Energy News

Npower's prices will rise on the 17th June 2018. Find out if you will be affected by the price rise and how you can avoid paying more for your energy bills.
In 2018 Scottish Power has risen its prices again. Find out how much your bills will increase and how you can save money on your bills.
Customers on E.ON's standard variable tariff will pay more for their gas and electricity in a move it claims will simplify bills.
British Gas will raise its price by 5.5% for some customers in May 2018. Find out if you will be affected and how you can beat the hikes.
Affected by the 2018 EDF price increase? Find out what you can do to beat the price hike and save.
Affected by the recent price rises at SSE? Find out how much your bills might increase and how you can save
Gas and electricity supplier Future Energy have announced that they will no longer trade, leaving 12,000 customers in the dark as to what to do next. Here's what OFGEM have said on the matter about what you should do...
Npower & SSE have recently announced that they have intentions of merging their supply businesses. Find out will it mean for current customers.
Ever wondered how much electricity is used in the Bitcoin mining process? Find out right here, along with BTC's worth, future and advice.
Are you looking to get solar panels and don't know enough about them? Learn everything about solar panels and the government scheme 'feed-in-tariff'
By 2040 we will only see the sale of electric cars in the UK, but how will this affect the petrol and diesel engine manufacturers?
What key factors are shaping the developing world and what can be done to supply them with renewable energy quicker.
What will happen to the energy market if Britain leaves the EU? Will the prices go down or will they go up?