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Sky Broadband: Find out about the speed guarantee

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Originally a cable TV provider, Sky broadened its focus to include broadband and calls packages in the mid-2000s. By 2012, it was offering speeds of up to 58 Mbps and had established itself as a major UK provider.

Since entering the broadband market in 2006, Sky has gone on to become one of the country’s largest ISPs with over 6 million broadband subscribers. A pioneer of superfast internet, its fastest package is now more or less on a par with other major providers’ superfast fibre deals - so why choose Sky? Let us guide you through its broadband offer to see if switching would be worth your while.

Sky Broadband speeds and how to get them

Sky seem to like keeping their broadband packages simple. Most internet providers offer three basic speeds - basic broadband (11∼ Mbps) and two fibre packages (35∼ Mbps and 63∼ Mbps) - whereas Sky offers just two: basic (‘Essential’) broadband and its ‘Superfast’ package. If you don’t know which you need, take a look at our guide to broadband speeds.

In short, if you only use the internet to browse and do a bit of online shopping, a basic package should be enough for you. Here’s a quick look at Sky Essential broadband:

Download speed
Upload speed
Set-up costs
Line rental
11 Mbps
0.8 Mbps
£20/month (Obligatory)

For broadband, this is a reasonably cheap deal. When you take into account, however, that you must also pay Sky line rental - whether you want a calls package or not - the cost doubles. Sky does not advertise this particularly well on its site. In fact, it actually states that line rental is “included” in every deal, with a “free” Pay as you Talk package. This is something to watch out for: if you’re not interested in paying for line rental, look elsewhere.

Another thing that strikes us is how slow the upload speeds are. Even for basic broadband, where upload speeds tend to come in under 5 Mbps, 0.8 is sluggish. For an idea of why this is important, you can check out our download, upload and ping speed guide, but essentially if you want to send files or make video calls this is going to affect you.

While a setup cost of 20 quid isn’t going to break the bank, it’s important to note as well that there are plenty of providers that don’t charge a setup fee at all. As with all Sky broadband deals, however, whether you want it or not line rental is included in your deal. The default Sky Talk package you receive is Sky Pay as you Talk, which will cost you nothing, but you can find out more about upgrading in our main Sky page.

Sky fibre broadband

Sky’s other broadband package is called ‘Superfast’, and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Let’s get right into it and give you a simple breakdown of Sky’s Superfast fibre package:

Download speed
Upload speed
Set-up costs
Line rental
59 Mbps
18 Mbps
£20/month (Obligatory)

The speeds here are pretty much on a par with most providers’ fastest packages. Some providers offering fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband can get you much faster speeds, but these are expensive to set up and not available to everyone across the UK. Realistically, these speeds are more than enough for the average household, and Sky goes one better than many providers with their Speed Guarantee.

Speed GuaranteeSky guarantees that the throughput speed to your hub won't dip below the guaranteed minimum download speed within the first 30 days of your service - if it does, Sky will give you your money back.

With another provider, you might be paying for a speed that you’re not consistently getting, so Sky does well to ensure customers good service in this way. The price also compares quite well with the market average for superfast speeds, as you can see on the Sky main page.

Again, however, it’s important to remember that line rental (and the £20 added to your monthly bill) comes as part of this package. If you don’t want it or want a provider that includes it for free, let us give you a recommendation:

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Sky Hubs and boosters

Sky Q is mainly associated with TV packages, but there is some crossover into broadband. If you’ve got a TV package with the Sky Q experience along with Sky broadband, you could benefit from Sky Q Mini boxes’ extra function as WiFi boosters - extending your router’s range around your home. Unfortunately, these are only available to Sky TV customers.

Sky broadband customers do have the possibility of giving their WiFi a boost without the Mini boxes, however, using the Sky Q Booster. Let’s take a look at how it works:

Sky Q Booster

If there are parts of your home that aren’t within your main hub, the Sky Q Booster is designed to extend your WiFi signal from your main hub to these neglected areas. It’s entirely wireless and connects to your Sky Hub at the touch of a button with WiFi Protected Setup (WPS).

To get it working, you need to:

  1. Plug the booster into a power socket closest to the area where the signal is weakest.
  2. Press and hold the WPS button on your nearest Sky Q product for three seconds. The button will flash amber.
  3. After two minutes, press and hold WPS on your booster for three seconds.
  4. Within about two minutes the booster’s connected light will turn green and the WPS button will go green and then off. At this point, you’re connected.

If this doesn’t improve your connection, Sky recommends you check your device’s WiFi is enabled and that you’ve picked the right network.

Sky broadband shield

An important feature of Sky broadband is the Sky Broadband Shield, an online tool that comes included in its broadband packages and gives customers control over their online experience. The shield can help provide protection against phishing, malware-infected sites, and comes with a Safe Search function to help block explicit content from search engine results.

According to Sky, the Broadband Shield has three distinguishing features. Here they are:

  1. It’s simple to customise - choosing the kind of content that gets through to your home is made easy with its clear age categories.
  2. It works on all devices - including smartphones, tablets, and games consoles that are connected to your broadband.
  3. It makes browsing safer - it offers protection to all devices in your household that are connected to Sky broadband.


There’s a multitude of ways in which to contact Sky depending on your issue, but we’ll assume that, as you’re reading about Sky’s broadband packages, you’re not a customer yet. If you’re looking to contact Sky to sign up to a broadband deal and you don’t want to go through their website, here’s a number you can call:

blue telephone

Sky Broadband sales inquiries
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
03337 591 904
*Monday to Sunday: 8.30am-11.30pm

If you're already a Sky broadband customer, there are several more ways you can contact them depending on your issue. You can find out all about the best way to contact Sky for whatever reason via their contact page.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your service and you don’t want to spend ages waiting to speak to an agent, you might be interested in Sky’s service status checker.

Sky contact page

Sky broadband status checker

If you think something’s wrong with your service and that you’re not alone, Sky offers a service status checker on its website which will tell you about any known issues with your broadband or any of the apps. This way, you can avoid the hassle of calling and waiting to speak to someone and get an explanation as well as an estimate of how long to wait until the issue is fixed.

You log in to the status checker with your username and password, or alternatively you can access it with your Sky Talk phone number. If there’s no issue that Sky knows of you will see a green dot, but if something is wrong and it’s being resolved it will show up red - it couldn’t really be any simpler.

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Cancel Sky broadband

To cancel Sky broadband, you’ll have to give them 14 days’ notice - unless, that is, you’re in what they call a ‘cooling off period’. The cooling off period is a period of 31 days after i) delivery of your wireless router; ii) activation; or iii) the receipt of terms and conditions for your product/service. During this period you can cancel at any time at no charge.

If you’re switching to another provider, you probably won’t need to contact them at all and can leave it all up to your new provider to take care of the details. If, however, you’re switching to Virgin, BT’s Ultrafast Fibre, or fibre to the premises from another provider, you’ll need to contact an agent via live chat on Sky’s website or call them on 03337 590 209.

Sky broadband reviews

You’ve heard all about Sky’s broadband offer, but what are customers actually saying about it? Well, it’s not great. The independent review site Trustpilot scores Sky 1.4 out of 5 stars, with 79% of its 3,913 reviewers giving it the worst possible score of Bad. Ouch. So what are they saying is the matter?

Unsurprisingly, many cite expensiveness as their main gripe with Sky. It has always had a reputation as a pricey TV provider and, in broadband, it’s more or less the same. Sky is quick to put prices up and prone to “mistakenly” take money from your account, and often hits customers with hidden charges. Many reviewers complain about the unsuspected line rental charges, but it’s not only this:

They levy £10 'late payment' fees for those people who don't pay by monthly direct debit … Getting through to them on the phone is impossible and resolving your query over SMS or Facebook Messenger… well, that could take weeks.

Not only does Sky regularly help itself to your money, but, as the above reviewer mentions, getting through to someone is difficult. More than this; they’re unlikely to be particularly helpful if you do. Apart from it being tricky to get through, Sky’s agents are not renowned for great customer service:

After combing through these reviews, the tone is more or less the same throughout, and we would think twice about signing up to Sky broadband as a result. To find a more reliable provider, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help you out.

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