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SSE Contact Details: Free Phone & Email Address

SSE contact

Here you can find all the SSE contact information you may require to get any query solved. From general enquiries, to complaints submission, to switching providers, scroll through our directory and find the right department with whom you should get in touch.

Quick summary of SSE contact details

In the table below we have listed some of the main SSE contact details, including the customer service phone number, email address and postal address. You can find contact details for a specific department e.g. if you are moving home or need to contact the supplier relating to boiler cover, further down the page.

Contact method Contact detail SSE Opening hours
SSE contact number (general enquiries) 0345 070 7373 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
SSE email address Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
SSE postal address Customer Service SSE, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth PH1 3GH n/a

SSE Contact number: How do I contact SSE by phone?

We have put together a quick reference table containing all of the SSE contact numbers. All SSE contact numbers that start with 0345 or 0333 are included in package mobile and landline minutes, so are free for most people. If you do not have inclusive minutes, you will be charged the local rate. 0800 numbers are always free to call.

Department SSE contact number SSE Opening hours
General enquiries 0345 070 7373 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Complaints 0345 070 7373 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Direct debit helpline 0345 673 0602 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Pay As You Go helpline 0345 070 7372 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Tariff helpline 0330 102 8313 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Meter readings 0345 070 7371 24hrs, 7 days a week
Moving home Direct debit: 0345 071 7861
PAYG: 0345 600 2006
Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Switching suppliers 0345 026 7058 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Smart meter 0345 071 3991
0345 026 0677 (PAYG)
Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Electric heating 0345 071 7972 -
Boiler cover Breakdown: 033 3006 6554
Switch supplier: 0345 076 7645
Moving home: 0345 076 7646
General enquiry: 0345 070 7379
Breakdown: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
All other: Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Accessibility Priority Service: 0800 048 3645
Textline: 0345 026 7023
Energyline: 0800 072 7201
General enquiry: 0345 071 9657
Textline: Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm
Energyline: Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm
Business Customer service: 0345 725 2526
Sales: 0800 389 4466
Moving: 0345 026 4565
Electricity connection: 0345 070 9385
Gas connection: 0345 070 1265
Monday to Friday 8.30am–5.00pm
Emergency helpline Gas: 0800 111 999
Power cut: 105
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

SSE email address

For certain purposes, you can contact the company via email. Email is a good option if your issue is not urgent and you cannot ring the supplier during its operating hours. The table below contains a list of all SSE email addresses.

Department/purpose SSE email address
General enquiries
Warm Home Discount

SSE Live chat

SSE also has a live chat available on their website and this is a much quicker way to get your query resolved than contacting them by email. You can get the same customer service you would get over the phone,

General enquiries

Existing customers can submit general queries through the SSE contact channels outlined in the proceeding sections. Each section contains relevant contact information for the department specified in the section heading. If you do not know which department to get in touch with for your query, please use the contact information in “General enquiries about your SSE account”.

Top tip: Get your query solved with the click of a buttonSave yourself some phone time, make sure you take a look at the supplier’s online support forums, which you can find on the SSE website, for quick answers to common queries.

1. General enquiries about your account

If you have a general query that is directly linked to your account - for example, about an incorrect bill or for a change of personal information associated with your account - you can use the following analogue and digital contact channels to talk to someone from the supplier’s customer service department.

  1. SSE contact number: 0345 070 7373 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm).
  2. Email: To
  3. Online: Via this online form.
  4. By post: Send a letter to Customer Service SSE, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth PH1 3GH.

2. Queries about direct debits

Direct debit queries should be directed to the supplier’s payments department on the SSE contact number below. This includes questions about how to set one up, how to alter your current direct debit, and how to cancel it, or if you are having trouble understanding your direct debit payments.

  1. By phone: 0345 673 0602 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm).

3. Tariff queries

For queries about your current tariff and any other SSE tariffs, for saving advice, or to switch to a new tariff, contact the supplier by phone on 0330 102 8313 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm).

4. Smart meter queries

You can get the latest information about the supplier’s smart meter rollout, and request one if it is available to you, by calling the smart meter enquiries team on 0345 071 3991 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm).

If you are after a Pay As You Go smart meter, please check the contact information in the "Pay As You Go section" of this guide.

5. Electric heating

If you require information about which tariffs are most suitable for all-electric heating, and for tips about how to use your electric heating efficiently, please contact the supplier via the following channels:

  1. By phone: Call 0345 071 7972 (operation times not available).
  2. Online: Use this online contact form.

6. Making general enquiries if you require accessibility aid

Customers that require audio and/or visual aid can use the following accessible services to contact SSE.

  1. Textline: Contact SSE via textphone on 0345 026 7023.
  2. SignVideo: Ask a British Sign Language interpreter. Your message will be fed back to the supplier and its response will be relayed to you. Click on this link to access SignVideo.

Customers can also request bills in large print, Braille and audio; priority help during power cuts; meter reading services; and additional support, by calling the Priority Services Team on 0800 048 3645 (operation times not available).

PAYG customers

gas flame, bill, money

Pay As You Go customers requiring information about their prepayment meters - including queries about installation and topping up gas and electricity meters - or their smart Pay As You Go meters can use the relevant SSE contact numbers listed below.

  1. Prepayment meter: 0345 070 7372 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)
  2. Smart Pay As You Go meter: 0345 026 0677 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)

For information about which number to call if you are moving out of a home supplied by the provider with a prepayment meter, please see the “Contact SSE when moving home” section of this guide.

Contact SSE complaints

If you have a complaint that you would like to have acknowledged and resolved by the supplier, you can use any of the following methods to communicate it:

  1. By phone: 0345 071 9710 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)
  2. By email: Send a complaint email to
  3. Online: Fill in a complaint form through this link
  4. By post: Send a complaint letter to Head of Customer Service Team, PO Box 7506, Perth PH1 3QR

Please note that it may take up to five working days to receive a resolution. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may contact the Energy Ombudsman after six weeks from the date your complaint was sent.

New customers

Prefer to speak directly to a sales agent when dealing with your utilities? You can contact the provider and talk to an agent by calling the number provided below.

  1. SSE contact number for new customers: 0345 026 7058 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)

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Moving home

You must notify the energy supplier when you move out of a home or move into a new one that it supplies. This applies to direct debit and Pay As You Go customers. Below are the contact numbers by which to notify the supplier. Both lines are open Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; and Saturday: 8am-6pm

  1. Direct debit customers: 0345 071 7861
  2. Pay As You Go customers: 0345 600 2006

Customers that are moving out and have boiler cover with the supplier must contact the moving home number in the “SSE contact for boiler cover” section of this guide.

For help with your move, take a look at our moving house and change of address checklists, as well as our guide to opening and closing meter readings.

Contact for boiler cover

Those who have purchased boiler cover through the supplier have a specific set of SSE contact numbers by which to contact a boiler cover agents. If you have a general query or a breakdown issue, or if you are thinking of switching or moving homes, use the following SSE contact numbers.

  1. Boiler cover general enquiries: 0345 070 7379 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)
  2. Boiler breakdown: 033 3006 6554 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  3. Switch boiler cover suppliers: 0345 076 7645 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)
  4. Moving home if you have boiler cover: 0345 076 7646 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-6pm)

Warm Home Discount

If you need some help with your Warm Home Discount (WHD) application, you can get in touch with the supplier's dedicated WHD tea, by phone or email.

  1. Warm Home Discount SSE contact number: 0800 300 111 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm)
  2. Warm Home Discount email address:

Business contact

Existing and prospective business energy customers can contact the company for general enquiries, business sales, moving premises associated with a business account, new commercial electricity connections and new commercial gas connections by calling the numbers listed. Alternatively, customers can use the supplier’s online business contact form.

  1. Business general enquiries: 0345 725 2526
  2. Sales: 0800 389 4466
  3. Moving business premise: 0345 026 4565
  4. New commercial electricity connections: 0345 070 9385
  5. New commercial gas connections: 0345 070 1265

All lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30am–5.00pm.

Emergency contact number

If you can smell gas and think you have a gas leak in your home or business premise, please get in touch with the National Gas Helpline. If you experience a power cut, or any other electrical emergency, please get in touch with the National Power Cut helpline. You can find contact information for both listed below.

  1. National Gas Helpline: 0800 111 999 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  2. National Power Cut Helpline: 105 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

What to do if you have a gas leak?If you have a gas leak, you must open all doors and windows in your home or business premise to let the gas escape. Switch off all of your gas appliances and turn off your gas by the isolation switch. Call the National Gas Helpline while waiting outside for a gas safe registered engineer to arrive.

Social media

Customers can now contact SSE through its Twitter and Facebook social channels. The supplier’s social team is active and responsive, making it a quick and easy stop to ask any general question when you are on the go. You will have to access your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, or register on the platforms, to compose and send a message to the supplier’s social team.

SSE Swalec, Hydro, Airtricity, Atlantic and Southern Electric contact info

As well as SSE, the company trades under different names in different areas of the country. For example, households in Northern Ireland are supplied by SSE Airtricity. In the table below we have listed the phone number and email address for all SSE companies.

Company Contact number Email address
Southern Electric 345 026 2658
Scottish Hydro 0345 026 0655
SSE SWALEC 0345 026 0656
SSE Atlantic 0345 026 2657
SSE Airtricity Gas (Northern Ireland) 0345 601 9093
SSE Airtricity Electricity (Northern Ireland) 0345 601 9093
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