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Meet the Selectra team!

Who are Selectra?

Selectra is an energy advice service that's goal is to inform the people of Great Britain as much as possible of their household bills. We want to put the power (excuse the pun) back in your hands, putting an end to high energy prices and rising household expenditure.

Selectra launched in Great Britain in 2016. Since then we have helped thousands of people save on their energy bills with our informative guides and in-house call center, full of the best energy advisors in the business. Below you can learn a bit more about the many people behind our operation:

The founders

Elliot Waterhouse


About Elliot

Aurian de Maupeou


About Aurian

Behind the scenes

Richard Allum

Digital marketing & data officer

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Rémi Hadj-Rabah

Digital acquisition manager

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Jaume Badia

Content editor

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Daniel Vaughan

Off-site SEO & PR

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Danielle Lyon

Content editor

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Jack Morrell

Content editor

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Thomas de Nonancourt

Web development coordinator

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Sofia Garcia Rubio

Graphic designer

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Joshua Cantle-Jones

Sales & Quality

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Our call center

Although our advisors do not come to work in a shirt and tie every day, don't doubt their extreme knowledge on the energy markets. We don't feel like we envy anyone's knowledge on our specialities and they're waiting to take your call to start saving you money! Here's a few of them at work (and play)...