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Hartlepool Water

You might not have heard of Hartlepool Water, but they are the largest water supplier in the UK by geographical area. They are the supplier for more than 96,000 homes in Hartlepool and have a history dating back to 1846. Find out more about where Hartlepool water comes from, setting up an account and what tariffs they offer to Hartlepool residents.

About Hartlepool Water

Sir John West founded Hartlepool Water in 1846 as the Hartlepool Gas and Water Company. Fast forward 150 years to 1995 when it rebranded as Hartlepool Water. Just two short years later in 1997, Hartlepool Water was bought by Anglian Water. It has continued to serve 96,000 customers under the Hartlepool Water brand since then.

Hartlepool Water Supply Area

Hartlepool Water supplies the Hartlepool region exclusively as a trading name of Hartlepool Water. Hartlepool Water does not provide wastewater and sewage services. To find out which company supplies the sewerage for Hartlepool visit our Hartlepool water guide.

Where does Hartlepool Water come from?

The supply of Hartlepool water comes from local boreholes that are located in Sedgefield, which is about 15 miles west of Hartlepool. The water is extracted from limestone aquifers and sent by underground pipes to the water treatment plant at Dalton Percy on the outskirts of Hartlepool where some 32 million litres of water are treated every day before being delivered to the homes of Hartlepool.

Hartlepool Water Rates


The rate you will pay for your water in Hartlepool will depend if you have a water meter installed at your property. If you do not have a water meter, you will be charged a fixed rate per year. If you do have a water meter, then you are charged a fixed rate plus your consumption per cubic meter (mᶟ).

You can check your bill to see if you have a water meter at your property. If you don’t have a bill handy, or you’ve just moved in, then you can have a look outside your property or in your front garden to see if you can find a water meter.

Some properties have the water meter installed inside the property near the main stop tap. If you’ve moved in recently and can’t find a meter, then you can contact Hartlepool Water to find out how you will be billed.

More information on water meters can be found in our comprehensive guide to water meters.

Below are the water rates for Hartlepool.

Tariff Fixed Charge Per Year Charge Per mᶟ
Unmetered £142.05 n/a
Metered £26.00 £1.0867
WaterSure £126 n/a
AquaCare Plus £61.50 £0.6134

In comparison, the UK average for water rates (including wastewater charges) is approximately £408 for 2021/22.

For tips and tricks on reducing your water bill, read our guide to lowering your water bill.

What are the available tariffs for Hartlepool Water?

Hartlepool Water has four different kinds of tariffs available. The first two are the standard tariffs that are available depending on if you have a water meter or not. The second two, WaterSure and AquaCare Plus are only available if you meet certain requirements which are explained in detail below.

Unmetered Supply Tariff

The Hartlepool Water Unmetered Supply means that you will pay £142.05 per year for your water supply. Being unmetered doesn’t mean that you can use unlimited water. Instead, it means that you will pay your fixed charge per year plus a rate depending on the Rateable Value or RV of your home. The Rateable Value of your home was set in March 1990 by the local council and Hartlepool Water still follows the 1990 values even though the RV of your home may no longer be the same.

Depending on your water usage and your property’s Rateable Value, it might be worth considering asking Hartlepool Water to install a water meter at your property. If requested, Hartlepool Water should install your meter within three months or provide you with a reason for why a water meter cannot be installed.

If you cannot have a water meter installed, then Hartlepool Water may be able to place you onto a cheaper tariff.

You can use this free calculator from the Consumer Council for Water to see if it would be better for you to have a meter installed.

Metered Supply Tariff


If you have a water meter at your property then you will be on a metered supply, this means that you will pay a base rate of £26.00 per year plus a charge of £1.0867 per cubic meter or mᶟ - 1mᶟ is equivalent to 1,000 litres. To put it another way, you’ll need to run your washing machine about 20 times to use up 1mᶟ according to Water UK1.

For most homes, having a water meter is a better option than going unmetered. If your home doesn’t have a water meter then speak to Hartlepool Water to ask them if they can install one for you.

WaterSure Tariff

The WaterSure tariff from Hartlepool Water is designed especially for those who are suffering from a particular hardship and need to use large volumes of water. You are required to have a water meter in your home, but there is no charge for the amount of water you use – instead, you pay a higher fixed rate than the standard tariff.

There are some criteria that you need to meet to be eligible for the WaterSure tariff.

First of all, you or someone who lives in your property must receive one or more of the following benefits or tax credits;

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers' Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (except families in receipt of the family element only)
  • Pension Credit


  • Desquamation (flaky skin disease)
  • Weeping skin disease (eczema, psoriasis, varicose ulceration)
  • Incontinence
  • Abdominal stoma
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Renal failure requiring home dialysis (except where the health authority contributes to the cost of dialysis)
  • Crohn's disease
  • Another medical condition that requires the use of significant additional water and can be supported with a doctors certificate


In addition to receiving the above benefits or tax credits, there must also be someone residing in the property who also receives child benefits for three or more children under the age of 19 that also live in the same property.

If you meet that criteria, then you can simply apply for WaterSure on the Hartlepool Water website. You will need to have your account number to hand when filling out the application, along with some other information about yourself and your eligibility for the tariff.

If you aren’t eligible for the Hartlepool Water WaterSure tariff, then you may be eligible for AquaCare Plus Tariff.

AquaCare Plus Tariff

Like WaterSure, this tariff is designed for people who are suffering from hardship and need to use a lot of water. However, the criteria are slightly different, and to qualify you will need to have a water meter and be in receipt of one of the following benefits or tax credits;

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers' Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (except families in receipt of the family element only)
  • Pension Credit

If you are struggling to pay your bill and do not qualify for AquaCare Plus or WaterSure, then you can contact Hartlepool Water to discuss your individual needs with them in a confidential manner.

Hartlepool Contact Information


There are many ways to get in touch with Hartlepool Water. Here are the numbers and opening hours for the various departments.

Please note that as Hartlepool Water is a trading name of Anglian Water, you will be speaking to a representative at Anglian Water, but rest assured they will be able to assist you with your Hartlepool Water account.

Hartlepool Water Contact Number List
Hartlepool Water Team Phone Number Opening Times
Billing and Account Enquiries 03457 919 155 Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, Sunday/Bank Holidays 10am-4pm
Water and Sewerage 03457 145 145 24/7
Problems with Bill Payment 0800 169 3630 Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, Sunday/Bank Holidays 10am-4pm
Builder and Developer Helpline 0345 60 66 087 Monday to Friday 8am-5pm only
Automated Payments Phoneline 03450 268 926 24/7
Non-English Speaker Support 03450 268 926 24/7
Minicom/Text Telephone Service 0800 917 5901 24/7
Bogus Caller Helpline 0800 145 145 24/7
Meter Installation 0345 850 5852 Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Hartlepool Water Login


There’s not much you can’t do with a Hartlepool Water login. By using the My Account Portal, you can easily and quickly manage your water supply and more. For example, you can:

  1. Check your water consumption
  2. View and pay your bills on your computer, phone, or tablet
  3. Modify your account details
  4. Let Hartlepool Water know when you move home
  5. And much more

Once you have registered for your water with Hartlepool Water, you will be able to set up your secure account. To do so you will only need to know your Billing Account Number and your Postcode. It is that easy!

How to pay my Hartlepool Water bill

If you need to pay your Hartlepool Water bill, there are a variety of ways to pay. Simply choose which payment method works best for you. If you’re registered for MyAccount, then you can make adjustments to your Hartlepool Water payment method without the need to speak to a single person. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a Hartlepool Water representative then you can do so by calling their Billing Helpline on 03457 919 155.

Hartlepool Water Payment Options
Payment Method Details
My Account & App The most convenient way to pay is through your Hartlepool Water online account. There is also an app available for iPhone and Android for greater convenience on the go.
Direct Debit Set up a regular direct debit through either "My Account" or by calling the Hartlepool Water Billing Helpline on 03457 919 155.
Bank Transfer (BACS or CHAPS) Settle your bill via bank transfer with the following details. - Bank account number 90011916 - Sort code 20-43-71 - Add the 9 digit Hartlepool Water account number
Pay at Barclays You can pay at any Barclays branch by using the bottom part of your bill (payment slip) to process your payment.
Paypoint or Payzone Make a payment at locations where either is available. You just need to take the payslip at the bottom of your bill with you to a participating location or Post Office.
Cash Office If you're a Hartlepool resident only, you can pay in person using cash at the following address: Hartlepool Water, 3 Lancaster Road, Hartlepool, TS24 8LW. Open 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday (except for Bank Holidays)
Cheque Post your cheque to Hartlepool Water Payment Centre, PO Box 4995, LANCING, BN11 9AQ and make sure you also attach the payslip at the bottom of your bill. The cheque needs to be made out to Hartlepool Water, and you must write your account number on the back.
Online Form/By Phone You can use an online form to pay your bill or call the automated phone line on 03450 268 926 to pay at any time.

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