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E.ON Next Login: How To Easily Access Your Account

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Need help with the E.ON Next login? In this guide we walk you through how to set up your E.ON Next login and how you can use it to give meter readings, update account information and more.

Like all energy providers, E.ON Next allows customers to manage their energy online without having to call up and explain. With an E.ON Next login, you are able to manage your account and update your details easily. This is especially useful in the ongoing energy crisis where call centres are finding themselves overloaded.

E.ON Next Login


The E.ON Next login is an online portal to allow residential and business customers to manage their energy in one or two clicks. There are several quick actions you can take on your account with the E.ON Next login:

  • Account Summary - see an overview of your account details and balances
  • View your bills - go through your latest and past bills
  • Give a meter reading - submit an electricity or gas meter reading online
  • Make a payment - make a debit or credit card payment to E.ON Next online
  • Moving home - tell E.ON Next that you’re moving home or changing tariff
  • Refer a friend - get a link for E.ON Next’s referral promotion

You are also able to book a smart meter installation, check your energy usage, and find out your Warm Home Discount information, all through the E.ON Next login.

Do I Need an E.ON Next Login?

In order to take full advantage of your E.ON Next account, you will need to have an E.ON Next login. E.ON Next is promoting a completely paperless energy account and wants to focus on sustainable energy, so having a E.ON Next account online is central to their business.

Want to know how E.ON Next compares? Knowing what other customers have to say about an energy company is a great way to know whether you want to make a switch. Check out our guide to the E.ON Next Reviews to find out if they are the right company for you.

How To Access Your E.ON Next Login


You can access the E.ON Next login page through a number of different ways. You need to be able access the E.ON Next in the most convenient way for you so you know how to get onto the page without any hassle. Here are a few ways to get to the E.ON Next login page:

  1. Type “E.ON Next account” into Google and click the like that says “Account Management | Login”. You will be taken straight to the login page.
  2. Type “E.ON Next” into Google and click the first link. Then click the Account icon in the top right-hand corner.

How To Set Up Your E.ON Next Login


Accessing your E.ON Next login either for the first time or after using it for years is very straightforward. The E.ON Next webpage walks you through every step of the way and helps you get started as quickly as possible.

If you’re new to E.ON Next, or have had your account transferred from E.ON Energy, you’ll need to know how to set up your E.ON Next login so you can get started with your new energy company. Fortunately, E.ON Next has a really simple process for getting you all set up. 

  1. Find the E.ON Next homepage and click the Account icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. A box will put up with two options: Logged In Before and First Time Logging In. Click the First time logging in button.
  3. Another window will open up that will ask you to put in your email address to send you a link to set up your password. Click Send email.
  4. Check your email, find the E.ON Next one, and click Set up a password.
  5. The button will take you back to E.ON Next to create a new password. Type your password and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  6. You will be all set up on your E.ON Next login!

Once you’ve set up your account, you can use your email address and password to access your E.ON Next login again. You can also allow your web browser to save your details so you don’t have to remember them when you login again.

Can’t Access Your E.ON Next Login


If you are having problems accessing your E.ON Next login, don’t worry! You can easily get back into your account if you’ve been locked out.

Forgotten Your E.ON Next Login Password

If you’ve forgotten your password for the E.ON Next login, you can easily get E.ON Next to help you set up a new one via your email address. If you open the E.ON Next login page, there is a link below that says Forgot your password. Click the link and it will take you to a new window where you need to fill in your email address. E.ON Next will then send you an email to reset your password.

Forgotten Your E.ON Next Login Email Address


If you’ve forgotten your email address for your E.ON Next login, you will need to contact E.ON Next directly to restore your account. Give E.ON Next a ring on 0808 501 5200 to get access to your account again.

E.ON Next Login for Meter Readings

If you need to submit a meter reading, you can do it all on the E.ON Next online account. All you need to do is to log into your E.ON Next account and navigate to the quick link called Give a meter reading

  1. Pick which meter you want to give a reading for. You can see your electricity and gas meters with their MPAN and MPRN numbers
  2. Fill in the meter reading and click Send reading.
  3. You can also add another reading if you need to.

E.ON Next App


E.ON Next also has an app that can be downloaded for both IOS and Android. The app gives you full access to all the same features that you have with the online account, but all from the comfort of your phone. Once you download the app, simply sign in with your E.ON Next login details and you’re good to go.

If you’re a Smart Pay As You Go user, you can also use the app to top up and view your balance without having to worry about going to the shop to put money on your card. You can even add a notification to let you know if your balance is getting low.

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