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Ovo Energy Reviews: Rankings and Ratings

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Ovo Energy Reviews are among of the most glowing you’ll ever see from energy customers. How is Ovo outperforming its competitors? How is it ranked by customers and what are they saying about their energy provider? Find out Selectra’s verdict.

Ovo Energy Reviews: An Overview

The reviews: At Selectra we reviewed and scrutinised the customer reviews published on the most popular consumer review websites. Trustpilot gave Ovo 4.5 stars based on 30,950 reviews. The Which? Survey gave them 3.7 stars based on their score of 74% from 7,429 reviews.

What does this mean for Ovo? Overall, Ovo ranks highly compared to its competitors. This translates into more customers renewing their fixed-rate contracts instead of switching to another supplier. As mentioned in our Ovo Energy main guide (click the button below), keeping long-term customers is fundamental for them to manage the risk of volatile wholesale prices. Ovo can secure gas and electricity under forward-contracts each time it places its customers on fixed-term tariffs.

Read More In Ovo Energy Guide

How is it doing this? At Selectra we believe that Ovo’s financial rewards have played a significant role in retaining its customers. Our Ovo Energy tariffs page mentions how customers are enticed to stay by receiving interest on their credit, a bit like a savings account. The longer they stay with Ovo, the higher the interest rate that accrues on their credit.

While we can’t confirm whether this is the main driver for contract renewals, it’s proving very effective in achieving this.

Below we’ll see the main categories of customer service in which Ovo Energy have excelled, which, taken together, have contributed to its glowing score.

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Ovo Energy Customer Service

Many customer reviews cite Ovo Energy’s friendly customer service, which included clear responses to resolve specific queries. This is refreshing to know, as it means that the Ovo Energy contact channels are working efficiently to get customers' questions answered.

Don't hesitate, fantastic customer service and experience. I switched my mum over to Ovo when my dad passed away. She has been nothing short of delighted at the service and communications. (Customer with Ovo Energy).

The reviews suggest that customers like to be treated as individuals, to be listened to and given undivided attention to meet their specific needs. This is precisely what many of them have experienced when they contact Ovo customer agents.

They fully explained what has happened and have put strategies into place to mitigate my concerns. I feel that they have genuinely looked after me as an individual customer, and not 'a number on an account'. I feel confident going forward with OVO and wouldn't contemplate changing provider. I can't thank them enough. (Mrs Thomas, a customer with Ovo Energy)

It’s worth noting that Ovo Energy received 4 / 5 stars and 5 / 5 stars from the Which? Survey regarding their phone and online customer service respectively. This reinforces the trend in the reviews mentioned above.

Tariffs and Prices

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At Selectra we reviewed Ovo Energy’s tariffs and prices and compared them against the market average. As revealed in the Ovo Energy Tariffs guide (click the button below), the supplier is £6.45 cheaper than Ofgem’s price cap. Although this is not a huge difference, Ovo’s customers describe its prices as “competitive”.

This appears to be a huge driver in persuading customers to renew their fixed-term contracts instead of switching to a more expensive competitor, such as any of the Bix Six.

Ovo Tariffs Guide

Homeowners know very well that it’s worth switching supplier when a better deal can be found. Ovo Energy’s customers are no exception. They, too, will think with their feet and switch if they can get the same gas and electricity cheaper elsewhere. As Ovo’s prices are cheaper than most of its larger competitors, customers are staying put.

I am an Energy Switcher. Every year if need be, whatever is the financially best choice I will move. Interestingly I am now on my third year with Ovo. Prices are right, the renewable option is excellent and the customer service options online and over the phone are exceptional. I have had a smart meter fitted recently and the engineer was an excellent representation of the company. Having said all that, once there is another suitable supplier for less I will move. (Mr and Mrs Barret, customers with Ovo Energy)

Bills and account management

Bill accuracy and bill clarity from Ovo Energy were both given an average of 4 / 5 stars in consumer review websites. Customers particularly like the freedom to review their current and past bills by logging into their My OVO account online (click the button below). Others commended the ease with which they can track their energy usage, be it via a smart meter or through Ovo’s smart PAYG+ meter, also accessible by logging in online.

Ovo Energy Login

The benefits that Ovo customers have once they can log in to their account seem to be well received accordingly to the comments left on consumer review websites.

No problems with OVO. Kept informed regularly. Easy to check on usage. Have renewed for another fixed period. (Lynne, customer with Ovo Energy)

At Selectra we liked that Ovo keeps its tariff plans simple. Customers can choose between two fixed-rate tariffs or a variable one. In each case, you can “upgrade” to get 100% “green” electricity for just a fiver per month. Ovo has tapped into the public’s preference for renewable sources of energy due to its benefits both in the UKand the developing world.

It appears that customers have responded positively to this and are jumping on board the “green” train, particularly if it means leading the UK to achieve its net-zero targets by 2050.

I am pleased to be staying with a company that has good green credentials. (Sonia, customer with Ovo Energy)

Complaint handling

Ovo Energy’s complaints levels are still fairly low, despite a rise in the first half of 2018 compared to the previous year. Ovo maintains that it resolves 90% of the complaints it receives on the same or next working day. If this it can't be resolved that quickly, then it will be transferred to their Escalated Complaints Team which aims to resolve it within five working days.

The short turnaround time in handling complaints would mean fewer customers feeling the need to escalate them to the Energy Ombudsman, as is typically the case among customers of its Big Six competitors. Ovo’s 2017 Annual Complaints Report states that 437 complaints were escalated in this way. 409 of those cases led to in a financial award paid by Ovo to the complainants, totalling £26,492.28. That averages to £65.00 per complaint awarded.

As per Ovo’s 2018 Quarterly Performance Report, it received 13,119 complaints in the third quarter of that year, which averages out to 4,373 complaints per month. Out of the total received, 12,728 were resolved - 90% of which were settled the same or next working day.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the sources of complaints made to Ovo Energy during the three month period from July to September 2018:

  • Billing - 18%
  • Customer Service - 16%
  • PAYG - 10%
  • Smart meters - 9%
  • Direct debits - 7%
  • Other - 40%

It’s clear from the above results that customer service is where Ovo has performed the most poorly, being the most common reason for complaints, after our undefined “other” category.

Ovo Energy reviews: The verdict

We awarded Ovo Energy 4 / 5 stars. We based our rating on specific criteria. This included the average ranking from the following three biggest consumer review platforms:

confused man

Trustpilot: ★★★★

Which? Survey: ★★★

Google reviews:★★★

We also factored in the following value-added services offered to its customers:

  • Warm Home Discount Scheme and Energy Fund
  • Smart Meter rollout
  • Smartphone app
  • Referral scheme
  • Smart technology (such as the Electric Vehicle Charger)

Lastly, we weighed up the pros and cons of staying with Ovo Energy instead of switching to another supplier. Here’s a summary:

Interest paid to customers in credit. Customer service phone lines are open fewer weekend hours than some competitors.
Great customer service, online and via telephone.
Efficient account management owing to its simple tariff options.

Ovo Energy: Customer review score - ★★★★

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