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It can often be difficult to understand which bank or service is the right choice for you. What are the best current accounts? What are the best budgeting apps in the UK? What is digital banking? Selectra is here to help you navigate the often complicated world of money, banking, and finances so you can find the perfect solution to manage your money, reduce your spending, and become money smart.

The Best Current Accounts

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Banks - Love them or hate them, everyone needs one. Every bank will tell you that it has the best current accounts, often tempting you by throwing in special offers if you switch to them or promising additional features and benefits.

It’s often not until our account is opened and something goes wrong that we realise that the bank we put our trust (and money) into was not the right choice after all. The thing with banks, is that the best current account for you may actually be the worst current account for someone else.

To help you find the best current accounts available, we have provided information on all of the leading UK banks, the accounts and services they offer, and how they are rated amongst existing and past customers.

If you have been refused a bank elsewhere, then not to worry, we have information on banks that provide accounts to everyone, no matter their circumstances - with no credit check.

What is Digital Banking?

Digital banking is a new era of banking that provides customers with a bank account that you manage via your smartphone. Digital banks have no branches and often no call centres, which may seem daunting. However, digital banking has been incredibly successful in the UK and Europe and every single digital banking provider is rated higher than any of the leading high-street banks on review site, Trustpilot.

Digital banks have been created from the ground up, during a time when advancements in technology have allowed them to create incredibly intuitive mobile banking apps that help you manage your money by automatically budgeting your money for you.

The selling point for most people is that digital banking is a lot cheaper than traditional banks, as they boast either no fees or incredibly low fees. Most digital banks also have premium accounts that give you additional products and services, such as travel insurance.

Selectra has delved into the world of digital banking to find out which provider offers the best account, features, and benefits.

The Best Budgeting Apps in the UK

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Managing money can often be complicated and time-consuming, and trying to get to the end of the month, save for the future, or get out of debt can feel like an impossible task.

If this sounds close to home, then you may benefit from a budgeting app. Selectra has researched the best budgeting apps in the UK to see which ones measure up.

Budgeting apps link up securely to your existing bank accounts and credit cards, so you can see all of your spendings in one place. You can set budgets and get notified on your spending habits and alerted when you are close to reaching one of your budgets.

Budgeting apps do a great job at giving you an insight into your spending behaviour and help you make smarter decisions, save money for the future, or put money to one side to pay off existing debts.