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Affinity Water supplies millions of homes located across the Northwest of Greater London and several Home Counties too, as well as parts of Essex and Kent. The company previously traded under Veolia Water Central before being purchased by a group of investors. Affinity Water is owned by three main corporate investors that hail from the financial and insurance industries: Allianz Group, HICL and DIF Capital Partners.

Affinity Water Contact

Different Affinity Water contact options are available based on the nature of your water supply query or concern. Let's start with the main Affinity Water contact numbers.

Affinity Water Contact Number Options

Affinity Water has different phone numbers depending on the reason you need to get in touch with the water supplier. Take a look at the phone number list below, broken down by specific Affinity Water team or department.

Affinity Water Contact Number List
Affinity Water Team Phone Number Opening Times
Non-Metered Accounts 03457 919 155 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-2pm
Metered Accounts 0345 357 2401 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-2pm
Emergencies (No Water/Burst Water Main) 0345 357 2407 24/7
Report a leak 0800 376 5325 24/7
Retailer Enquiries 0345 350 3677 Mon-Thurs 8:30am to 5pm Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

You can find more ways to get in touch with Affinity Water on our dedicated Affinity Water contact page

It's worth noting that if your water query is about sewerage or drainage services, you will need to contact one of the following companies because Affinity Water does not handle those issues in its supply area.

  1. Anglian Water: 03457 145 145
  2. Thames Water: 0800 316 9800
  3. Southern Water: 0330 303 0368

Tweet-A-Leak: Affinity Water on Twitter

Affinity Water encourages anyone in their supply area to tweet at Affinity Water on Twitter (@AffinityWater) about any leaks they see by using the #leakspotters hashtag. The water company also uses their Twitter account to share updates or retweet news about UK water supply and more specifically the communities in the water supply area.

Contact Affinity Water on Whatsapp

Customers can also reach out to Affinity Water over Whatsapp. Be aware that this is for text chat only and not for phone or video calls. However, getting in touch with Affinity Water through a Whatsapp chat does have one major advantage. With Whatsapp, you can easily share photos and that can facilitate solving your water query. For example, you can take a picture of your bill or water meter and send it through Whatsapp. This can help the Affinity Water customer care team better understand your query and what you are referring to.

Affinity Water can be reached on the following Whatsapp exclusive number: 07971013368

Affinity Water Login

With an Affinity Water login, there is a lot that you can do in the My Account portal to manage your water supply.

  1. Set up a Direct Debit with Affinity Water
  2. View and pay your Affinity Water account balance
  3. Sign up for paperless bills
  4. Notify Affinity Water when moving home
  5. Submit a meter reading

You can solve all the main queries and requests relating to your home water supply with an Affinity Water login. For this reason, you need to make sure you know where to sign in to your account as well as having a valid Affinity Water login that works every time.

Your Affinity Water login has two parts:

  1. Email address you used to sign up Affinity Water
  2. Password for your Affinity Water account

If you don't currently have an active Affinity Water login, you can't access your account or sort out your water supply queries online.

Affinity Water New Customer Registration

New Affinity Water customers have to provide the following details to start the process of registering with the water supplier:

water payments
  1. Move-in date
  2. New address
  3. Mobile and/or email address
  4. Meter reading (if a meter is installed)
  5. Bank details to set up a direct debit

Having these details handy will help new Affinity Water customers sign on quickly and with less hassle.

Affinity Water Existing Customer Registration

On the Affinity Water account registration form, the first thing existing customers have to do is to pick the customer type that best fits them from the following options:

  1. Existing Customer
  2. Landlord
  3. Letting Agency

Existing customers also have to provide an email address and preferably a mobile phone number to get started with registration.

Affinity Water Moving Home

moving water

You can notify the Affinity Water moving home team up to 4 weeks before you leave your old home. Affinity Water claims that it only takes five minutes to get the moving notification done. The easiest way to notify Affinity Water about moving is online through the My Account portal if you're an existing Affinity Water customer.

If you are moving into a property within the Affinity Water supply area, the process is different. You will need to provide sufficient details so that Affinity Water can set you up with an account. These moving details include:

  1. If your new home has a meter, you need to provide a reading within a week
  2. Contact details including mobile number and email
  3. Move-in date

Additionally, if you like the peace of mind of direct debit, you should also have your banking details ready so that Affinity Water can set it up for you.

Affinity Water Supply Map

Find out if your home is in an Affinity Water Supply Area. Bear in mind that Affinity Water is headquartered in Hatfield, Hertfordshire but also in operates in the Wey, Pinn, Colne, Misbourne, Lee and Stort areas as well as Dour and Brett.

detailed map of affinity water supply area

Affinity Water Pay Bill

The good news is that customers have several Affinity Water pay bill options to choose from. Take a look below at what they are and how each one works so you can pick the one that is most suited to your lifestyle.

Anglian Water Payment Options
Payment Method Details
Pay Online Affinity Water has a dedicated website for paying your water bill online. Enter your customer number, postcode and email to get started.
24/7 Payment Helpline Call 0345 357 2400 at any time and follow the automated prompts to pay your Affinity Water bill.
Direct Debit Tired of being late on your water bill? Set up your direct debit to pay your Affinity Water bill on time through the My Account section of the Affinity Water website.
Bank Transfer You need to contact your bank with the following details. Account number: 80542903 and Sort code: 20-05-03. You will also need to give your 8-digit customer number and if there is a & symbol at the end you must replace it with an X.
International Bank Transfer If you are paying your Affinity Water bill from overseas, you may need the following details too. IBAN: GB19 BARC 20050380542903 and SWIFT/BIC: BARCGB22.
Cheque If you prefer to pay for your water bill by cheque, make sure to write your customer number on the back of a cheque made out to Affinity Water Ltd. Send the cheque with the payslip from your bill to the following address: Affinity Water Ltd, Tamblin Way, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9EZ.

Affinity Water Customer Service

Affinity Water customer service quality gets a middling score on Trustpilot with customers being broadly split between leaving stellar or negative reviews only.

Positive customer service reviews have one common denominator overall and that is Twitter and Facebook. Four out of five of the latest glowing reviews mention getting in touch with Affinity Water either over Twitter or Facebook and receiving excellent customer service with regards to a variety of issues, from reporting leaks to getting water meters fixed.

Negative customer service reviews primarily focus on water pricing and billing practices at Affinity Water. Much of this seems to stem from issues with communication regarding price changes and final charges when moving out of a property supplied by Affinity Water. It seems that some of these negative reviews could be mitigated if customers checked their online Affinity Water account to better understand what is going on with their Water Supply.

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