Meet the Selectra Team

Who are Selectra?

Selectra is an energy advice service with the goal of helping energy customers. We empower British customers to save money on their energy bills and find solutions to their energy queries.

Selectra launched in Great Britain in 2016. Our energy experts have helped thousands of people save on their gas and electricity bills with our informative guides and British-staffed call centre. Below you can learn more about our website contributors.

  • Adam Gilberts-Davis Adam Gilberts-Davis

    Adam Gilberts-Davis

    Business Developer | Money

    Adam is an experienced project manager and business developer who joined Selectra in 2019. Adam writes about banking and finances to help Selectra customers find the best accounts, products, and services available to them and to shine a light on the often complicated world of money.

  • Allison Wall Allison Wall

    Allison Wall

    Content editor

    Allison graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Journalism before moving to Spain in 2015. Last year she began working at Selectra as an energy adviser. This year she joined the content team, where she focuses on researching and writing about energy in the UK.

  • Ash Parker Smith Ash Parker Smith

    Ash Parker Smith

    Content editor

    Ash studied History and International Relations in the UK and Netherlands prior to arriving at Selectra in January 2019. He’s passionate about renewable energy and writes content that focuses on green alternatives and other innovative ways we can lessen our environmental impact.

  • Clarissa Joshua Clarissa Joshua

    Clarissa Joshua

    Content editor

    Clarissa studied Business Communications at university and has been working in the industry ever since. She started working in Internal Communications, dedicating herself to employee engagement and creating effective content. She then turned her focus to External Communications and customer campaigns. She joined the team in July 2019 as a content editor so she could pursue her passion for writing online.

  • Danielle Lyon Danielle Lyon

    Danielle Lyon

    Head of content

    Danielle is an SEO fanatic and loves creating engaging content. She has experience researching, writing and publishing for a wide range of websites covering tourism, beauty and recruitment. She joined Selectra in April 2018 as an energy copywriter where she dove into the fascinating world of electricity and gas and now manages the content team in the UK & Ireland.

  • Elliot Waterhouse Elliot Waterhouse

    Elliot Waterhouse

    General manager

    Elliot graduated from Newcastle University with First Class Honours and was originally involved in his own business ventures in the music industry. In 2016, Elliot partnered with the Co-founders of Selectra Group, Aurian de Maupeou and Xavier Pinon, which was the beginning of a very successful story in launching Selectra in the UK market.

  • Jack Morrell Jack Morrell

    Jack Morrell

    Web developer

    Jack originally studied business, but after graduating realised his true calling was in digital design and development. After learning the ropes as a web designer, he joined Selectra in April 2018 and now focuses on keeping the Selectra UK websites looking good and performing well.

  • Jaume S. Badia Jaume S. Badia

    Jaume S. Badia

    Website Manager

    Jaume focuses on renewable energy industry growth in the UK. His areas of interest include national energy independence in the face of Brexit and peer-to-peer electricity trading.

  • Luis Carrillo Coello Luis Carrillo Coello

    Luis Carrillo Coello

    Content editor

    Luis writes for the energy and telecommunication sections of the Selectra UK site. He has a bachelor's degree in philosophy and has previously managed content on travel and telecoms platforms.

  • Nicole Davies Nicole Davies

    Nicole Davies

    Content editor

    Nicole has a bachelor's degree in History and a master’s in International Relations. Originally from Wales, she moved to Madrid in 2018 and worked as a content manager for an expat focused website. She joined Selectra in April 2019 and writes content all about the UK insurance market.

  • Sophia Fennessy Sophia Fennessy

    Sophia Fennessy

    Content Editor

    Macquarie University graduate and experienced Content Editor with a demonstrated history of working in the E-Learning, Real Estate and Telecommunications industries. Skilled in Marketing, Google Analytics, Social Media Management, Administration, SEO, Growth and Market Research.

  • William Morris William Morris

    William Morris

    Content editor

    Even as a student of literature, Will always had one eye on new TV deals and never overpaid a penny on his broadband. He worked as a copywriter and then as a journalist before realising his life's purpose and joining Selectra in January. He now dedicates himself to decrying poor customer service and championing affordable broadband.