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Ovo Energy: Login, Email, Reviews & Contact

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Ovo Energy is one of the UK’s most popular independent energy suppliers. After acquiring Spark Energy in November 2018, they currently hold a 4.9% market share, making Ovo one of a handful of suppliers that are really competing with the infamous Big Six. They are known for their innovative attitude as a company and their green outlook on the supply business. Webpage and Login

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If you would like to login to Ovo Energy’s “my account” page, then you can do so by clicking the button below. Once you’re logged in you can manage your bills and energy usage without having to call anyone!

If this is your first time logging in, you can click the ‘First time logging in?’ option on the main login screen to set a new password and create an account. If you have forgotten your password you can click the option below to reset it. Once you are logged in you will be able to do the following:

  • Pay bills online
  • Apply for a smart meter
  • Submit meter readings
  • See your bills online
  • View usage history

If you would like to login to your Myovoenergy account now, you can do so by clicking the button below:



Ovo Energy are one of the best performing companies nationwide for customer service in the energy industry. Throughout the many review platforms across the web, Ovo Energy always seem to come out with glowing reviews.

They were 6th overall in the Which? 2018 customer satisfaction survey and enjoy an average of 4 stars on Trustpilot, with 73% of their reviews rating them as Excellent.

For a company as large as Ovo, these are extremely positive results. Nearly every one of their Big Six competitors have just one star and are generally known for dreadful customer service.

Glowing reviews frequently touch upon three topics: cheap prices, easy to understand bills, and most importantly, excellent customer service; whenever people did encounter an issue, Ovo Energy resolved it quickly and efficiently.

Smart Meters

a yellow smart meter with a blue lightning bolt

Ovo Energy now provide smart meters throughout all areas of the country, with 45% of their customers already having been installed with one. Like all suppliers, they have a unique design and functionality; however, they work on the same network as all other companies, meaning switching shouldn’t be a problem. Installation and setup is completely free and is available for all new and existing customers. You can learn more about smart meters with our handy guide.

This vast availability has come as a result of the Government’s national rollout. It was initially set to be completed by 2020, but that has shifted to a softer target over time. At present, not all suppliers provide them, but the Government is looking into facilitating methods to ensure that everyone has the option.

Your smart meter provides numerous benefits that a standard meter does not, including:

  • Track spending amount over time
  • See which appliances are using the most energy
  • The end of monthly meter readings
  • More accurate bills

If you’re already an Ovo customer and would like a smart meter, you can book your free installation with the link below.

Request installation

Meter Readings

Why take monthly meter readings? Simply put, to save money! Energy suppliers are only legally obligated to read meters every two years, and can use estimates for all other monthly bills. Estimated energy bills are almost always more expensive than bills based on meter readings.

Taking a meter reading is simple: just find your gas and electricity meter, find the 5 digit number displayed, and send it to your provider. With Ovo Energy you can send a meter reading via:

  • The OVO Energy smartphone app
  • Their online login
  • One the phone - 0330 303 5063

If you’re still not sure about how to read your meter, we’ve broken it down in our meter-reading guide.

The current average for renewables in the United Kingdom is 24.2%, which Ovo Energy has greatly surpassed with 42.9%. Even so, their percentage of renewables has decreased markedly from 2018’s 64.7%. They’ve stated that the fuel mix was adjusted because of higher wholesale costs for renewable energy compared to cheaper natural gas prices.

Ovo’s energy comes from only two sources, renewables and natural gas. They take no energy at all from coal, nuclear or other alternative fuel sources. As fossil fuel, natural gas does produce C02 and other pollutants and is a non-renewable resource, but it’s less harmful than coal.

Still, for a company focused on green energy, it is jarring to see 57.1% of their electricity coming from natural gas, higher than the 41.2% national average.

Fuel mix

Due to OFGEM regulations, all energy suppliers in Great Britain are now required to submit publicly available information about their fuel mix composition. This means splitting their generation sources into percentage representations. This has been done to put more of an emphasis on the push towards renewable energy.

The current average for renewables in the United Kingdom is 24.2%, which has been absolutely destroyed by Ovo Energy with 64.7%. They take no energy at all from Coal and Nuclear. They take 100% of their energy from just two sources: natural gas; and renewables. Natural gas is common amongst most larger suppliers as it is relatively cheap and is not as harmful for the environment as coal. That said, this will most likely change for Ovo Energy, as they are one of the most green-centred companies out there.

About Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy's green office
Ovo Energy's green office. Source:Plantcare

In November 2018, Ovo acquired Spark Energy, one of their largest competitors. Adding that customer base has pushed their market share to about 4.9%! That makes them one of the few independent suppliers that seriously challenges the Big Six’s hold on the UK energy market.

The company was started by a couple of friends around the kitchen table hoping to bring a more customer-focused, fairer, more reasonably priced energy service to the market. They have done this by bringing the unit rate closer to that of the wholesale electricity price, even for their renewable tariffs.

As a green supplier, Ovo Energy have been extremely environmentally conscious, even protecting over 100,000 acres of the South American rainforest. They currently employ around 1,200 people, most of whom work in Bristol.

Smartphone app

Ovo Energy has a smartphone app that can be used alongside smart meters available for iPhones and Android phones. Once you download the app, you can enter your account using your standard login information. The Ovo App gives users the following benefits:

  • See your energy use
  • Monitor current credit levels
  • Top up your credit
  • See your payment and energy use history

Compared to other energy provider’s smartphone apps, Ovo apps have generally high customer reviews. The app has an average of 3.5 stars on the Apple Store and 3.4 stars on the Google Play Store.

Moving Home

Getting ready to move? If you’re moving into an Ovo Energy home you can create a new Ovo Energy account in 5 minutes. Just click the link below and click on the “I’m moving in” tab. If you’re moving out, you can let Ovo Energy know via the same link, just click on the “I’m moving out” tab.

Moving home with Ovo

To get more information on the gas and electricity supply in your new home, check out our moving home guide. It breaks down everything you need to know to be ready to move, stress free.

Getting ready to move?We can help you make sure you get the best tariff in your new home with our easy to use comparison tool.


If you have a problem with your Ovo Energy service you can contact them to make an official complaint via the following methods:

Ovo Energy responses to complaints fairly quickly, surveys have shown that most phone calls are answered within less than 3 minutes and emails are responded to within a day and a half on average.

Write a letter to...

Complains Team, Ovo Energy
1 Rivergate
Temple Quay

Business Tariffs

While in the past Ovo Energy has provided business tariffs, they are no longer accepting new business energy customers. If you are an existing Ovo Energy Business customer it’s possible you have been switched to Clear Business, you should have been contacted regarding the energy switch.

If you’re not sure whether or not your business has been switched you can contact Ovo Energy at 0330 303 5063 or via email.

Our Verdict

The Pros The Cons
 Well-reviewed customer service  Very high natural gas fuel mix
 Competitive energy costs  Not the cheapest on the market
 Easy to understand billing  No new business tariffs

How good is Ovo Energy? While they may not be the absolute cheapest energy on the market, Ovo Energy consistently maintains competitive pricing. Combined with a focus on environmentalism, easy to understand billings and excellent customer service makes Ovo Energy, in our eyes, worth the price.