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Essex and Suffolk Water serves as the water supplier in two different areas of the UK. The company supplies water to Norfolk and Suffolk as well as areas in Essex and Greater London. Almost 2 million people depend on Essex and Suffolk Water for their drinking water needs. On this page, you will find login, contact and problem-solving tips that will be useful whether you are an existing Essex and Suffolk Water customer or have just moved to the supply area.

Who owns Essex and Suffolk Water?Essex and Suffolk Water is owned by Northumbrian Water, another UK water company serving different areas. Both companies have an overall foreign owner, Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, based in Hong Kong. This is not surprising since many UK water companies are wholly or partly owned by overseas investors and sovereign funds

Essex and Suffolk Water Login

Having a functional Essex and Suffolk Water login is key if you want to conveniently manage your account or pay your Essex and Suffolk Water bills online. Here are the main features of an Essex and Suffolk Water login gives you access to:

water payments
  1. View current balance and owed amounts
  2. Essex and Suffolk Water Pay
  3. View previous bills and payments
  4. Manage payment methods
  5. Change of address
  6. Account Information
  7. Apply for an Essex and Suffolk Water meter online

To sign up for an Essex and Suffolk Water login, all you need to do is fill out an online form to make a new account with the water supplier. Be aware that your account number is your 10 to 12-digit customer number, which can be easily found on your Essex and Suffolk Water bill.

Essex and Suffolk Water Login Problems

If you're struggling with your Essex and Suffolk Water login, there is a "Forgotten your Password" link that will allow you to reset your password. All you need is access to the email address you used when signing up for an Essex and Suffolk Water login. This is because you will receive a link to reset your password via email.

Additionally, if you've forgotten the email address linked with your Essex and Suffolk Water login, all is not lost. You can find out what that email is by filling out your account details using information from your water bill. This will enable you to find out what the email is and proceed to recover your account.

Essex and Suffolk Water Contact

There are several Essex and Suffolk Water contact options to pick from. Have a look below to find the one that best fits your water query and level of urgency.

Essex and Suffolk Water Phone Number List

Here are the main Essex and Suffolk Water phone number options.

Essex and Suffolk Water Contact Phone Numbers
Essex and Suffolk Water Team Phone Number Opening Times
Account, Bill and Payment Team 0345 782 0111 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.
Water Supply Team 0345 782 0999 24/7
Leakage Team 0800 526 337 24/7
Bereavement Team 0800 090 2422 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Be aware that all calls to Essex and Suffolk Water phone numbers starting with 03 will be charged at local rates.

Other Essex and Suffolk Water Contact Options

You can also contact Essex and Suffolk Water online, either over email or through the contact form on their website. The Essex and Suffolk Water contact email is [email protected]. You will need to provide your full name, contact number, customer reference number and home address so Essex and Suffolk Water can easily deal with your query.

If social media is more your thing you can contact Essex and Suffolk Water over Facebook Messenger. Simply go to the Essex and Suffolk Water page on Facebook and click on the "Message" button.

On Twitter, Essex and Suffolk Water have two different accounts. The first one, @ESWH2O, is aimed at sharing corporate news which makes it less suited to get help with your issues. On the other hand, the @eswater_care is dedicated to providing customer support and service updates whenever there's maintenance work or an outage. The service hours for the account @eswater_care are Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 9am-10pm.

The company also has a Linkedin page which is more suited to people looking for Essex and Suffolk Water jobs and company information instead of customer support.

Essex and Suffolk Water Problems

Having a good understanding of potential Essex and Suffolk Water problems can mean getting the issue sorted quicker. Let's take a look at how to deal with the two potentially major Essex and Suffolk Water problems.

Essex and Suffolk Water Leak

The key thing to do if you spot an Essex & Suffolk Water leak outside your home is to report it. First of all, you should check the company website or Twitter, in case it has already been reported. If it hasn't, you should either report the leak through the Essex and Suffolk Water community portal website or, alternatively, by calling the leakage phone number 0800 526 337.

Essex and Suffolk Water No Water

Before jumping the gun and calling about an Essex and Suffolk Water no water issue, you must follow these water supply troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check if there is any water coming from your kitchen tap. If there's even just a small drizzle, you need to check that your stop tap is open first. This will solve the no water problem in most cases.
  2. If there's not even a drop coming through, check whether the problem is affecting your cold water supply. If it's only affecting your hot water supply, you will need to call a plumber since the issue does not stem from ES Water.
  3. If there's no water, double-check the stop tap again to see if it is open or not. If this does not solve the issue, then you should check the area map on the ES Water website to see if there is planned maintenance or an outage affecting your area.
  4. If you have followed all these steps and you still have no water, close your stop tap (until the water supply is restored) and call 0345 782 0999.

Essex and Suffolk Water Moving Home

Your Essex and Suffolk Water moving house query will have a different answer depending on the following circumstances. Namely, where you are moving from and to.

  1. Existing customer changing address within the Essex & Suffolk Water supply area
  2. Existing customer moving away from supply area and needing to close out your account
  3. New customer currently with a different water supplier moving to a home supplied by Essex and Suffolk Water

Unlike other water suppliers, Essex and Suffolk Water doesn't necessarily specify a moving notification time frame. However, there is no harm in reaching out two weeks before your move date and ask about the next steps when it comes to water supply and moving home.

Essex and Suffolk Water Moving Day Checklist

Essex and Suffolk Water has a moving day checklist that will let you make sure that you avoid any issues or oversights with regard to your water service.

moving boxes
  1. Check the home stop tap works correctly
  2. Find out about water quality in the area you are moving to
  3. Tell Essex and Suffolk Water about your move
  4. Submit a meter reading (if the property has a meter)
  5. Request Priority Services if you need them
  6. Sign up for text updates to stay informed about outages or repairs

Why do I pay Anglian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water?

Essex and Suffolk Water are responsible for drinking water supply only. They don't handle wastewater or sewerage services. Depending on where you live within the Essex and Suffolk Water supply area, Anglian or Thames Water will be the company handling the wastewater and sewerage service for your home. Your water bills should show what all the water service charges are for. You just need to be aware that the different companies handle different aspects of water service in your area.

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