Meet the Selectra Team

Who is Selectra?

Selectra is an energy advice service that aims to help customers save money on the utility bills and find solutions to their energy queries.

Selectra UK launched in Great Britain in 2016. Our energy experts have helped thousands of people save on their gas and electricity bills with our informative guides and British-staffed call centre. You can learn more about our website contributors below.

  • Allison Wall Allison Wall

    Allison Wall

    Content Manager

    A graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Media and Journalism, Allison first began working at Selectra in 2019 as an energy advisor. She now manages the content teams in the UK and Ireland.

  • Ash Parker Smith Ash Parker Smith

    Ash Parker Smith

    Content Editor

    Ash studied History and International Relations in the UK and Netherlands prior to arriving at Selectra in January 2019. He’s passionate about renewable energy and writes content that focuses on green alternatives and other innovative ways we can lessen our environmental impact.

  • Denis Houde Denis Houde

    Denis Houde

    Content Editor

    Denis has always been fascinated by the world of home energy and the environment. Having built his own self-sustainable home, he has now spent the last year and a half assisting others in the UK to understand and save on their household bills.

  • James Santaeularia James Santaeularia

    James Santaeularia

    Senior Content Editor

    James writes about renewable energy industry growth in the UK. His areas of interest include national energy independence in the face of Brexit and peer-to-peer electricity trading.

  • Robert Clarke Robert Clarke

    Robert Clarke

    Content Editor

    Robert joined Selectra in April 2021 as an Energy Advisor and is passionate about utilities. He's written for publications around the globe and enjoys Ugandan coffee and golf.