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Click Energy: Reviews & Thorough Top-up Guide

Click Energy NI is one of five providers that supply electricity to domestic customers in Northern Ireland. Founded in 2015, it offers a wide range of tariffs with three pay monthly plans, three prepayment options, a green business tariff and an energy deal specifically designed for farmers.

Background on Click Energy

Click Energy is an electricity supplier based in Derry, Northern Ireland. Established in 2015, it remains one of Northern Ireland’s smaller energy suppliers, catering for just around 4% of consumers.

The founders of Click Energy NI aimed to make the new supplier a ‘new breed of energy provider’ that puts customers in charge of their energy. As Managing Director Damian Wilson has stated, the original goal was to be a:

‘New breed of electricity provider that would provide customers in Northern Ireland with excellent value, incredible customer service and clear billing.’

Does Click Energy supply gas?

No, Click Energy is one of five suppliers in Northern Ireland that only supplies electricity to domestic customers.

Click Energy reviews

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In Which?'s latest consumer survey from 2020, Click Energy did not receive a score because Which? did not receive enough responses from its customers. On Trustpilot, Click Energy has an average review score of 1.8 out of five stars. This is based on just 17 reviews. Seventy-eight percent of customers that left a review gave the supplier a "bad" rating of one star.

On, Click Energy has a higher review score of 3.37 out of five stars. This is based on 125 customer reviews. Good comments praise how easy it is to switch to the provider, but negative reviews frequently mention price increases, rude customer service agents and issues with the Click Energy top up process.

Click used to be the better, cheapest option, but now with price hikes (it is) definitely not. Anonymous customer

Click Energy Top Up

If you have a prepayment tariff, there are a number of ways to top up your Click Energy account, including online, over the phone and in a PayPoint store. Click lets you top up a minimum of £5.

Top up online

The Click Energy top up online option is probably the most convenient way to top up your credit as you can do it from the comfort of your home at whatever time suits you.

To complete your Click Energy top up online, click on the ‘TOP UP’ button located at the top of the supplier’s homepage. You will then need to enter the required top up details, which include:

  • Your Keypad Reference Number (KPN)
  • The amount you want to top up (from £5 to £175)

After entering these details, click the ‘Submit secure payment’ button and follow the instructions to complete your Click Energy top up.

Click Energy is currently raising money for Diabetes UK. When topping up online, you can choose to make a £1 to £20 donation to the charity. The online top up system automatically sets a £1 donation, but you can change this to £0 if you do not wish to make a contribution.

Top up via phone

If you would prefer to do your Click Energy top up over the phone, you can ring the provider’s automated top up phone line on 0800 1 070 733 for free. Like topping up online, you will need to provide your KPN in order to complete the process.

Top up with PayPoint

You can also top up your Click account at a local PayPoint store. To do this, you will need to take your meter key to a PayPoint store and add on as much credit as you want (minimum £5).

You then need to transfer the credit to your meter. This is really easy to do - just insert your key into your meter and leave it for around five seconds. The credit will transfer automatically and then your Click Energy top up will be complete.

Emergency credit

Emergency credit is designed to help you out if you forget or are unable to top up your electricity meter. Click Energy’s emergency credit kicks in if your credit falls below £1 on a standard tariff or £2 on an Economy 7 tariff.

If you fall below these amounts, a ‘low credit warning’ will sound on your meter. This will last two minutes and repeat every 30 minutes (only during the day from 11am to 10pm) until you press any button on your meter. When you press a button, you activate £1 of emergency credit that will keep your supply turned on, giving you time to top up using one of the methods outlined above.

Click Energy also offers ‘friendly credit’ to ensure you are never left without energy during the night, weekend and certain holidays. This kicks in when you have used up the £1/£2 emergency credit automatically provided.

  1. During the night - if your credit runs out after 4pm on a weekday, your energy supply will still stay on until 11am the next day.
  2. Weekends - if your credit runs out after 4pm on a Friday, your energy supply will stay on until Monday at 11am.
  3. Certain holidays - if your credit runs out on the 1st January, 17th March, 12th July or 25th December, your energy supply will stay on until 11am the next working day.


The Click Energy tariffs currently available (May 2021) include the following:

Prepayment tariffs:
  • Keypad 24hr Standard
  • Keypad 24hr 1 Year Discount
  • Keypad Economy 7
  • Keypad Powershift
Pay monthly tariffs:
  • BillPay 24hr Standard
  • BillPay 24hr 1 Year Discount
  • BillPay 24hr 2 Year Discount
  • BillPay Economy 7
  • BillPay Day Night
  • BillPay Eco Dreamer

As well as its pay as you go and monthly tariffs, Click Energy also has a green business tariff and a ‘Rural Saver’ deal designed for farmers. To find out more about either tariff, you can give Click Energy a ring, or email (for the business tariff) or (for the rural saver tariff).

How do I pay my Click Energy bill?

The standard payment option for all monthly Click Energy tariffs is monthly Direct Debit. There are other payment options available (such as quarterly direct debit or pay on receipt of bill) but you will likely be asked for a £150 security deposit if you wish to use one of these alternative methods.

Customers with prepayment tariffs pay for their energy as they use it by putting credit on their Click Energy account. For example, if you top up £10, you can use £10 worth of energy before you run out and need to top up again.

Click Energy fuel mix

Click Energy’s fuel mix is 100% renewable!

Get paid for your green energy!If you produce your own renewable energy, Click Energy will buy it off you through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Every month you can receive payment for every 50kw of green energy you produce and sell to Click. To learn more about this programme, ring the Click Energy team on 0800 1 070732.

Login & online account

To make managing your energy tariff easy, Click Energy offers an online account system where you can keep on top of your tariff and spending by monitoring your energy usage. The Click Energy login process is quick and easy; let’s break it down step by step:

  1. Head to the homepage - you can do this by typing Click Energy NI into your search energy and clicking the result that reads ‘Click Energy - Northern Ireland’s Low-Cost Electricity…’
  2. When on the homepage, click the button in the top left hand corner that reads ‘CLICK IN’.
  3. Enter the email address and password that are connected to your Click Energy account.
  4. Click the Login button.

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily set a new one. On the Click Energy login page, click the link that reads ‘Set a new password’. Enter the email address associated with your account and Click will send you a new password via email. Follow the instructions in the email and you will have a new password in no time.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, there is currently no Click Energy app. This is very normal for smaller and newer energy providers as they do not have the money to develop a mobile app. Perhaps Click will bring one out in the future, but for now the best way to manage your energy tariff is through the online portal.

Extra services

There are a handful of benefits that come with being a Click customer.

flame and lightbulb in box
 Clickback loyalty scheme

The Clickback loyalty scheme is a reward scheme that gives Click Energy customers discounts on high-street brands and supermarkets, including big names such as Adidas, Argos, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

To benefit from the scheme, you need to register for an account on using your click energy email address. Once registered and signed in, you can view all the deals available. To redeem the discounts, you will need to purchase a card or e-voucher for the relevant store. These can then be topped up on the website in order to receive more discounts.

If you encounter any problems with your Clickback account, you can call the company’s helpline on 020 8201 6483 (Monday to Friday: 9:30am to 5:30pm).

 Referral scheme

Click Energy also has a referral scheme. The Friends with Benefits programme means Click customers receive £20 worth of free electricity if they refer a friend or family member to switch to the provider.

To receive the reward, your family member or friend must quote your unique referral code when switching. The good news is there is no limit on how many referrals you can make, so if you refer five friends to switch, for example, you could get £100 worth of free electricity!

To get your unique referral code, you will need to contact Click Energy directly.

Contact Click Energy

If you need to get in contact with Click Energy with a burning question or a complaint, you can ring the supplier on the following phone number.

 Click Energy contact number: 0800 1 070 732 *Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm; Saturday: 9am - 4pm

The supplier also has a number of different contact methods to try if you can’t get through over the phone, including email and a live chat. To find out more about these contact options, head to our dedicated Click Energy contact page.

The address for Click Energy is: Click Energy, Timberquay, 100-114 Strand Rd, Derry/Londonderry, BT48 7NR.

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