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South West Water is a major water supplier in the UK, supplying the clean water and wastewater services across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. Here we have all the South West Water information including how to login, contact numbers, and bill payment details.

South West Water is a water and sewerage company that operates in the south west of England covering the Cornwall and Dorset areas. South West Water supplies both clean water and wastewater services but it can overlap with Wessex Water and Bristol Water.

Who owns South West Water? South West Water is owned by the UK-based Pennon Group (listed on the London Stock Exchange). Unlike other water companies like Northumbrian and Yorkshire Water, South West Water's owners are not overseas investors or holding companies but rather a British company in the water sector.

South West Water Login


The South West Water login for MyAccount is important for managing your entire South West Water account online. In order to register for your South West Water MyAccount, you will need to have your 8 digit customer number which can be found on your most recent bill. As well as your customer number, you will need your:

  1. Postcode
  2. Surname
  3. Contact Number
  4. Email Address

You will also need to set a password and decide if you would like paper or paperless billing.

The South West Water login will give you quick access to manage your account entirely online. You are able to:

  • MyAccount Options
  • View your current balance and owed amounts
  • Pay your South West Water bill
  • View previous bills and payments
  • Manage payment methods
  • Change of address
  • Account information
  • Apply for a South West Water meter

Once you’ve logged in successfully for the first time, you will be able to change your username to something easier to remember or you can keep it.

South West Water Login Problems

If you’re struggling with your South West Water login, you can use the Forgotten Your Password link to reset your password if you’ve misplaced it. All you need is to access the email address you used to sign up, and South West Water will send you a link where you can make a new password.

South West Water Contact


If you need to contact South West Water, there are a number of South West Water contact options available. There are South West Water contact numbers and they also have a presence on social media so you can get in touch with them in the most comfortable way for you.

You can also check out our South West Water Contact page to find out more.

South West Water Contact Number

Here’s a table with the main South West Water contact numbers so whether you have a billing issue or a water emergency like a water outage, you can get South West Water on the phone straightway:

South West Water Team Phone Number Opening Times
Accounts Helpline 0344 346 1010 Monday to Friday 8am-6pm
Saturdays 9am-1pm
Automated Payment Line 0800 230 0750 24/7
Emergency Helpline 0344 346 2020 24/7
Leaks 0800 230 0561 24/7
Meter installation 0800 083 4301 24/7
New Connections 0800 083 1821 24/7
Minicom 0800 169 9965 24/7

South West Water contact numbers that begin with 03 are charged at local rates while 0800 numbers are free. Local rates are often included in your call package from your broadband provider so you should check to see if you have free calls. You can also use the South West Water login to sort out all your South West Water problems.

South West Water Live Chat


South West Water also has a Live Chat where you can talk to an agent about your South West Water problems online. To access the Live Chat, simply go onto the South West Water website and on the right hand side there is a blue box with Message Us on it. Click on the box and begin chatting with an agent.

South West Water on Social Media

South West Water is present on Twitter with two active accounts. @SouthWestWater is dedicated to company news and updates about your region. @SWWHelp will be more useful since it is aimed at customer support and provides updates about ongoing maintenance and outages.

South West Water Pay Bill


Like most water companies, there are many different ways you can pay your water bill. Here are the most convenient ways to pay with South West Water.

South West Water Pay Online

The South West Water pay online option can be accessed from your MyAccount portal after logging in. You can type the amount that you need to pay and also your debit or credit card details required to process your payment. South West Water accepts the following cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Cirrus

You can also set your payment method and how often you make your payments (monthly or quarterly) for your water bills, as well as 3 options of what date you want the money to be debited from your bank account.

There's more than one way to pay Everyone’s finances are different and some people manage their payments with one method over the other. With water bills, there are a lot of options to pick from and it’s important to find the one that is most comfortable for you. Check out our How To Pay Your Water Bill guide to find out more.

Pay South West Water Direct Debit

You can also set up your water bill via a direct debit where the exact amount you owe South West Water is deducted from your account automatically and you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


Pay South West Water at Post Office

You can take your South West Water bill to the post office to pay it. Remember to take the payment slip from the bottom of your water bill with you. If you're paying by cheque rather than cash, you will need to make the cheque payable to Post Office Ltd.

Pay South West Water by Post

You can send your cheque or postal order directly to South West Water along with the payment slip at the bottom of your water bill. You will need to make the cheque payable to South West Water Ltd. and send it to:

South West Water
PO Box 4762
BN11 9NT

Pay South West Water by Phone

You can ring the South West Water automated payment number on 0800 230 0750 that is available 24/7. You should have your debit or credit card handy along with your South West Water bill and account number.


Pay South West Water at your Bank

If you want to make your payment at your bank, you can take your South West Water bill to your local branch. You need to include your customer number on the back of your cheque and make it payable to South West Water Ltd.

If you want to pay by bank transfer, you will need to the South West Water bank account details:

  1. Sort Code: 30-00-00
  2. Account Number: 02397455
  3. Reference Number: 10 digit customer reference number on the front of you bill

Is South West Water a hard water area? Like most of England, South West Water typically supplies hard water to its customers. This is due to the higher concentration of minerals in the drinking water. To find out more about how to handle hard water, check out our Water Hardness guide.


What Is the Average Water Bill in the South West?

The South West Water bill is the most expensive in the whole of the UK for water and sewerage. However, it has been decreasing in recent years and, despite the rising cost of household bills, the South West Water bill is set to decrease again.

South West Water Yearly Bill
Service 2021-2022 2022-2023
Water £223 £218
Sewerage £330 £304
Total £553 £522

Source: Discover Water

South West Water customers can expect to pay £31 less on average over the year, making your monthly total bill around £43.50.

If you need any help with your water bill, check out our guide to the WaterSure Scheme to see if you could be eligible for any help.

Curious how your water bill compares? Water customers up and down the country pay different water rates for their water services. If you’re curious to know how much the South West Water bill compares to the rest of the UK, check out our Average UK Water Bill guide to find out more.

South West Water Problems


If you have a complaint about South West Water problems, you can start the complaint procedure to get it resolved. Unfortunately, you can’t switch water suppliers so you will have to be patient and allow the South West Water complaints team to deal with your problem. 

Fortunately, you can follow these 4 steps to get your South West Water complaint solved as quickly as possible.

South West Water Problems: Step 1

The first step is to use one of the South West Water contact methods to communicate your issue. Should explain your problem and let the agent walk you through the process.

If you need to complain about the same issue within 12 weeks, South West Water recommends that you make the complaint in writing. If you are writing a complaint, remember to include two paragraphs. The first paragraph should include what the issue is, and the second should explain what you want South Water to do about it.

South West Water Problems: Step 2

If you have still not received a reply or you are unsatisfied, South West Water will escalate your complaint to a manager to review the issue and set out what must be done to resolve it.


South West Water Problems: Step 3

If you have not heard anything from South West Water within 8 weeks or you are still dissatisfied with their response, you can take your complaint up with the Consumer Council for Water (CCW). The CCW is an official body that deals with water complaints after a water company has failed.

South West Water Problems: Step 4

If the CCW fails you or your complaint becomes a long-term dispute, it can be referred to the Water Redress Scheme (WATRS). This is the last resort when it comes to water disputes and you must have gone through all previous steps beforehand.

Don’t take your complaint to Ofwat! If you have a complaint, do not take it to the water regulator Ofwat as they will be unable to help you. Ofwat only deals with anti-competitive behaviour in the water industry and does not deal with the individual complaints against water suppliers. The CCW is the correct body.

South West Water Meter


The Environment Agency has identified South West Water as a water-stressed area as of 2021. When a region is water-stressed, this means that the household demand for water is a high proportion of the rainfall. The Isles of Scilly that is supplied by South West Water is a water-stressed area.

In order to help save on water usage and avoid leakages that can lose a lot of water, South West Water has been asked to consider compulsory water meter installations in people’s homes. This means a customer would send a regular water meter reading to South West Water to measure how much water they are using.

Some water suppliers like Thames Water already do this, supplying smart water meters to send automatic meter readings.

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