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With over 4 million subscribers, TalkTalk is the fourth-largest internet service provider in the UK. Their broadband service covers 96% of UK households, and they are one of few providers looking to establish their own infrastructure. In York, TalkTalk Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) broadband provides superfast speeds and doesn’t rely on the Openreach network. Their TV packages come with pause-rewind-record and the recently launched TalkTalk TV Store claims to offer films at Britain’s lowest price.

TalkTalk Broadband

Fibre Optic Installation

TalkTalk claims to have the lowest fixed price fibre broadband deals of any of the major home broadband providers in the UK. They also make a guarantee that few other internet service providers offer - no price increases on your monthly charge for the length of your contract.

TalkTalk’s fixed price plans include line rental charges, unlimited calls to other TalkTalk landlines, anti-virus protection for one device, and access to the TalkTalk TV Store. All of their broadband packages are totally unlimited, and you can leave within 30 days no questions asked with their 30-Day Great Connection Guarantee.

As for speeds, they offer everything from run-of-the-mill to superfast connections - even trialling 900Mbps UFO Broadband for customers in York! See their full range of speeds here:

TalkTalk's Average Download Speeds
Standard Faster Fibre Fibre 150 Fibre 300 UFO
11Mb 36Mb 140Mb 290Mb 900Mb


If you live in York, you can even get average broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbps with a UFO broadband connection, where for certain postcodes fibre is laid all the way to your home.

TalkTalk TV

With TalkTalk TV you can watch Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment, Fox, as well as Freeview channels. You can also add Netflix and BT Sport to your subscription, which also comes with catch-up TV and the latest Hollywood films to buy and rent. TalkTalk TV can be added to your broadband package for £4 a month, and comes with pause and rewind of up to 30 minutes and access to 7 day catch-up TV and TV Boosts, as well as multi-room as an addition.

TalkTalk Mobile


TalkTalk took a step back from their mobile offers last year, working with O2 to transfer its renewing customers over to O2 deals. TalkTalk TV and Broadband haven’t been affected, but you can no longer sign up as a mobile customer with TalkTalk.

TalkTalk Router

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TalkTalk claim that you won’t get a better WiFi signal from any of the big providers than you will with their new hub. It can tell which device you’re using and where, pinpointing its signal and tailoring the speeds it sends to meet each device’s needs and make it more reliable.

The hub only has one, steady status light to let you know if something’s wrong while keeping things simple. You can also remove and replace the WiFi settings card anywhere on the router to remove the awkwardness of checking the password.