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Find your MPAN Number, MPRN & Meter Serial Number


So, for what ever reason, you need to find your MPAN, MPRN or MSN. It may sound like a load of jargon and numbers; however, we're here to make it all simple for you. Below you'll find where to find each of these numbers and what they all mean.

MPAN - Meter Point Administration Number

More commonly known as 'Supply Number', the MPAN is a series of numbers that uniquely identifies your property's electricity meter. It is made up of a variety of significant number values that shall be explained in the below section. This number should be found on your energy bill. It should appear something like the following example:

Your MPAN number

Profile Class

This number denotes the type of meter that you have. For residential customers we are only concerned with numbers '01' and '02'.

01 - Domestic unrestricted customers 02 - Domestic Economy 7 customers

Meter Time Switch Code (MTC)

This number signfies the amount of registers (meter reads or dials) that your meter has. This basically means how frequently your meter operates throughout the day to keep a track of your usage.

If you have multiple rate splits such as Economy 7, this will be expressed through this number.

Line Loss Factor

This is the code that identifies the bracket figure that the distribution company will potentially charge for your supplier's usage of the distribution network in your area. This is not additional to you bill, it is charged to the supplier and is part of your 'standing charge'. If you would like to learn more about static charges, you can click here to visit our guide.

Distributor ID

This is the number that identifies your local distribution company. This number will be between 10-28. Below is a list of the distribution area codes corresponding to how they will appear on your MPAN number. If you don't have a bill to hand and you wish to know your distributor, click here to use our DNO finder tool.

Distribution ID Codes
MPAN Code Area Company Emergency Contact
10 East England UK Power Networks 0800 783 8838
11 East Midlands Western Power Distribution 0800 6783 105
12 London UK Power Networks 0800 028 0247
13 North Wales, Merseyside & Cheshire Scottish Power Distribution 0800 001 5400
14 West Midlands Western Power Distribution 0800 6783 105
15 North East England Northern Power Grid 0800 668 877
16 North West England Electricity North West 0800 195 4141
17 North Scotland Scottish & Southern Energy Networks 0800 300 999
18 Central and Southern Scotland Scottish Power Distribution 0800 092 9290
19 South East England UK Power Networks 0800 783 8866
20 Southern England Scottish & Southern Energy Networks 0800 072 7282
21 South Wales Western Power Distribution 0800 6783 105
22 South West England Western Power Distribution 0800 6783 105
23 Yorkshire Northern Power Grid 0800 375 675
24 Independent Independent Power Networks Ltd 0800 013 0849
25 Independent ESP Electricity Ltd 0800 731 6945
26 Independent Energetics Electricity Ltd 0800 804 8688
27 Independent The Electricity Network Company Ltd (GTC) 0800 032 6990
28 Independent UK Power Networks (IDNO) Ltd 0800 171 2012

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Meter Point ID Number

A unique number within your distribution area that specifically identifies your meter.

Check Digit

This is devised from your Distribution ID and Meter Point ID Number in order for other systems to validate these numbers.

MPRN - Meter Point Reference Number

The MPRN number is a unique number that relates to your property, differentiating your meter from anyone else's. It is also commonly called an 'M Number' and 'Gas Supply Number'. It is a sequence of numbers up to 10 characters that can be found on your energy bills. It should appear as the following example appears:

Your MPRN number

MSN - Meter Serial Number

A 'Meter Serial Number' or 'Meter ID' is your gas and electricity meters' unique codes, made up of letters and numbers. These numbers can be found on your respective meters usually above or below its barcode. Because of the difference in MSN types, the below section will be split into 'Electricity' and 'Gas' to better explain the two in more depth.


On the majority of current meters, your electricity MSN should be located on your meter above or below the barcode on the face of the meter; however, on some of the older meter models, there may not be a barcode. That said, the MSN should still be in the same format: a combination of letters and numbers in a fairly prominent positioning.

Your electricity MSN


For your gas meter you should find your MSN located, again, above or below the barcode on the face of your meter. This can also be a combination of letters and number; however, will probably be considerably longer than the MSN of your electricity meter.

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