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Many people who are both old Npower customers or are with E.ON Energy have maybe noticed that they’ve been moved to a new company, E.ON Next. Customers have been wondering who is E.ON Next and are they different from E.ON Energy? Here in this guide we explain everything about E.ON Next.

What Is E.ON Next?

E.ON Next was started after the collapse of the energy provider Npower in 2019. Npower was bought by the E.ON Group - the company that owns E.ON Energy - and in the same year E.ON Next was launched as a brand new company that would focus on sustainable energy and customer service.

What’s the Difference Between E.ON and E.ON Next?


Although they share the same name, E.ON Energy and E.ON Next are actually two different companies that are owned by the E.ON Group. E.ON has been advertising E.ON Next as a completely separate company with its own contact details and tariffs.

Customers can no longer sign up to E.ON Energy as their energy provider and can only sign up to E.ON Next. Most customers whose tariffs have expired with E.ON Energy will be transferred to E.ON Next.

E.ON Next also uses Octopus Energy’s Kraken platform for providing better customer experience through data analysis and cloud technology.

Why Have I Been Switched to E.ON Next?

If you were an Npower customer, E.ON moved you directly to E.ON Next rather than onto E.ON Energy. Npower customers should have received an email or a letter letting them know that Npower had now been bought by E.ON Energy and they were being transferred. You should have received a final bill within 28 days of leaving Npower.

If you were an E.ON Energy customer, E.ON will let you know when they plan to move your account over to E.ON Next. This will likely be when your current E.ON tariff comes to an end. You will be moved automatically and you will continue to receive your energy bill in the same way.


E.ON Next Tariffs and Plans

E.ON Next tariffs offer straightforward rates to their customers that are either a variable tariff, where the price can go up or down, or fixed tariff, where the rates are fixed for 1 or 2 years. With the ongoing energy crisis and gas prices increasing, E.ON Next is currently not offering quotes for new customers, however here are the main E.ON tariffs on offer:

Tariff Name Length Exit Fee?
Next 1 year 12 Months No
Next Flex Indefinite No

E.ON Next tariffs do not include exit fees so you are free to leave the contract whenever you like.

Am I protected by the price cap? If you are E.ON Next’s Next Flex tariff, your prices will go up and down according to the wholesale market. To prevent the prices rising too high, the energy regulator Ofgem has a price cap that limits the price to customers.

Ofgem is raising the price cap from 1 April 2022. For more information, check out our Price Cap guide.

If you are E.ON Next’s Next Flex tariff, your prices will go up and down according to the wholesale market. To prevent the prices rising too high, the energy regulator Ofgem has a price cap that limits the price to customers.

E.ON Next Warm Home Discount

If you are struggling to pay your bills come the winter months, you can apply for the Warm Home Discount with E.ON Next. The government works with energy companies to provide customers with a £140 discount off their annual energy bill.

At the moment, the application period for the 2021/22 Warm Home Discount has closed. E.ON Next will let customers know when the process reopens for 2022/23.

Government support for the crisis The government has announced support for energy customers during the energy crisis. The government will add a £200 discount to all annual energy in October and is giving households in Tax Bands A-D a rebate of £150. This support also includes an increase for the Warm Home Discount to £150.

Check out our comprehensive guide to learn more about E.ON Next Tariffs.


E.ON Next Contact

E.ON Next has both contact numbers and contact emails so that you can get in touch with them about bill queries or an emergency in the most convenient way possible.

E.ON Next Contact Number UK

The best way to get in contact with E.ON Next is with the E.ON Next contact number. E.ON Next has two main contact numbers: one is the E.ON Next customer service number for normal home energy enquiries, and the other is the E.ON Next emergency number for after hours.

Department Number Opening Hours
Billing & Accounts 0808 501 5200 Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm Fri 9am-4pm
Emergencies 0808 501 5088 24/7

Each of these numbers are an E.ON Next free number, meaning you will not be charged when you call up E.ON Next.

E.ON Next Email Address

If you prefer to email E.ON Next, you can explain your issue and send it to the E.ON Next email address on [email protected].

E.ON Next Live Chat

Currently there isn’t an E.ON Next live chat option on their website. If you wish to speak to someone from the E.ON Next customer service team, you can contact them on social media.

Check out our comprehensive guide to get more detailed E.ON Next Contact information.

E.ON Next Reviews

Currently, E.ON Next has a Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5 meaning that it scores very well compared to many other energy providers. Most of the customer feedback appears positive with 84% of customers giving the company an “Excellent” or “Good” rating, and only 11% rating it “Bad”.

E.ON Next Customer Service

E.ON Next customer service also does well with customers getting quick answers to their queries over the phone and via email. Some customers don’t have as great an experience at first with the E.ON Next customer service but usually get their problems solved promptly.

For a more detailed analysis, check out our E.ON Next Reviews guide.

E.ON Next Login into Your Account


If you are trying to log into your E.ON Next account for the first time, E.ON Next has a very simple process for getting you all set up on either their dedicated app or on their homepage.

To log in, just open up the E.ON Next homepage and click on Account in the top right corner. It will then take you through the steps to help you set up your account for the first time or, if you’ve logged in before, it’ll come up with a screen where you can put your email address and password.

E.ON Next App

You can even take advantage of the E.ON Next app for both Android and IOS. The E.ON Next app gives you access to your entire E.ON Next account, so you can update your details, pay a bill, top up, and even submit a meter reading all from your phone.

Check out our detailed guide to the E.ON Next Login process for more information.

E.ON Next Smart Meters


E.ON Next smart meters have already been installed in 2 million households and they are pushing to roll them out as quickly as possible. E.ON Next smart meters have the same advantages as with other companies:

  • Send meter readings automatically
  • Top up from the app at home
  • Get more accurate billing
  • See you’re real time usage from your living room

If you are already an E.ON customer, your smart meter should work just fine with E.ON Next. If you are coming from another provider, you should double check with E.ON Next to see if your smart meter will be supported.

E.ON Next Meter Readings

If you have a traditional meter and you need to submit a meter reading, you can just log onto your E.ON Next account online and navigate to the Submit Metering Reading section. If you prefer to give a meter reading over the phone, you can call the E.ON Next contact number.

E.ON Next Business


E.ON Next also provides business services to customers who have a small to medium sized business. If you are with E.ON Energy at the moment, your account will be moved over to a E.ON Next account for business the same way as a residential account.

E.ON Next also has a specific business energy number for commercial customers to ring on 0808 501 5699 as well as a business energy email address on [email protected].

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