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The Complete E.ON Moving Home Guide

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All E.ON customers - whether you’re on a fixed tariff or a variable tariff, are a homeowner or a tenant, have a smart meter or a prepayment meter - need to let the provider know if they’re moving house. In this guide, we take you through the full E.ON moving home process so you know exactly what to do when you’re moving.

E.ON moving home

One vital thing to do when you’re moving home is to let your energy provider know. Luckily for E.ON customers, the E.ON moving home process is straightforward and can all be completed online with E.ON’s moving house forms. Just make sure you complete the process as soon as possible once you move out and/or into your new home.

E.ON moving out: existing customers

If you’re currently an E.ON customer and are moving home you have two options when it comes to your energy supply:

  1. You can take your E.ON supply with you to your new home

    If you’re happy with your tariff and E.ON customer service, there is no reason to end your supply just because you’re moving out.

    If your new home is already supplied by the provider, your E.ON moving home process is easy and you should experience no changes to your payments. Your direct debit will continue to be taken on the same date, unless certain adjustments to your tariff need to be made (e.g. your new home is a lot bigger). In this case, you will be given at least ten working days notice of any changes.

    The process if your new home is not supplied by E.ON is not complicated, but you will likely experience a delay in receiving your supply from the provider. The E.ON moving home team will need to arrange for the supplier to take over the energy supply of your new address. You will receive your first bill when this process has been completed.

  2. You can cancel your account

    However, it’s important to bear exit fees in mind. If you move house before the end of your fixed rate tariff and want to cancel your account, you could be charged a cancellation fee. If you’re moving out with E.ON, check if your tariff has exit fees.

    Some of the supplier’s fixed rate tariffs do not have exit fees, so you can cancel for free, but others have a £60 exit fee. If you don’t want to pay this exit fee, it could be worth taking your supply with you and switching when your contract comes to an end.

Whichever option you choose, you need to let the E.ON moving home team know that you are moving out and how you want to proceed (take your supply with you or cancel your tariff). The easiest way to do this is to fill out the E.ON moving home form.

There are three separate E.ON moving house forms for existing customers: one for customers with an online account; one for customers without an online account; one for prepayment customers. Make sure you fill in the one that applies to you!

You can also complete the process by ringing the moving team. If you have questions regarding the E.ON moving home process, this is probably the best option to take.

You can contact the E.ON Moving Home Team on 0345 303 3020 Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. Check with your provider for calling charges

Need to contact E.ON for a different reason? Head to our E.ON contact page to find all the contact details you need.

To complete the E.ON moving home process, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your personal details (name, date of birth, contact details)
  • Your moving date
  • Final meter readings (if you don’t provide these, E.ON may estimate your readings or use the ones from the new occupant)
  • Your new address and forwarding contact details (you need to provide these even if you wish to cancel your account so E.ON know where to send your final bill)
  • First meter readings (if already moved in - take these as soon as you move in)
  • Details of your previous home’s new occupants
  • Your meter settings (if you have a prepayment meter)

Common queries about closing accounts

If you choose to close your account with E.ON when you move, there can be a few loose ends to tie up. Let’s have a look at some of the most common questions people ask.

 When will I receive my final bill?

You will receive your final bill when you’ve completed the E.ON moving home process outlined above. If you manage your tariff online and receive digital bills, you can view your final bill 24 hours after you have provided your final meter readings. Customers who receive paper bills by post will get their final bill within seven working days of submitting their final readings.

Having difficulty understanding your energy bill? Check out our ‘how to read your energy bill guide’ so you know what you’re being charged!

 When will my final payment be taken?

Final payments by direct debit will be taken on your usual payment date. After this date, the E.ON moving home team will cancel your direct debit. Do not cancel your direct debit yourself. If you cancel it before your final payment is taken it will cause problems and complicate your moving process.

bill and magnifying glass

If you pay by cash or cheque, you can make your final payment as soon as you receive your final bill either online or over the phone. To pay by phone, call 0345 052 0000 (Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm) and select option one to complete the payment.

 What happens if I have credit left on my account?

Any left over credit will be automatically refunded to you as soon as the E.ON moving home process is completed and all the information you have provided has been verified. You should receive your money within seven working days, however, if you are due more than £1000 it will take longer as the amount will need to be checked.

Customers using direct debit will have the amount automatically refunded into their bank accounts. Cash and cheque customers will receive a refund cheque at their new address.

If you have any more questions about moving, have a look at the supplier’s FAQs page to see if you can find the answer. You might also find answers in your online account. Check out Selectra’s E.ON login guide to see how to access your online portal and set up an account.

E.ON moving in: new customers

If you’re moving into a house that is supplied by E.ON but you are not an existing customer, you can choose to keep the existing supply. To do this you can either contact the E.ON moving home team on 0345 303 3020 or fill out the E.ON moving home online form for new customers. To complete the process, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your personal details (name, date of birth, contact details)
  • Your new address
  • Your old address
  • Your moving date
  • Your first meter readings (if you’ve already moved into your new home) - try to take these as soon as you move in. If you fail to provide them, the E.ON moving home team will estimate your usage or use the readings from the previous occupier.
  • The forwarding address for the previous occupier
  • Your meter settings (if you have a prepayment meter)

If you do not want to keep the E.ON supply in your new home, you do not need to contact the E.ON moving home team. If you wish to stay with your previous provider (from your old home), you need to complete its moving home process and it will arrange to take over the supply. If you want to change providers altogether, you need to sign up with a new supplier and it will sort out the switch for you.

Rented accommodation

Tenants also need to get in touch with the E.ON moving home team if they are moving out of or into an E.ON supplied home or flat. The process and forms are the same as those for homeowners outlined above, but you will also have to give the moving team your landlord’s full name, email address and phone number.

E.ON moving in and out with a smart meter

Smart meters are the big thing in the energy world right now and, as the government continues to push its smart meter roll out scheme, more and more households are being fitted with the new type of energy meters. Here are a few things to note about E.ON smart meters if you are moving out of or into a house that has one.

moving boxes

If you have an E.ON smart meter and are moving home, make sure you leave your smart meter display for the new occupants to use. If you move into a house with an E.ON smart meter but the previous homeowners have not left the display, it’s not the end of the world. Just call the E.ON moving team on 0345 303 3020 and it will arrange for a technician to set one up for you.

Customers moving into a new home that does not have a smart meter can make a request for one to be installed. To find out how to book a smart meter installation with E.ON and find out more about the provider’s smart meters, check out our E.ON smart meter guide.

Moving business premises with E.ON

Like residential customers, E.ON business energy customers also need to inform the E.ON moving team if they are moving out or into different premises. This also requires filling out an online form, however for business customers there are different forms depending on whether your business is moving out of an E.ON supplied site or moving into one. You can find both on the supplier’s moving business premises webpage.

In each form, you will need to supply up-to-date meter readings. For business customers moving out, the supplier will ask for final meter readings from the premises you are leaving. Customers moving into an E.ON supplied building will be asked for initial meter readings as soon as you move in. Both will also have to provide the business’s E.ON account number.

Businesses on a half-hourly metered tariff cannot fill out the moving form. In this case, you must send an email with the subject line Moving premises to [email protected].

If you have any queries regarding the E.ON moving business process, you can send the business moving team an email on [email protected] or call the E.ON Business Moving Team on 0345 301 4881. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

If you rent out a business property that has an E.ON supply, you must also let the business moving team know if there will be a change of tenant. To complete the required form (found on the moving business premises webpage linked to above), you will need to know the new company’s name, registration number (if it has one) and the date it will move into your premises. You will also need to provide initial meter readings. You should take these after your old tenant has moved out but before your new tenant moves in.

Considering switching to E.ON when you move out? Read Selectra’s E.ON reviews guide to see what past and present have to say about the supplier.

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