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E.ON Tariffs: Gas & Electricity Prices

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Thinking of switching to an E.ON tariff but finding it difficult to choose the best one? Even if you're already an E.ON customer, you may still be able to update your tariff and improve your current rates. Whatever your situation, read on to discover the best deal for your home with our complete E.ON tariffs guide.

E.ON Tariffs & Prices

E.ON offers a range of different tariffs for domestic households. E.ON tariffs are available for all types of customers, no matter if you pay via direct debit, on receipt of a bill, or with a top-up key or card. Let's have a look at all of the E.ON energy tariffs currently available so that you can decide which suits your energy needs best.

For information regarding E.ON's performance when it comes to customer service, head to our E.ON reviews article.

Fixed-rate Tariffs

E.ON energy tariffs include four fixed-rate options. With a fixed-rate tariff, your unit rate and standing charge will not change throughout your contract. Below, we've laid out all of E.ON's fixed-rate tariffs, along with the estimated annual spend on each of them.

By signing up for any of the fixed E.ON energy tariffs, the supplier will contact you to have a smart meter installed. The installation is free. If a smart meter cannot be installed, you'll still remain on the tariff you signed up for.

Fix Online v44

This is the cheapest of the E.ON energy tariffs currently available. This E.ON Fix Online v43 tariff guarantees your rates will not change for 12 months. All bills must be paid via direct debit and you will have to manage your account online.

With this E.ON tariff, customers can also get boiler cover through HomeServe from just £5.99 extra per month. That's 25% of the normal price, and this offer includes a free boiler service in the first year.

E.ON Fix 1 Year v6

With this E.ON tariff, your rates are guaranteed for one year. However, unlike the online tariff, this E.ON tariff does not charge an exit fee. Customers also have the option to pay on receipt of a bill with this tariff, rather than just via direct debit. We would still recommend paying via direct debit, as this is usually the cheapest method.

E.ON Fix 2 Year v12

This E.ON energy tariff guarantees your rates for two years and does not include an exit fee. Its rates are currently the same as the E.ON standard variable tariff.

E.ON Charge

This tariff protects your rates for two years. It is only available for customers that own or lease an electric vehicle (or plug-in hybrid vehicle). The vehicle must be registered with the DVLA.

With this E.ON tariff, you will receive 850 miles each year (equivalent to £30). This will be credited to your electricity account after six months. You will receive the same reward again after the sixth month of the second year into your tariff. This E.ON tariff includes an exit fee of £30 per fuel.

Variable-rate tariffs

With variable-rate tariffs, your unit rates and standing charges can fluctuate depending on the wholesale price of gas and electricity. Let's take a look at E.ON's two variable tariffs.

E.ON Energy Plan

If you have not switched your E.ON energy tariff within the past year or two, you are likely on the E.ON Energy Plan. This is the supplier's standard tariff. For customers with credit meters, this is tied to E.ON's most expensive tariff.

This tariff does not charge an exit fee, and customers on this tariff can pay either by direct debit or on receipt of a bill.

E.ON Pay As You Go tariffs

If you have a prepayment meter that you top up using a key or card, you have two different E.ON tariffs to choose from: Energy Plan with Smart Pay As You Go or Energy Plan with Prepayment. The rates for both of the tariffs are the same. One is just for customers with smart meters, and the other is for customers with standard prepayment meters.

These E.ON energy tariffs are variable and do not include exit fees. Customers with smart meters will be able to top up either online or with the E.ON smart PAYG app. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store.

E.ON Economy 7 Tariffs

E.ON Economy 7 tariffs are available for customers that have Economy 7 meters. With these tariffs, E.ON customers get cheaper electricity for seven hours at night. This is in exchange for more expensive rates during the day.

E.ON Economy 7 tariffs are typically only used when your household has storage heaters. This sort of heating system collects energy at night and releases it during the day, thus allowing customers to take advantage of the cheaper night-time hours and save money on their electricity bills. You'll need to consume at least 30-40% of your electricity during the off-peak hours in order to benefit from and E.ON Economy 7 tariff.

Note that the Fix and Drive v10 tariff does not offer Economy 7 rates, as this tariff only accepts dual fuel customers that pay a single rate for electricity.

E.ON Tariffs for Pensioners

It was reported in the Guardian that E.ON scrapped its Stay Warm plan, which was one of the E.ON tariffs for pensioners. It was aimed at benefiting thousands of elderly homeowners. The Stay Warm tariff offered fixed prices for gas and electricity. It was based on the homeowner's consumption from the previous 12 months and on wholesale market prices for energy.

The amount a customer paid was fixed for 12 months from when they signed up. As this meant no unexpected bills, elderly customers enjoyed peace of mind knowing that their bills wouldn't change.

Ofgem later unveiled reforms, including limiting the maximum number of tariffs a supplier could offer to four per fuel. Consequently, the E.ON tariffs for pensioners took the blow. When customers' StayWarm plan came to an end, E.ON renewed their price plans by putting them onto the more expensive standard tariff, the E.ON Energy Plan).

The termination of StayWarm will have a frightening impact on old people, particularly those who live alone in small homes, who pay a lower tariff, and will be obliged to seek other providers of gas and electricity. (Mr Howley, aged 80, E.ON customer)

Business Tariffs

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E.ON tariffs for businesses include offers for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as for industrial and commercial (I&C) consumers. These E.ON tariffs for businesses are very different from those for domestic properties.

E.ON Business tariffs include fixed-rate offers that last from one to four years. They also offer variable tariffs that reflect the wholesale cost of energy. For more information on the latest E.ON energy prices, head to our E.ON Business guide.

E.ON Feed-in Tariff

As of April 2020, the E.ON Feed-in Tariff (or FIT) scheme is no longer available. These feed-in tariffs rewarded customers that generated their own electricity from renewable sources, such as solar panels, and then fed it back into the grid. For a four-person household, the average amount made back from this type of tariff was £150 per year.

Even though the E.ON FIT scheme has closed, people who generate their own energy still have a way to earn money back through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) obligation. These types of tariffs became available in January 2020. As with the E.ON FIT scheme, customers can make money from exporting energy back into the electricity grid. The difference with SEG tariffs is that E.ON sets the rates rather the Government.

To apply for the SEG, send an email to It will usually take three to four weeks for E.ON to process your application.

Has E.ON raised its prices?

In October 2020, E.ON actually reduced the rates for its standard variable tariff by 7%. This was done in conjunction with the decrease in the Ofgem price cap, which fell by £84 from £1,126 to £1,042 for customers who pay via direct debit.

If E.ON energy prices increase when the next price cap is introduced, customers on E.ON's standard variable tariff will receive at least 30 days notice before any price changes are implemented. Customers on fixed-rate tariffs will not be affected by any sudden changes in pricing.

Get an E.ON Quote

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You can get an E.ON quote for your home on the supplier's website. Go to the homepage and click on 'Energy' in the top left corner. Then select 'Get an energy quote' from the menu. You will need to enter your postcode and house name or number. This is because pricing varies depending on your location.

For an accurate quote, we recommend you use your actual gas and electricity consumption. According to energy regulator Ofgem, the median annual usage is 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas. You can find this information on your energy bill. If you don’t have a bill, you can use our consumption calculator to find out your energy usage.

E.ON Energy Tariffs FAQs

Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions related to E.ON energy prices and tariffs.

How much does E.ON charge per kWh?

The energy price per kWh depends on which E.ON tariff you are on. In general, electricity costs between 16.5p and 17p per kWh. Gas costs between 2.8p and 3.1p per kWh. As with most all suppliers, gas unit rates are much cheaper than electricity unit rates.

What is the E.ON standing charge?

Your E.ON standing charge depends on your E.ON tariff and your location. E.ON standing charges for electricity generally range from 20.4p to 28.7p per day. Gas standing charges tend to be higher. They range from 22.8p to 36.2p per day.

How much does it cost to leave E.ON?

Depending on your E.ON tariff, you may be charged if you decide to leave E.ON. Exit fees range from £0 to £30 per fuel for terminating your contract early. If you terminate the contract less than 49 days before it ends, you will not have to pay an exit fee. If you move home, you can take your E.ON tariff with you to avoid an exit fee.

Exit fees per tariff are as follows:

  • Fix Online v43: £30 per fuel
  • Fix 1 Year v4: £0 per fuel
  • Fix 2 Year v11: £0 per fuel
  • Fix and Drive v10: £30 per fuel
  • E.ON Energy Plan: £0 per fuel
  • E.ON Energy Plan Assist: £0 per fuel
  • E.ON Prepayment: £0 per fuel

What E.ON tariff am I on?

If you can't remember the name of your E.ON energy tariff, the most accurate way to find out is by looking at a copy of your bill. You'll see it at the top of the second page.

If you don't have a bill handy, head to E.ON's Tariff Information Label (TiL) page, type in your house number and postcode and select your type of supply contract (e.g. dual fuel, electricity or gas only, etc.). You'll then get a list of E.ON tariffs that people are on in your area. Your tariff may appear as the first result. If in doubt, call E.ON to find out.

How long do E.ON refunds take?

It's normal that your account will be in credit at specific points of the year. Your credit will automatically be deducted from your next bill. However, if you still want E.ON to refund you that sum of money, you'll need to submit an up to date meter reading. Do this online or by calling E.ON on 0345 055 0065. They're open Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

E.ON will process your payment within ten days. But if your refund hasn't been sent to you and 14 days have passed since you received your final bill, call E.ON on the above number.

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