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SSE - Account Login, Tariffs, Smart Meters, Jobs & More

Information about SSE

Name   SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy)

Headquarters   Perth, Scotland

Founded   1998

Customer Reviews

SSE appear to have above average customer service satisfaction ratings, for a Big Six supplier; however, they are still doing dreadfully in the grand scheme of things. In Which?'s 2017 energy provider review, out of 31 providers, they came joint 24th, scoring a mediocre 54% satisfaction. Their best asset, according to said survey, was their telephone customer service. They scored 4 out of 5 in this category, which is higher than 4 of 6 Big Six suppliers.

Trustpilot share a similar sentiment to that of Which? however go even further as to how bad they perform in customer service. Their rating lies at a mere 1.4 out of 10. 79% of people in that gave SSE a 1 star rating, the worst possible. The most covered topic within said reviews seems to be billing, as this is where they are apparently performing the worst.

Which? (8,761)

Overall, SSE do not perform as well as you might think in the customer service department for one of the most popular suppliers in the country. That said, there must be something drawing people in, whether it be their household name status or their low prices (every now and again). Whatever it is, they don't seem to be losing out too badly from this low rating.

Account login

If you would like to login to your SSE account, it's a simple as entering your login credentials. You will have created these yourself when you signed up for your account; however, if you have not yet set up your online account, you can do so simply by entering a few bits of simple information on the 'Create your account now' section. Once logged in, you will be able to do the following:

  • See usage history
  • View past bills and statements
  • Submit meter readings
  • Edit personal information

If you have forgotten part of your login credentials, you can reset them by clicking 'Forgotten your password?' on the login screen. Click the link below to login to your SSE account.

SSE account login

Tariffs & Prices

SSE, like many of the Big Six suppliers, have a tonne of tariffs that get updated every single month, so it is extremely hard to keep up. The best way to get an updated reading of the latest SSE tariffs is to give us a call. However, below you will be able to see a premade tariff for the 13 pricing regions of Great Britain. The key tariffs that SSE provide are their: 'Standard', Fixed' and 'Fix & Shop, but occasionaly do release a new one.

  • Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for SSE's 'Standard' variable tariff
Standard (Apr 17) TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 17.59p £599.21 19.33p 3.94p £546.19 4.37p £1,145.40
Southern Scotland 16.40p £562.11 18.14p 3.94 £546.19 4.37p £1,108.30
North East EN 16.42p £562.76 18.16p 4.03p £556.69 4.46p £1,119.45
North West EN 15.98p £549.09 17.72p 4.07p £561.94 4.50p £1,111.03
Yorkshire 15.90p £546.81 17.64p 3.94p £546.19 4.37p £1,093.00
Merseyside & N Wales 17.12p £584.56 18.86p 4.03p £556.69 4.46p £1,141.25
East Midlands 15.98p £549.09 17.72p 3.94p £546.19 4.37p £1,095.28
West Midlands 16.34p £560.48 18.08p 4.07p £561.94 4.50p £1,122.42
East EN 16.51p £565.69 18.25p 4.03p £556.69 4.46p £1,122.38
South Wales 17.04p £581.96 18.78p 4.07p £561.94 4.50p £1,143.90
London 15.58p £536.72 17.32p 4.18p £576.37 4.61p £1,113.09
South East EN 17.00p £580.98 18.74p 4.18p £576.37 4.61p £1,157.35
South West EN 17.64p £600.84 19.38p 4.18p £576.37 4.61p £1,177.21

At time of writing, upon doing a comparison, we can see that SSE's standard tariff is nowhere near the cheapest on the market. Comparing with the cheapest tariff on the market, the 'Whack! January Tariff' by Outfox The Market, we can see that SSE's tariff is £270.89 more expensive per year on average.

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Baffled by SSE's tariffs?

We'll clear your way to the best deals for your gas and electricity

At present SSE do not supply any 100% renewable energy tariffs, which isn't so shocking for a Big Six supplier as they are responsible for 100% of the gas and electricity generation that they supply. Instead, they are focusing on providing an all-round better energy mix. You can see below the fuel mix of SSE.

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Fuel Mix

Due to the push towards renewable generation, energy suppliers throughout the UK are now obligated to disclose public information regarding their fuel mix. They must publish a statement each year as to what percentage of their electricity comes from which sources. The national average for renewables currently stands at around 24%, which is narrowly beaten by SSE, with a percentage of 29%.

The biggest percentage of SSE's fuel mix comes from natural gas, which was, and still is, an extremely popular fossil fuel that has an expiry date that falls in the not so distant future. SSE, however, like all other UK energy suppliers, will have to make a push towards renewables in the near future, so we should soon see this fuel mix change.

Smart meters

The United Kingdom is currently undergoing a national rollout of smart meters that is set to be completed by the Government by 2020. This means that they hope to have every single home in the country installed with a smart meter. Progress has been positive, however, energy suppliers, including SSE, are having to make a bigger push. Learn more about smart meters.

All smart meters deployed by SSE are free and unique to their company; however, don't worry if you want to switch afterwards. You are protected by OFGEM regulations and thus will be subject to any kind of repercussion. Your smart meter will work with any other energy supplier, regardless of the tariff. It may be switched to 'dumb mode', however, if your new tariff is not smart meter eligible.

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About SSE

SSE is one of just two of the Big Six that are British owned. Formed from the two public sector utility authorities ‘North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board’ and ‘Southern Electricity Board’ in 1998, SSE are the UK’s largest producers of renewable energy. Their production of which, however, saw a reported drop of around a third during 2015-2016, yet nearly doubled their production of gas and electricity through oil-fired power plants due to market improvements.

SSE Hydro

The SSE Hydro Arena. Source: SSE Enterprise

SSE are said to provide gas and electric for around 8.4 million customers, creating employment for around 20,000 people, and between 2014-2015, making the company a revenue of £9,190.3m from generation and supply. This huge framework also ensures they have a large impact on a local level. SSE has an extremely large presence in the british sporting world, endorsing and sponsoring a large number of sporting teams, leagues and initiatives, including the Women’s FA Cup, the Scottish Hydro Challenge, and football team St Johnstone FC.

They also run family events in localities around the UK, including their ‘You’ve Been Served’ event in Glasgow following the return of Andy Murray after he had just won Wimbledon for the second time, allowing anyone to enter the court and attempt to return one of Andy Murray’s replicated serves for a chance to meet him in person. All of such events can be viewed on their YouTube channel in which they also post useful video tutorials such as ‘How to Bleed Your Radiator’ and many more.

Share price

Over the last year or so, SSE's share prices have seen a pretty steady fall, seeing a 259p fall per share between the period high and low. SSE trades under the FTSE100 on the London Stock Exchange denoted by 'SSE'. Like many British utility companies, prices have seen a general downwards trend over the last couple of years, and thus has affecting the UK economy quite largely as represented through the FTSE100.

  • Below you can see the general trend for SSE stock prices over the last 12 months.


SSE is a wholly British owned business entity that has firmly established itself as one of the prestigious Big Six energy suppliers, acquiring huge customer numbers and making extreme revenue. SSE also operates in the Republic of Ireland; however, under the trading name 'SSE Airtricity'. In 2016-17, SSE plc declared a total revenue from all GB supply business sources of £6,310.7 million.

This, however, is only GB revenue, which is made even larger when you take into consideration their success in Ireland. In their latest statement, SSE Airtricity reported in 2017 that they had made an annual revenue of £717.21 million, which makes a total £7,027.91 million in all operations.

The largest portion of their revenue comes from thier domestic electricity supply, with £2,297 million being made within one year alone. This is shortly followed by non-domestic electricity, then aggregate generation. Throughout the year, SSE made a total GB profit (EBIT) of £347.1 million.

  • You can read more about SSE's 16/17 financial activity by clicking the link below to their Consolidated Segmental Statement:

View SSE's CSS

Careers / Jobs

If you are thinking about getting a job or starting your career at SSE, your first step is to see the available vacancies that they currently have on offer. These are not just within Great Britain; you can also see availabily in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. To name a few, here are some of the industries in which you could begin working:

  • Customer service
  • Business support
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart metering

To visit the SSE jobs page, you can click to the following link:

See vacancies