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Fischer Energy - Reviews, Fischer Future Heat & Prices

Fischer Energy claims that it is powering the future. Although not new to the energy Market, Fischer Energy is a new gas and electricity supplier which has just one Fair Tariff and prides itself on its customer service.

Fischer Energy has changed its name to Foxglove Energy and now partners with Ørsted – a global leader in offshore wind energy from Denmark. The company has changed its focus to renewable energy and now provide 100% renewable electricity.

Who is Fischer Energy?

Fischer Energy is a gas and electricity supplier in the UK. Fischer has been on the energy scene for many years with their company Fischer Future Heat. However, they are taking a further step into the gas and electricity industry by becoming one of the newest suppliers on the market.

It is a family-owned company, headed by married couple Keith and Maria Bastian. Much like the majority of other new suppliers on the market, they began to try and rectify the sad state of customer service in the industry. They are committed to only using 100% renewable energy.

Fischer Energy Reviews

Fischer Energy is going up against fairly established companies such as Good Energy and Ecotricity in their bid to become one of the best renewable energy suppliers on the market.

They hope to sign up 40,000 customers in their first year with their focus on honesty and transparency. They are featured on comparison websites but claim that they don’t pay commission to anyone to reach the top of the results.

In their first year of business, Fischer Energy has been increasing its rankings in the customer service polls, slowing gaining customers, and popularity as it goes.

Many of the complaints from customers arose at a much earlier stage than with a lot of other independent suppliers. Customers complained about problems accessing the website, lack of functionality and problems with billing in the first few months of operation. However, the customers that we have spoken to seem to be happy that these issues have mostly been resolved with time.

Many recent complaints seem centred on price rises although we would argue that many of these most likely stem from a lack of understanding as to what variable tariffs are. Fischer Energy only has one variable tariff, much like other competitors Bulb, and perhaps customers weren’t made fully aware that this would mean that the price of their bill would also vary.

Further problems are less forgivable. Problems with communication about feed-in tariff payments to customers with solar panels should not be occurring. There have been various complaints about how customers have not been paid for their energy and have had difficulties contacting the team who are in charge of this department.

Fischer Future Heat

Fischer Energy plc is part of the Fischer group which also includes Fischer Future Heat. They first started selling Electrostore radiators which are a replacement for traditional outdated night storage heaters.

Nearly a third of the energy that we pay for is used to heat and cool our homes. Fischer's Electrostore heaters store energy when it is at its cheapest, making them especially useful for customers who are on an economy 7 tariff.


The main advantage of Fischer Elektrostore heaters is that each room is controlled at the desired temperature with an independent room thermostat. Fischer heaters output 100% heat transfer into the room, meaning that you can be more comfortable while at the same time wasting less electricity.

Fischer elektrostore heaters require no annual servicing and have no risk of burst pipes or boiler breakdowns so they are nearly maintainance free. Also, the easy to use controls mean that it is easy to adjust how much energy you are using and start saving on your bills. Of course, they’re also environmentally friendly, as the heaters are free from C02 emissions and are compatible with solar PV.

Account login

Screenshot of Fischer Energy login page with green writing
source: Fischer Energy

Fischer Energy’s online account is called “My Den” and continues the fox theme of their website. The website itself doesn’t really inspire much confidence with its childlike graphics and the fact that there are some obvious bugs.

Customers complain about similar functionality problems with the online portal. At the beginning of operation, many customers had problems when their username and password weren't recognised and said that they couldn’t log in to their account. However, these problems seem to be decreasing in frequency as the company advances.

When logged in to My Den you can carry out day to day tasks such as updating your account details, providing meter readings or checking your balance.


As we've seen from their website, technology isn’t really Fischer Energy’s strong point.

They currently don’t have a mobile app that customers can use to access their account. This may be a possible turn off for some customers who manage most of their day to day activities with their phone, but this has yet to be seen.

Tariffs & Prices

Unlike many companies on the market, Fischer Energy only has one tariff called “One Fair Tariff.” It’s a risky strategy and follows in the footsteps of trailblazers such as Bulb Energy who also entered the market with just one variable tariff - the Varifare.

Mr Bastian, the CEO of Fischer Energy justified their decision to keep things simple by saying that “They (customers) can buy the energy knowing it’ll be a fair won’t be the cheapest, we can’t guarantee that, but it will be fair.”

The company claims that by being transparent and only having one variable tariff they keep things simple and that it means their customers don’t have to go searching for the best deal on the market all the time. New and old customers are always going to be on the same tariff and so they don’t have to worry that new customers are getting all the cheap deals and benefits while they are stuck on the most expensive tariffs.

As mentioned before, trying to keep things simple is very admirable but many customers have misunderstood the ins and outs of the variable tariff. A variable tariff that means that the prices will increase and decrease depending on the prices on the wholesale energy market. So customers can expect that their bills will also increase and decrease dramatically.

In fact, one recent example of the ups and downs of the wholesale market was in late 2017 was when British Gas raised their prices by 12.5% and at the same time, Fischer Energy reduced theirs by 5% because of the actual price of energy on the market.

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 15.60p £483.60 21.00p 18.07p 3.20p £400.00 21.00p 15.38p
Southern Scotland 13.77p £426.87 21.00 16.24p 3.47p £433.75 21.00p 16.46p
North East EN 14.24p £441.44 21.00p 16.71p 3.14p £392.50 21.00p 15.13p
North West EN 13.90p £430.90 21.00 16.37p 3.26p £407.50 21.00p 15.62p
Yorkshire 14.12p £437.72 21.00p 16.59p 3.14p £392.50 21.00p 15.13p
Merseyside & N Wales 14.80p £458.80 21.00p 17.27p 3.26p £407.50 21.00p 15.62p
East Midlands 13.72p £425.32 21.00p 16.19p 3.17p £396.25 21.00p 15.25p
West Midlands 15.58p £482.98 21.00p 18.05p 3.17p £396.25 21.00p 15.25p
East EN 15.55p £482.05 21.00p 18.02p 3.17p £396.25 21.00p 15.25p
South Wales 14.87p £460.97 21.00p 17.34p 3.26p £407.50 21.00p 15.62p
London 13.93p £431.83 21.00p 16.40p 3.41p £426.25 21.00p 16.22p
South East EN 14.86p £460.66 21.00p 17.33p 3.27p £408.75 21.00p 15.66p
South West EN 15.17p £470.27 21.00p 17.64p 3.26p £407.50 21.00p 15.62p

Last Updated: August 2018


Fischer Energy will send you an email to let you know that your statement is ready. Paper billing can be organised for an additional fee of £2 per month.

The bills for Fischer Energy can be paid by direct debit, cheque, cash or postal order and can be paid monthly or quarterly.

If you have three or more Fischer Future Heat heaters then you will be able to get 5% off your energy bill. You can also get discounts on your bills by referring a friend to the company. They will give you £20 off your bill every time that you refer someone and if you refer 10 friends then you can get a couple of months of energy for free.

Energy Mix

Fischer Energy uses 100% renewable energy. Fischer Energy works in partnership with Danish company Dong Energy, who have recently changed their name to Ørsted. They are the global leader in developing and building offshore wind farm and buy much of their energy from them.

They also buy energy from customers who have solar panels installed on their property as they have opted into the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

They don’t state whether or not they have REGO certificates for the energy they buy. We imagine that as they become more established they will publish the source of all their energy and gas and electricity.

Feed-in Tariffs

Fischer Energy welcomes customers who are generating their own energy with solar panels.

Feed in tariffs are special tariffs for customers who produce their own energy at home - for example by using solar panels. They can then sell the energy that they don’t use back to the grid, effectively making money on their energy.

Customers have had quite a lot of problems with Fischer Energy’s Feed-in Tariff until now so we couldn’t wholeheartedly endorse it until they can communicate with customers openly and make sure that they are paid in a timely manner. Other companies who are dealing with FIT tariffs are Igloo Energy, Bulb Energy, Ecotricity and Solarplicity.

Meter Reading

Fischer Energy is adamant that customers should try to submit meter readings every month in order to keep their bills accurate.

In fact, they are so keen that they have started an incentive for their customers to submit meter readings. Every customer who submits 10 meter readings will be entered into a draw to win an electric IONIQ Hyundai.

You can submit your meter readings through the online portal or by telephone.

Smart Meters

Fischer Energy will begin installing smart meters for its customers in early 2019.

This may upset some customers who want to have a smart meter installed sooner. However, Fischer Energy is following companies such as Bulb Energy and Igloo Energy and waiting to install the new generation of smart meters (SMETS2) which will be released for public use.

The smart meters which are available at the moment, called SMETS1, only work as long as you stay with the supplier who installed them for you. If you move away to another supplier your meter will revert back into a normal meter (or dumb meter.) This means that you will have to go back to giving manual meter readings all over again.

In the long run, it can be a false economy for customers as companies will switch you to SMETS1 meters but then at a later date, you will have to switch again. This means time, hassle and wasted money!

By 2020 all customers will have to have a smart meter by law and Fischer Energy is confident that they will be able to install the new SMETS2 meters, which will be compatible with all suppliers.

If you are an Fischer Energy customer and you want to register your interest in a smart meter when they become available you can send them an email or give their customer service team a call.

Flame and light bulb

Want a smart meter sooner and money off your bills?

Switch to a cheaper supplier to save £££ on your gas and electricity!

Moving home

If you are moving home you can contact Fischer Energy either by email or phone and give them your final meter readings and at the same time, if you wish to stay with them as a supplier, they can set up the supply for your new home.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Fischer Energy has opted into the warm home discount as voluntary members which means that in addition to their low prices customers can claim a discount of up to £140 to help with the bills during the winter months.

Customers who are part of the core group - for example, pensioners and those on a low income can apply. However, this year there is no information on their website.

Business Energy

Fischer Energy doesn’t currently offer business tariffs as it is focusing on the domestic market.

If you are looking for business tariffs for either large or small businesses might want to check out Haven Power who specialise in providing 100% renewable energy to businesses.


Fischer Energy has a strong focus on customer service. However, should the worst happen they say they have a clear complaints procedure to put things straight. Although there is a link to a complaints procedure page it cannot be accessed easily from the website.

The first step is to obviously get in touch with their customer service team using one of the following methods:

You can speak to one of their Customer Service Team on the phone who will be there to help

blue telephone

Complaints Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 103 2769
*Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm; Saturday: 9am-2pm

Send an email to their Customer Services Team at

When you contact their customer service they will try to resolve your problem by providing you with an apology, action and compensation if they feel that is appropriate.

If one of their customer service agents can’t resolve your problem then you can “escalate” your complaints to one of the dedicated customer service managers who will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Usually, in these cases, most companies will aim to resolve your problem within 4-8 weeks.

If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.

Fischer Energy Contact

Fischer Energy can be contacted in the way that is most convenient for you. You can get in touch by phone, email, post or social media.

To check out their current deals on tariffs, you can visit their website to sign up.

If you'd like to contact Fischer Energy for general enquiries or for complaints then you can contact them on the customer services telephone number below or login to your account.

blue telephone

Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 103 2769
*Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm; Saturday: 9am-2pm