whether you are eligible for any support for your bills.

Who Supplies My Water Meter?

The water supplier operating in your community will be responsible for setting up and checking a water meter in your home. Not everyone has a water meter currently because there are different regional requirements as well as local water supply considerations. However, you can inquire about getting a water meter installed by contacting the relevant water supply company.

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Who Supplies My Water In The UK? Comprehensive List

Are you wondering, who supplies my water? Below you can find some brief information about some of the UK water companies. For in-depth details, our water supplier list covers all of the UK and all the companies in the water sector with valuable advice about how to contact them and solve common water queries.

Affinity Water

Affinity Water has well over 3 million customers across Northwest London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Additionally, they also cover the water supply in Folkestone, Dover, Tendring Peninsula in Kent, Barnet, Brent, Ealing and Enfield Boroughs in London.

Any water bills or equipment bearing the name of Veolia, Affinity Water is who is my water supplier since the company used to trade under various Veolia-related brands: Veolia Water East, Veolia Water Southeast and Veolia Water Central.

Albion Water

Albion Water deals with the water supply of the following areas only Knowle Village, Upper Rissington, Victory Fields and Upper Rissington in Gloucestershire.

Anglian Water

With over 2.5 million homes in its water supply area, Anglian Water deals with residential areas across East Anglia and East Midlands. If your home is somewhere between the Thames and the Humber, it is highly likely Anglian Water is your local water supplier.

Bristol Water

Bristol Water is responsible for providing water to over a million people living in Bristol as well as its suburbs and exurbs.

Cambridge Water

South Cambridgeshire is the area that Cambridge Water is exclusively responsible for. The water supplier serves over 100,000 properties in the area.

Cholderton & District Water

As its name states, Cholderton & District Water meets the water needs of two villages in Wiltshire: Cholderton and Shipton Bellinger. Compared to other companies in this list, this represents a fairly small area for water supply services.

Dee Valley Water

Dee Valley Water is responsible for supplying water services to parts of North East Wales and North West England. The company takes its name from the local River Dee.

Welsh Water Dŵr Cymru

Welsh Water Dŵr Cymru is responsible for clean water supply as well as sewerage and sanitation services to the majority of Welsh homes as well as some areas Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester.

Essex and Suffolk Water

Essex and Suffolk Water handles residential water services for almost 2 million people in Essex as well as North and South Suffolk. Essex and Suffolk Water is now part of Northumbrian Water.

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water (also known as NIW) is actually owned by the government and is responsible for the water supply for almost 2 million in Northern Ireland.

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water is the company that almost 2 million people across the North East of England rely on for water supply and sewerage or sanitation services.

Portsmouth Water

Portsmouth Water provides water supply services for over 650 000 people across West Sussex and Hampshire. This water provider covers an area sandwiched between the Rivers Meon and Arun.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water is responsible for handling all water services across Scotland. This includes both domestic water supply, sewerage and sanitation services. With over 2 million homes relying on them for water, Scottish Water is one of the biggest water suppliers in the UK.

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water has a substantial customer base across central England and certain areas of Wales. There are seven million people that depend on the water supplier for service. Severn Trent Water customers are located south of the Humber Estuary, north of the Bristol Channel, east of Llyn Clywedog and west of Lincolnshire.

South Staffordshire Water

Also known as South Staffs Water, this water supplier handles customers between Kinver and Burton on Trent as well as those sandwiched between Halesowen and Ashbourne. This means that about a million and a quarter of people rely on South Staffordshire Water for their H2O.

South East Water

South East Water is the water supplier for areas of Kent, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. This represents an area of over 3.5 square kilometres.

South West Water

South West Water is the only water supplier across Devon and Cornwall. This water company also handles sewerage and sanitation for 1.5 million customers.

Southern Water

Southern Water is responsible for the water supply in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Additionally, they also handle sewerage and sanitation.

SES Water

SES Water (Sutton and East Surrey Water) is the exclusive water supplier for 650,000 customers living in a rural area that extends from Morden to Gatwick Airport and from Dorking to Bough Beech.

Tendring Hundred Water

As is implied by its name, Tendring Hundred Water serves the Tendring Peninsula located in North East Essex. Their water supply area covers about 150,000 people.

Thames Water

Thames Water is the primary water supplier for London in addition to some areas of Southern England. As such, they operate one of the largest water supply and sewerage businesses in the UK.

Three Valleys Water

Three Valleys Water is the exclusive water supplier for certain areas of Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Berkshire as well as Barnet, Ealing, Brent, Enfield, Harrow and Hillingdon Boroughs in London. Being owned by Veolia means that Three Valleys Water has some commonality with Affinity Water.

United Utilities Water

United Utilities Water is focused on water supply, sewerage and sanitation in the North West of England. As one of the larger British water suppliers, United Water supplies around seven million people.

Wessex Water

Wessex Water has a wide water supply catchment area, covering many areas in the South West: including Dorset, Somerset, a lot of Wiltshire, Bristol and areas of Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water simply handles all water supply needs and sewerage for all of Yorkshire.

Who Supplies My Water Postcode Checker?

One sure way to find who supplies my water is to use a postcode checker. Most of the water supplies include a postcode checker on their websites to be able to see if they are the company who handles your water supply and/or sewage.

Water UK has a postcode checker that checks the national databases to answer who is my water supplier. You can also find out:

  • Who provides my water service
  • Who provides my sewerage serice
  • Who bills my water service
  • Who bills my sewerage service

All you need to do is type your postcode into the search box and it will bring up the links to who is my water supplier.

Can I Change My Water Supplier?

Current regulations do not allow for UK households to change their water or sewage service supplier. Each region is managed by a private water supplier and you will have to deal with this company. Thus the importance of knowing who is my water supplier. See the above list for details

Government is in continual talks with Ofwat, the water regulator, to evaluate if the deregulation of the water market to competition, as it did for the energy market, would be beneficial for UK citizens. Don't hold your breath though, such a change is likely to come with some apprehensions, especially with what is currently happening in the energy market.

Who Supplies My Business Water?

The best way to find out who supplies my water for business is to double check your latest water bill. On your business water bills, you will find the name of the water company who supplies your water.

The business water supplier market operates on a competitive basis. This means that it is sometimes possible for businesses to change water suppliers.

Can I Change My Water Supplier If I Am A Business?

If you are a business owner and would like to switch your water supplier, starting in 2017, it has been possible to do so under certain conditions. Find out who is my water supplier and contact them for details on pricing and how to change.

A fair price on all your utility bills is crucial for any business to survive these days. Contact our experts at Selectra for more information and obtain the best possible price on all your utility bills.

Water Supplier Problems

When you have problems with your water supply, it is important to know who supplies your water and who handles your sewerage treatment just in case you can’t resolve the issue yourself. There are a number of common problems that should be handled by your water company:

  • No water in house
  • Flooding from public drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Water meter problems

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you need to know who supplies my water to contact the right company who’ll be able to deal with it.

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Getting the best deal on household bills, such as broadband and energy, isn’t always easy. Clear information can sometimes be difficult to find, comparing offers is often a time-consuming hassle, and just getting through to someone on the phone can be a challenge. Here at Selectra, we help you know who is my water supplier, sign up to energy and broadband deals without hassle.

We strive to provide a one-stop site for people who are interested in signing up to a different energy or broadband provider. We are convinced that looking for a cheaper deal shouldn't be a hassle, and therefore aim to make the process simpler by saving people time and money by offering them customised quotes from our partners. On our website, we aim to provide clear information about energy and broadband products. We work closely with select providers in the UK in order to ensure great service to our users.

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Does Selectra work with all the suppliers on the market?

Selectra doesn't work with all the suppliers on the market. We offer a selection of products from a carefully selected panel of suppliers. We choose the providers we partner with based on a number of criteria including: customer service and value for money.

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