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Scottish Power has been around for decades and is one of the most established energy providers in the UK. With a wide range of tariffs, an extensive amount of extra services and energy grants to help customers who struggle to pay their bills, the energy giant goes far beyond just offering energy deals.

About Scottish Power

Not many energy suppliers can boast over 100 years of experience. Scottish Power has evolved into one of the most seasoned energy companies in Britain.

The Glasgow-based supplier is one of the UK’s six largest gas and electricity suppliers. It delivers gas and electricity to millions of households and businesses across the UK.

Quick facts

  1. Scottish Power is owned by Iberdrola, a Spanish energy company.
  2. Scottish Power is one of the Big Six energy providers in the UK.
  3. Scottish Power is significantly investing in renewable energy.
  4. 96% of customers on Trustpilot rate Scottish Power as ‘bad’.

Is SSE the same as Scottish Power?

No, SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) and Scottish Power are different companies.

Both companies were created when the Scottish energy industry was privatised in 1990. Scottish Power was mainly formed from the South of Scotland Electricity Board, while SSE was formed from the North of Scotland Hydro Board.

Both suppliers are headquartered in Scotland (Scottish Power in Glasgow and SSE in Perth) and supply energy across the UK, but they are separate energy companies.

Is Scottish Power Scottish Gas?

No, despite the similarities in name, Scottish Power and Scottish Gas are not the same company. Scottish Gas is the Scottish name for British Gas, another well-known UK energy supplier.

Both Scottish Power and British Gas are members of the Big Six group of older energy suppliers that currently dominate the UK energy market.

Who owns Scottish Power?

Scottish Power is a subsidiary of Spanish energy giant Iberdrola. The Spanish company took over the UK supplier for £11.6 billion in 2006.

Scottish Power energy networks

As well as providing energy tariffs, Scottish Power is also a Distribution Network Operator (DNO), meaning it is responsible for the distribution of energy in certain parts of the country and delivering it to households.

This part of the Scottish Power business is broken down into four brands, which are known as the Scottish Power Energy Networks:

  • SP Transmission Ltd - transmits energy to central and Southern Scotland
  • SP Distribution Ltd - distributes energy in central and Southern Scotland
  • SP Manweb Plc - distributes energy in North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire
  • SP Power Systems Ltd - maintains and repairs the distribution networks


Out of the published by Scottish Power customers on Trustpilot, 96% rated the supplier as Bad. Reviews frequently mention some of the following concerns:

  • Unexplained and unexpected increases in electricity bills.
  • Lack of clarity in bill calculations.
  • Long waiting times to speak to a customer service representative.
  • An inefficient and confusing complaints resolution process.

It is important to note that previous penalties and sanctions have been imposed on the supplier by Ofgem in 2015 for poor customer service and overdue bills, as well as its failure to implement complaints rulings from the Energy Ombudsman.

In fact, Ofgem announced in September 2018 that it would open an investigation into Scottish Power customer-service response practices.

In contrast to the above, the latest Which? Survey has awarded Scottish Power high marks for its complaint response turnaround time. According to the supplier’s own website, Scottish Power received 26,833 in September 2018. Of these, 59% were resolved on the same day and 76% were resolved within five working days.

My Scottish Power account


With the Scottish Power online account, customers can submit meter readings, pay their bills and track their energy usage all from the comfort of their own home! There is a separate account system for domestic and business customers.

We have a Scottish Power login guide with details on how to log in and suggestions for any account-related login issues.

Scottish Power App

As well as the online account system, there is also a Scottish Power app. On the YourEnergyApp, customers can:

  • Manage account personal details
  • View bills
  • Track energy usage
  • Manage direct debit payments
  • Submit meter readings
  • Switch tariffs
  • Contact customer service through the app-chat service

The Scottish Power app is free to download for all customers from the App Store and Google Play store for Apple and Android devices respectively.

Scottish Power Tariffs

With Scottish Power, you have the choice of several fixed-rate tariffs and variable-rate tariffs. In this section, we provide a brief introduction to the supplier’s wide range of deals. For up to date details on each energy plan, check out our Scottish Power tariffs page

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1. Fixed-rate tariffs

Scottish Power offers fixed-rate tariffs. You may want to choose one of these if you are looking for price certainty since the standing charge and unit rates will remain fixed throughout the term of your contract. These tariffs could be either be fixed over one or two years.

2. Variable-rate tariff

With Scottish Power’s variable-rate tariff options, the price of energy could go up or down. While you won’t get the same price certainty as you would from a fixed-rate tariff, you could avoid paying exit fees if you decide to switch to a different tariff.

3. Prepayment

If you have a prepayment meter, then you pay for your energy in advance by topping it up with credit before you actually consume energy.

4. Business tariffs

Scottish Power offers business energy customers a dedicated Business Energy Team, and customers can also get expert energy advice through the supplier's partnership with The Carbon Trust.

Depending on your business size and industry, Scottish Power aims to offer the right tariff for you. That is why it has separate plans for small businesses and for commercial companies.

5. SmartPower EV

If you have an electric vehicle, the Scottish energy giant offers the SmartPower EV Tariff, which it boldly has claimed to be 90% cheaper than electric chargers at petrol stations. The benefit of this tariff could be the ability to charge your car overnight at a cheaper rate than what you would otherwise pay at a petrol station.

How does Scottish Power compare to the market average?

What is the market average? The Ofgem price cap is the common benchmark used to measure the average gas and electricity expenditure of a standard household.

What is Ofgem’s price cap? The price cap sets a maximum ceiling on the amount of money your energy company could charge you per unit of gas or electricity on a variable tariff. This includes any additional fees for delivering the energy to your home.

Scottish Power price rises

Selectra news reported how Scottish Power raised its prices by an average of 5.5% in 2018. The increase is estimated to have affected one-third of Scottish Power customers.

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The 2018 price rise was followed by another increase to the Standard Variable tariff in April 2019 in response to the increased energy price cap. Accordingly, when the price cap was lowered in the second half of 2019, Scottish Power followed suit. The provider lowered the rate of its Standard Variable tariff by £76 per annum on average.

Payment options

There are a variety of ways you can pay your Scottish Power bill. Let’s break them down one by one.

 Direct debit - with this method you pay an agreed amount every month and do not receive regular bills, just an annual statement. With the Scottish Power Direct Debit Manager, you can choose how much you wish to pay every month based on your usual annual energy consumption.

 Card - on receipt of your bill, you can pay your Scottish Power bill via debit or credit card online, through the supplier’s mobile app or over the phone.

  • Pay online - log into your account, select ‘Make a payment’, ‘One-off payment’ and enter your card details. You can save the details so you do not need to enter them each time.

  • Pay via the app - simply download the app, log in, select ‘Make a Card Payment’, enter the amount and put in your card details. Again, you save the details so you don’t have to enter them every time you make a payment.

  • Pay by phone - call 0800 001 5115 to pay by phone. You will need to have your card details and account number to hand.

 Bank payment - you can also pay through a bank transfer when you receive your bill.

 Cash - you can pay bills by cash at the bank or a Paypoint outlet (do not send cash by post!).

 Cheque - you can send a cheque to Scottish Power.

 Pay as you go - this means you pay for energy as you use it. You will receive an electricity key or gas card which you top up with credit and transfer to your meter.

For more details paying your Scottish Power bill, check out our ‘Your bill explained’ guide. This breaks down each aspect of your energy bill so you understand exactly what you are being charged for and why.

Fuel mix - Scottish Power renewables

A supplier’s fuel mix refers to how its electricity supply is generated from each fuel source e.g. natural gas, coal, renewable or nuclear energy.

Through its sister company Scottish Power Renewables, the provider claims to be the UK’s leading wind farm developer while heavily investing in solar power development and grid storage systems.

As of January 2020, customers can opt for a Scottish Power green energy tariff that sources 100% of its energy from the provider’s wind farms. It is expected that more of its energy will be supplied from wind power in the future.

Smart meters

A Scottish Power smart meter can be requested directly through the supplier’s website. This smart meter will send readings to Scottish Power automatically. It also gives customers a greater understanding than normal meters for the purpose of monitoring consumption and budgeting.

Scottish Power Extra services

The supply of gas and electricity is not all that is offered by Scottish Power. Whether customers are looking for energy efficiency or peace of mind, these services could be relevant. These services range from boiler care to smart thermostats. Let's have a look at what each service entails.


1. Boiler Care

Boiler cover is a must if you want to protect yourself from the costs of repairing or replacing a broken or faulty boiler. If you are a customer with Scottish Power you may receive a favourable boiler cover rate through the supplier’s partnered insurance company, Domestic and General.

The Maintenance and Support Plans available offer an annual service, repairs and boiler maintenance tips. Find out about the supplier’s policies, plans and prices in our Scottish Power Boiler Cover guide.

2. Plumbing, drains and electrics

Scottish Power has partnered with a home emergency insurer AXA to offer customers insurance for plumbing (leaks, burst pipes, etc), drains (blocked toilets, clogged sink valves, etc) and electrical systems (wiring problems that fail to turn the lights on, etc).

You can choose from one of three types of cover:

  1. Plumbing and drains only
  2. Plumbing, drains and electrical
  3. Electrical only

3. Kitchen appliances

You can get Appliance Care for a range of kitchen appliances to minimise the risk of breakdown through Scottish Power’s insurance partner, Domestic and General. Some of the domestic white goods covered under Appliance Care plans include:

  • American fridge freezer cover
  • Oven cover
  • Washing machine cover

4. Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles are vital to achieving the UK’s net-zero carbon emissions target for 2050. Scottish Power is playing its part by facilitating the installation of EV home chargers coupled with the provision of attractive EV tariffs.

An EV home charger costs £899, including installation without any grants. Customers can apply for government funding to finance part of the cost

5. Smart thermostat

In addition to smart meters, Scottish Power may also offer Smart Thermostats which let you control and regulate your home’s temperature, even when you are not there. Here is how it works:

  • You can use a dedicated app connected to your smart thermostat to monitor or alter your heating. So if you forget to switch your heating off before you leave your home, you can do so through the app.
  • When temperatures drop overnight in the winter, there is no need to worry about frozen pipes. The smart thermostat will detect low temperatures and switch the heating on automatically.

Scottish Power energy grants: Aid against fuel poverty

Scottish Power helps its customers avoid fuel poverty by offering two types of grants: the Scottish Power Warm Home Discount and the Hardship Fund.

1. Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount scheme aids customers by giving out a rebate of £140 from the total cost of electricity during the colder months of winter when energy use typically rises. Find out in our Scottish Power Warm Home Discount guide if you are eligible to qualify automatically for a rebate and how to apply for it.

2. Hardship Fund

If you find yourself in debt with your gas and electricity bills, you can apply for aid from the Scottish Power Hardship Fund to reduce or clear what you owe. Find out whether you are eligible and how to apply in our dedicated Scottish Power Hardship fund guide. Be aware that you must meet strict criteria to be eligible

Shares and jobs

When Iberdrola completed its takeover, it also acquired all Scottish Power shares. This means that any original Scottish Power shareholders may now hold shares in Iberdrola.

In 2006, Scottish Power sold its American electricity company PacifiCorp and announced a return of £2.25 billion to its shareholders. This cash was made available under a B share scheme (B shares were not purchased by Iberdrola during the takeover). These B shares were delisted from the stock market in 2007 and Scottish Power started a repurchase program to buy them back from customers at a share price of £3.60.


As a major energy company, Scottish Power always has job vacancies across the country, including in some of the biggest cities like London, Glasgow and Liverpool. New Scottish Power jobs are advertised on the company’s website so keep an eye on the ‘current vacancies’ page to see what is available.

How can I contact Scottish Power?

There is a multitude of different ways current customers can contact Scottish Power. In the table below we list the supplier’s main contact number, email address and postal address.

Phone number (customer service) 0800 027 0072
Scottish Power head office Scottish Power Customer Services,
320 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5AD

For more specific contact details, for example, contact details for new and business customers, consult our complete Scottish Power contact guide.

Moving home

If you’re a Scottish Power customer and are moving home, you need to let the supplier know. Depending on your wishes you can cancel your supply or take it with you to your new home. Find out more about the process in our Scottish Power moving home guide.

Power cuts

As a Distribution Network Operator, Scottish Power will be responsible for dealing with power cuts and outages in its distribution areas. To alert Scottish Power about a power cut in your area, call the relevant number listed below:

  • Central and Southern Scotland - 0800 092 9290
  • Chesire, Shropshire, Merseyside and North Wales - 0800 001 5400

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