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M&S Energy: Reviews, Account Login, Tariffs, Fund & Contact

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M&S Energy is a part of the Marks and Spencer franchise and is one of Great Britain’s growing smaller energy suppliers. M&S Energy receive their gas and electricity supply through Big Six member, SSE. Their pricing structure is more or less the same, but their branding and customer service is completely separate. They currently have a customer base of just over 200,000, which gives them a market share of about 0.36%.

Customer reviews

Despite having slightly above average prices, M&S Energy actually performed fairly well in the customer service reviews found across the internet. In Which?’s 2017 customer service review, they came 14th out of 31 energy suppliers, which isn’t bad at all.

They ranked above all Big Six companies, including their supply partner, SSE. They scored 4 out of 5 stars in three of the categories and 5 stars in the other. This gave them an overall satisfaction rating of 67%.

The few reviews that were available on Trustpilot, however, were a little more critical of M&S Energy’s service. 40% of reviews gave a ‘poor’ rating and 60% a ‘bad’ rating. They majority of these reviews were in relation to their poor communication skills.

One gentlemen, who was hard of hearing, and thus could not call, was left weeks waiting for correspondence about his newly activated energy account with M&S Energy. Others complain about the huge price hikes that were implemented by the company; however, this is something that is controlled by SSE at present.

The reason for our rather low review is due to M&S Energy’s pricing, which you will be able to see below. Just like SSE, M&S Energy’s tariffs are not competitive at all. They rely on their household name status to carry their company; however, as smaller energy companies begin to take market share, this will have to change. M&S Energy’s customer service rating is not so bad; however, it certainly isn’t one of the best.

Account login

If you are a new or existing M&S Energy customer, you can login to your account via the link placed below. If you have not registered your account yet online, you can do so via the same link, using the ‘Not registered?’ section.

If you have forgotten any element of your login credentials, you can also reset them by clicking the ‘Forgotten you login details?’ link on the login screen. Once you are logged in to your online account, you will be able to:

  • View and pay bills
  • See your past usage
  • Check your account balance
  • Update your personal information
  • Send meter readings

If you would like to login to your online account you can do so by clicking the link below:

Login to your account

Fuel mix

As stated above, 100% of M&S Energy’s supply is matched with 100% renewable electricity, fed back into the grid; however, their actual supply is administered by SSE, which has a completely different setup. Due to OFGEM regulations, all energy suppliers throughout Great Britain are obligated to release publicly available information each year about their fuel mix. This is mainly due to the worldwide push towards renewable energy, giving customers a clearer idea of the energy that they are receiving.

M&S Energy are just over the national average (24%) for renewable energy, with 29% of their electricity being generated by renewable sources. Their largest portion of supply comes from natural gas, which is common amongst many of the larger suppliers, as it allows them to supply large customer bases with huge margins. This will, however, have to change in the coming years, as our fossil fuel reserves get dangerously low.

Smart meters

As M&S Energy is supplied by SSE for their gas and electricity, so too are their smart meters. M&S smart meters are currently available in all areas of Great Britain and are eligible for the vast majority of their tariffs. All installations will be free of charge, including the product itself and the setup process. Smart meters are a perfect way to remove estimated billing and take control of your usage - If you want to learn more about smart meters, you can do so by clicking here.

This sudden influx in smart meters is down to the Government's plan to rollout smart meters into 100% of homes and businesses by 2020. Technically, you are not obliged to accept this offer, but it makes little sense to decline, as they are much more accurate and give you much more of an idea about your energy usage. If you would like to find out about getting your M&S Energy smart meter, follow the link below:

Get your smart meter

M&S Energy Fund

M&S Energy Fund is a not for profit organisation under the Marks and Spencer franchise that was set up to provide renewable energy solutions for communities across Britain. This initiative offers a £300,000 fund that is available for community energy projects. In 2017, 130,000 votes were counted for the chance to win the grant, with 25 winners announced.

If you are interested in finding out more about the grant or you would like to apply for 2018, you can click the link below:

Find out more


If you would like to contact M&S Energy, the best way to get in contact would be via their customer service number or email address. If you have an urgent query, your response time will be much quicker by giving them a call. You will also find below their physical address in case you would like to send them a letter. You can also send complaints to any of the below details.

blue telephone

M&S Energy Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0345 071 9603
*Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm; Sunday: closed

Send a letter to...

M&S Energy
PO Box 7506

Send an email to...

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About M&S Energy

M&S Energy is a part of the Marks & Spencer franchise, a multi million pound conglomerate with over 85,000 people working under their name. Their head office is based in based in central London, just next to Paddington station and began trading in 2008, with 100% of their supply coming from Big Six giant, SSE.

This has given many customers confidence in the brand, given that they would be supplied by two household names. They currently have around 200,000 customers being supplied by their gas and electricity tariffs.

All of their tariffs are backed by 100% renewable electricity sources at the end of the year. They also offer rewards to be spent in M&S stores on all of their tariffs, which is great for many customers.

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