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Western Power Distribution

Western Power Distribution Logo

Western Power Distribution is the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the Midlands, South West England and Wales. This encompasses some of the UK’s well known cities, inclduing: Birmingham; Cardiff; and Bristol. This distribution area means Western Power Distribution provides electricity for 7.8 million customers.

Its extensive network is made up of around 220,000km of overhead and underground cables (enough to travel from Birmingham to Sydney and back 6 times!). Their operations have created employment for over 6,000 people. Below is a map showing the area Western Power Disctribution covers. The company is marked by the number 7.

Map showing Western Power Distribution distribution area

Are you interested in a career working for Western Power Distribution? Click here to visit their careers page and see if they have anything that fits your aspirations.

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Any customer service enquiries that you may have can be resolved by contacting Western Power Distribution through any of the following contact options.

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Western Power Distribution
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