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Since its launch in 2017, Outfox the Market has promised to help customers save money on their energy bills while providing clean energy. Is it worth signing up with them? Read on and you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

On this page, we’ll be taking a closer look at Outfox the Market to gain a better understanding of the company and its energy tariffs.

Who are Outfox the Market?

Outfox the Market is a smaller energy provider that promises cut-price energy deals sourced from renewables sources. The company has also been associated with Foxglove Energy and Fischer Energy.

Is Outfox the Market going bust?

Rumours that the provider was at risk of going bust plagued the provider for some time following problems with its service and a series of price hikes. After a backlash from customers, however, Outfox the Market apologised and its service seems to have improved.

Outfox the Market took to social media to assure customers that it was not going bust and it didn’t. It remains active to this day and does not seem to be at risk of closing.

Outfox the Market reviews

If the consumer review site Trustpilot is anything to go by, Outfox the Market reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Of the 19,000 customers who have left reviews on the provider, more than three quarters recorded a positive experience, 61% giving it the best rating of Excellent.

This is especially impressive as people tend to go to sites like Trustpilot in order to complain about their service, which makes positive reviews something of a rarity. Reviews for Outfox the Market, however, tend to focus on the positives - reviewers are particularly happy with the provider’s dedication to keeping customers’ bills low:

I've never been with a supplier where my bills have gone down. Really pleased that this company are committed to sustainable energy. I found it very simple to switch to Outfox the market, their prices are coming down now and are very competitive.

It’s true, a provider that will bring your bills down after you’ve signed up is not something we come across every day. As you can see, also coming in for praise is its use of sustainable energy.

Overall, we can see why this provider has a TrustScore of 4.4 out of 5. Its customers are satisfied and we hope they continue to get the service they’ve been getting from Outfox the Market. For more information on Outfox the Market reviews, see our dedicated page.

Account login

Many providers now offer customers the possibility of managing their account via a smartphone app. Outfox the Market does not offer this at present, but its website does claim that it is in the final stages of developing one that will be released soon.

At the moment, however, users are forced to log in to their account the “old-fashioned” way - via its online portal, which is best accessed on a desktop or laptop computer. Once logged in, users can do the following online:

  • Track their usage
  • See details of past usage/bills
  • Check their account balance
  • Submit meter readings
  • Get help taking your supply with you when you move home

Logging into your account

For a step by step guide on how to log in to your Outfox the Market account, see our login page (coming soon).

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There are a number of Outfox the Market tariffs at different prices to suit customers based on their needs. Its website has stated that Outfox the Market’s cheapest tariff is cheaper than the government price cap.

A quote for a three-bedroom house in London with normal usage for a dual fuel with Outfox the Market will turn up a lot of options for you of roughly between £900 and £1108 per year. The cheapest available is its Spring 21 Variable tariff.

There’s little doubt that Outfox the Market tariffs are competitive and in line with market trends, but it’s worth shopping around for a deal that works for you - maybe you are looking for a prepayment meter.

Fuel Mix

Ofgem regulations mean that every UK energy provider has to make information about its electricity fuel mix publicly available, and Outfox the Market is no different. This is the Outfox The Market electricity fuel mix:

- Coal Natural gas Nuclear Renewables
Outfox the Market 0% 0% 0% 100%

Details last checked on 14/5/2021. Details are provided in good faith using publicly available information for illustrative purposes only. Selectra is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

As you can see, Outfox The Market’s electricity fuel mix is 100% renewable. Outfox The Market achieves this by purchasing Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates that are equivalent to the electricity it purchases from the National Grid.

Contact Outfox the Market

If you’re looking for the Outfox the Market phone number in order to sign up or inquire about its tariffs, you can contact its sales team on the number below.

Outfox the Market department Number Opening hours
Sales 0800 103 2702 Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm; Saturdays 9am to 2pm

If you don’t want to spend time waiting for an agent to take your call, you can request a callback by filling out the form on the Outfox the Market website and let them know a convenient time to ring you. Alternatively, they also offer a live chat function.

If you don’t feel like talking to a person, its website also offers a live chat function where you can get through to an agent without calling or you can email its team at

It may be that you don’t even need a person to answer your query!If you’re an existing Outfox the Market customer and you’re experiencing problems with your account, it’s possible someone’s had the problem before. You may find a solution on the site’s Community page, where you’ll find helpful articles, guides and hundreds of forum posts with common questions answered.

Smart meters

Outfox the Market is in the process of rolling out smart meter technology with a contractor partner. SMETS2, or 2nd generation Smart Meters, should be connected. If not, Outfox The Market says that someone will be in contact regarding the smart meter connection.

For those customers with SMETS 1, or 1st generation Smart Meters, Outfox The Market will be in touch when that type of meter can get connected. This is because earlier generation smart meters are being upgraded remotely to bring them up to current standards and compatibility with smart functionality.

Warm Home Discount

Outfox the Market does not offer the Warm Home Discount. If you are eligible and want to benefit from the Warm Home Discount, you may want to consider another energy provider.

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