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Electric Ireland (NI): Top-up Online, Login & Rates

Electric Ireland are one of five electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland. They were a business-only energy provider until 2015, when they began supplying domestic electricity. They’re known for business solutions and competitive domestic prices. Unlike in the rest of the UK, domestic gas and electricity suppliers are separate in NI, meaning EI do not supply gas to households.

Electric Ireland Login

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If you’re already a customer with Electric Ireland, you can login easily with the link below. Just click the ‘Login now’ button and enter the corresponding email and password. If you’ve forgotten your login information, just click ‘Forgot Password?’ to recover or change your info.

Once you’re logged in, you can take advantage of the following online services:

  • Submit meter readings
  • Make top-up payments online
  • Receive the online billing discount by paying bills online
  • Track energy use over time to find energy-saving habits
Login to your account

Electric Ireland Top-up

In addition to standard tariffs, Electric Ireland offers tariffs made to work with prepaid meters, rather than receiving a bill for electricity that has already been consumed. These prepaid keypad meters can make it easier for households to plan and budget their electricity use and not be surprised by confusing or unexpectedly high bills.

Unlike in mainland Britain, pre-paid users in Northern Ireland don’t necessarily pay a premium compared to direct debit options, meaning customers can be sure they won’t be surprised by electricity bills and still pay the same price as they would with a direct debit tariff.

Need to top up your meter online? Click the link below to easily add to your Electric Ireland credit online.

If you’re already registered with EI, click ‘Log in and top up’. If not, don’t worry, just click ‘Register and top up’ if you want to register to make your future payments easier. If you prefer not to register, you can still add to your credit with the ‘Top up without registering’ button.

You can also add to your meter balance by going in person to the nearest Paypoint outlet, or by calling Electric Ireland’s automated phone service: 0345-600-5335

Top up your meter

About Electric Ireland

Electric Ireland are part of ESB Network, which used to be the only electricity company in Ireland. ESB is 95% state owned by the Republic of Ireland Government.

ESB is a large company involved in various aspects of the generation, supply and sale of electricity in both Northern Ireland and the Republic. Various subsidiaries operate power plants, build and manage the electricity transmission network and provide electrical consulting services.

The company in charge of Northern Ireland’s electricity transmission network (Northern Ireland’s equivalent to the British national grid) is owned by Northern Ireland Electricity Networks, another arm of ESB.

Electric Ireland are the supplier side of ESB, selling electricity directly to households across the island of Ireland. Until 2011 they were known as ESB Customer Supply/ESB Independent Energy.

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To end ESB’s status as a monopoly, they were forced to stop acquiring new customers and maintain their prices until they fell to 49% of the market. Once they did, they were allowed to market and sign new customers and adjust their rates, but were obligated to rebrand to Electric Ireland.

Nowadays, Electric Ireland’s tariffs are notable for their simple and competitive pricing. The standard default tariff is the same price as their cheapest option, meaning customers don’t have to worry about defaulting to a more expensive tariff.


Electric Ireland’s reviews vary widely across platforms.

Which? reviews are solidly positive, and EI are even tied with Budget Energy as the number one ranked electricity provider in Northern Ireland, according to the 2018 Which? survey.

Electric Ireland Northern Ireland scored 4 stars across the board, with categories including electricity bill accuracy, phone customer service and value for money.

Unfortunately, Trustpilot does not separate Electric Ireland’s business in Northern Ireland from their business in the Republic, meaning the low score of 28% may be more reflective of services outside of NI.

That being said, Google does differentiate between EI’s regional offices and their review average of 23% is even lower than that of Trustpilot.

Electric Ireland Rates

Electric Ireland sell themselves as Northern Ireland’s cheapest electricity option, but how do they truly stack up against other energy companies?

EI’s prices, while not necessarily the lowest, are certainly competitive, especially looking at prepay meter tariffs. All of their tariffs have one simple price of 16.99p/kWh.

Unlike in the rest of the UK, most plans in Northern Ireland do not include a daily standing charge.

While Electric Ireland customers in NI who use an online direct debit tariff could find cheaper electricity prices, the average household is likely to save less than £30 per year by changing from prepay to direct debit. And with a switching bonus of £40, you could still end up saving by switching to Electric Ireland!

Even better, if you are looking for a prepay keypad tariff, Electric Ireland’s same price of 16.99p/kWh compares very favourably to any of their competitors in NI.

Business Tariffs

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Electric Ireland claim to be the market leader for business energy solutions in Northern Ireland. They tailor their business energy solutions to their clients, which makes it difficult to estimate their rates.

They offer resources for large, high-energy consuming business as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. They have plans for 9-to-5 offices, businesses that are open at weekends (restaurants, for example) and firms that use energy heavily at night.

If you’re looking for a business tariff in NI, click the link below to explore the different options available from Electric Ireland.

Electric Ireland business tariffs

Fuel Mix

All UK energy suppliers are required to report their fuel mix to the public in an effort to encourage the use of renewable energy.

Unlike in the rest of the UK, NI fuel mixes do not include electricity generated by nuclear power stations, as they are prohibited on the island. However, with Ireland importing energy from the UK and EU, some of Ireland’s energy is generated by nuclear plants.

So what does Electric Ireland’s fuel mix look like? It’s similar to the average fuel mix across Ireland (as the whole island is served by one single grid the average applies to both NI and the Republic), but there is room for improvement.

With 40% of their electricity coming from natural gas, Electric Ireland use a smidge less than the 41.2% average across Ireland. However, 32.4% of EI’s electricity comes from renewable sources, a full 12.1% lower than the average national fuel mix!

If you’re looking for a 100% renewable electricity tariff in Northern Ireland, we recommend looking into SSE Airtricity. Watch out for higher rates, though; you may end up paying a premium for the switch.

While not a disaster, EI’s fuel mix could certainly be greener. For now, whether or not that constitutes a switch depends on which you value more, the size of your budget or the size of your carbon footprint.

Smart Meters

smart energy meter inside of a closet

What is a smart meter? It’s an energy meter that allows households and suppliers to track energy use in nearly real time. It eliminates the need for estimated bills, making bills more accurate and allowing you to save money.

NI is a bit behind the rest of the UK in its rollout of smart meters. The Irish Government has stated that they’ll begin a smart meter rollout throughout the island beginning in 2019. Electric Ireland customers should expect more information in the months ahead.

Meter Readings

Not sure how to take a meter reading? Don’t worry, it’s easy and our meter reading guide makes it even easier, with a full breakdown of everything you need to know.

Once you’ve recorded your meter reading you can get in touch with Electric Energy by phone at 0645-600-5335 or by logging into your EI account.

Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a UK Government scheme that deducts money from electricity bills during the colder winter months. It was designed for pensioners and other groups of people at risk of fuel poverty.

Unfortunately, the Warm Home Discount is not available to households in Northern Ireland.

Winter Fuel Payment

Chilly house wearing a scarf

Unlike the Warm Home Discount, the Winter Fuel Payment (also known as the fuel allowance) is available to households in Northern Ireland. It is another government scheme designed to discount energy bills during the colder winter months.

In many ways the Winter Fuel Payment can actually be considered superior to the Warm Home Discount. At either £200 or £300, depending on your circumstances, the payment amount is greater, and recipients have reported fewer hoops to jump through as compared to the Warm Home Discount.

Payments are compatible with the Household Benefits programme, so households could benefit from both schemes.

The rules of who can apply and how are somewhat complex; if you’re interested in receiving the discount check out our comprehensive fuel allowance guide.

Smartphone App

While Electric Ireland does have a smartphone application to top up their pay-as-you-go meters, it unfortunately doesn’t work with households in Northern Ireland.

Many of the apps 1 star ratings (it has an overall score of just 2.1) mention that the lack of service to the region is a huge source of frustration for customers in NI.

Moving Home

If you’re moving into or out of an Electric Ireland household, be sure to let them know in order to avoid problems with your electricity and billing. You can reach them by telephone at 0345-600-5335. Once on the line, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Transfer your account to your new residence
  • Close your current EI account
  • Switch your new home to an Electric Ireland electricity tariff

Make sure you’re ready for your move!Moving can be stressful, but our moving home energy guide breaks down everything you need to make sure the lights are on and everyone’s happy in your new home.

If you want more information on your move with Electric Ireland, you can check out EI’s moving home page, with detailed instructions on moving home and closing an EI account.

Moving home with EI

The Verdict

The Pros The Cons
 Ranked best value-for-money  Smartphone app doesn't work in NI
 Tailored business energy solutions  Not-green fuel mix

Although there is room for improvement, overall Electric Ireland is one of the best electricity suppliers available in Northern Ireland. Their domestic tariffs are some of the cheapest on the market, and they also offer custom tailored business energy solutions.
It’s true that EI’s fuel mix could be greener, but right now the only suppliers with 100% renewably sourced electricity also have higher energy prices.

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