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Eon Warm Home Discount 2019/20 - Eligibility, Apply, Contact

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What is the Warm Home Discount?

Warm Home Discount is a discount-based scheme offered by the government in conjunction with British energy suppliers to help those in vulnerable household conditions pay for their electricity bills. This scheme is only available to those who meet certain criteria (which you can see below) and is offered as a one off payment, paid directly towards your electricity bills. This is not linked with, nor will it affect, other schemes such as the ‘Cold Weather Payment’ and ‘Winter Fuel Payment’.

This discount is available to all those eligible regardless of whether you have a standard direct debit, Pay as You Go, Prepayment or otherwise. The amount that is offered through this scheme varies each year, so make sure you check the correct figures before jumping to conclusions. This discount is applied generally between October and April. This gives you support throughout the most difficult months of the year for energy bills.

Eligibility criteria

Check your eligibility in minutesIt can sometimes be difficult to tell if you are eligible for energy schemes. Find out in minutes if you are and what to do if you're not. Call 020 3966 4692 or get a free callback now.

Eon’s eligibility criteria for their Warm Home Discount for 2019/2020 is the same as every other energy supplier and is as follows: You will be eligible if on 7th July 2019:

  • You (or your partner) is the account holder
  • You received the ‘Guarantee Credit’ element of ‘Pension Credit’ (Still the case even if you also get savings credit)

If the above does not apply to you, then you may still be able to apply based on the following alternate criteria:

  • Low income
  • You get certain means-tested benefits

Eon will be able to definitively advise you as to your eligibility when you apply.

Eon Warm Home DiscountSo, what’s the difference between the government’s Warm Home Discount and Eon’s? Well, there is none. Certain energy suppliers through Great Britain agreed to take part in the scheme and Eon just so happened to be one of them.

2019/2020 application

Get £140 off your energy billFind out if you are eligible for the warm home discount or one of the other government schemes. Call 020 3966 4692 or get a free callback now.

The amount available for 2019/20 is £140. The application process for the 2019/20 Eon Warm Home Discount scheme is now open. Please register your interest for 2019/20 via the link below to make sure that you don’t miss out. You can also call 0170 432 50 69 to receive advice about your eligibility and make sure that you're saving the most money possible:

How to receive past discount

Haven’t received your discount yet and believe you should have? Before you get in touch with Eon, you should first check the following:

If your reference number starts with ‘M’:

You don’t need to do anything. If Eon were you electricity supplier on 7th July 2019, they will automatically pay your discount through by March 2020. If Eon were not your supplier on the 7th July 2019, they will send the details through to Eon so that they they can pay your discount still.

If your reference number starts with ‘U’:

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) aren’t sure who your electricity provider is. This means that you need to give them a call using the telephone number on the letter that you will have received. You will need to give them your electricity account number and you Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), these can both be easily found on your electricity bill, so no need to fret. However, make sure you do this as soon as possible - If you don’t call before the date specified on the letter, you will not receive your discount.

If you have not been able to resolve the matter using the above information, you can use the below contact information to contact the Warm Home Discount team directly: on 0345 603 9439 Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm and Saturday 8am-2pm. You can also write to them.

Warm Home Discount Team 2.1.P
Peel Park
Brunel Way

Contact Eon

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What happens if you switch provider?

As previously mentioned, whoever supplied your electricity as of the 7th July 2019, whether that be Eon or otherwise (as long as they participate in the scheme), is responsible for paying your Warm Home Discount. If you switch provider there is nothing to worry about on your end: everything will be sent over to your new supplier so that they can carry on receiving the discounts paid by your old supplier.

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