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Scottish Water is the only water supplier for all of Scotland. This means that it is responsible for providing water to almost 2.5 million households and thousands of businesses. While Scottish Water is a corporation, its pricing policy is set by the Scottish Government. Unlike England or Wales where different water companies carve up their water supply areas, Scottish Water controls the water supply in all of Scotland.

Who owns Scottish Water?Scottish Water was set up by the Scottish government to supply water to all of Scotland. Scottish Water is a statutory corporation; think of it as the BBC but for water supply and only for Scotland. Scottish Water is overseen by both the Water Industry Commission for Scotland and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Scottish Water Contact

There are several Scottish Water contact options available. Below, you can find a complete list of ways to get in touch with Scottish Water so you can pick the best one. Let's look at the Scottish Water phone number options, since you're going to be surprised.

Scottish Water Phone Number Options

Unlike other water supply companies in the UK, there is only one Scottish Water phone number.

Scottish Water Phone Number
Scottish Water Team Phone Number Opening Times
Customer Helpline 0800 0778 778 24/7

Not only is this the only Scottish Water number you need to be aware of but it is also open 24 hours a day and is a freephone on top of everything.

Calling the Scottish Water phone number above is more important now than it ever has been if you need to contact Scottish Water for anything. Scottish Water main offices and public receptions remain closed following health and safety guidance from the Scottish government. However, there are other ways to reach out to Scottish Water.

Scottish Water on Social Media

You can also contact Scottish Water on Facebook and Twitter. This is handy if you need to report a problem regarding water supply or sewerage. You can tweet at Scottish Water by using the @scottish_water handle.

Scottish Water also uses its Facebook and Twitter social media accounts to share relevant maintenance updates and emergency information. Finally, for those looking for Scottish Water jobs or water industry-related updates, Scottish Water is also active on Linkedin.

Scottish Water Email

Just like with their phone number, Scottish Water email options are simple. There is a single Scottish Water email address for all your queries: [email protected]

Contacting Scottish Water over email is best left for non-urgent issues since response time won't be as immediate as calling them on the phone.

Scottish Water Moving Home

Since Scottish Water is the sole water provider for all of Scotland which means that only households with a metered water supply need to contact Scottish Water when moving. Households with unmetered water supplies should contact their local council since water charges are part of council tax payments for those homes.

For any Scottish Water moving home questions, the phone number is the same as the main customer service number listed above. If you're unsure about whether your home has a metered or unmetered water supply it's best to call Scottish Water just in case. Since the phone number is free to call and available 24/7, there's no excuse to call ahead of time and make sure you understand any next steps regarding your water supply when moving.

Scottish Water New Connections

moving boxes

Scottish Water new connections are generally for businesses and developers. However, since Scotland has a very diverse housing stock, it's also possible that individual homeowners need to start up a brand new connection for an old or remote property.

There are four steps to getting a home connected to Scottish Water services:

  1. Preparation: Planning your water connection and submitting materials for approval from the Local Authority
  2. Application: Starting your Pre-Development Enquiry online. Scottish Water will make practical recommendations regarding pipework if necessary.
  3. Construction: Once construction for the new connection gets underway, there will need to be a track inspection.
  4. Completion: Scottish Water will complete the connection within 10 days of the track inspection being completed.

To get support related to setting up a new connection to Scottish Water, you can get help both by email and phone.

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Telephone: 0800 389 0379. Open Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm

Scottish Water Problems

Unlike other water companies, Scottish Water has public receptions to better serve its customers. However, with current health and safety restrictions, these locations are closed as of now. Meaning that the main customer helpline is the best place to get help regarding Scottish Water problems.

Scottish Water Updates

Scottish Water updates are easy to find on their website. The company has an online map that shows current service disruptions across Scotland. Anything from roadworks to flooding is shown clearly on the "Latest In Your Area" section of the Scottish Water website.

Additionally, Scottish Water updates can also be found on the company Twitter and Facebook accounts. All in all, Scottish Water updates are at your fingertips on social media and online.

Scottish Water Emergency

The easiest way to report a Scottish Water emergency is through the dedicated online portal on their website. From there you will be able to report the following types of emergency:

  1. Water leaks
  2. Water supply issues
  3. Wastewater issues
  4. Missing, dangerous or damaged drain covers
  5. Loss of water supply emergency

However, if you want to speak to someone directly at Scottish Water, the main customer helpline number (listed above) is the best way to get your Scottish Water emergency handled quickly. Scottish Water is one of the few water suppliers to staff their main customer number 24 hours a day as well as making it a freephone.

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