BT Broadband and TV - Offers, Packages and Hub

BT Tower London
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The history of BT is deeply entwined with the history of telecommunications in the United Kingdom and the world. The company’s roots can be traced back to 1846 and the establishment of the Electric Telegraph Company, which was the first company in the world to set up a nationwide communications network.

AT every stage in the development of communications in the UK, BT has played an important role.

From laying the first telegraph cables, to phone lines, to the country’s first fibre optic broadband network, BT or its ancestors have been involved. Openreach, the body responsible for maintaining the UK’s telecommunications network, is a BT Group company. It operated as a part of BT itself until last year, which shows the company’s lasting national importance.

BT Broadband

This importance is reflected in the company’s market share as a broadband provider. Almost 10 million people subscribe to BT Broadband, with over 5 million already being linked up to fibre broadband. Many look no further than BT in search of the best broadband service, so in switching to a BT bundle you would have a lot of company. With broadband speed of up to 67Mb/s with their best fibre broadband deals, they allow for superfast streaming, downloads and uploads.

BT TV packages

Watching Football
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BT only became a TV provider in 2006 with the launch of BT Vision, but following the launch of BT Sport in 2013 it became a leader in this sector as well. They are now the third-largest TV service provider in the country. BT Sport has become an indispensable asset for sport lovers, showing more Premier League football matches than any other provider. They also show exclusive Champions League fixtures, Gallagher Premiership rugby, and other major sports events. Film-loving subscribers need not worry about missing out on what they want either: you can add favourites like Sky Movies and even Netflix and other film subscription packages to your deal as well.

BT Hub

Customers get a free wireless router with any BT broadband deal. Depending on which deal you go for, you will get either the BT Smart Hub or the BT Home Hub. Both will give you a good connection, but the Smart Hub has seven antennas that should ensure the fastest speeds throughout your home.

It is not difficult to see why BT Broadband and TV, which are also available with line rental and mobile, are among the most popular on the market.