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Why do tariff prices change by region?

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You may have noticed that prices on energy quotes vary depending on the location of your property. This happens for 3 principal reasons and as a result of this, your postcode is an important part of your energy quote. When looking at premade quotes or tariffs from another person's property, it is important to bare in mind that having that same tariff in your house may be cheaper or more expensive on account of the following reasons:

  • If the population in your area is quite low, energy prices are often increased slightly to compensate
  • Because energy from generators is bought in advance, sudden increases in demand often cause prices to be driven up
  • Each energy supplier uses the 14 principal distribution networks that are owned by the 6 distribution companies. Each of these companies charge different amounts for their different areas, which thus affects your tariff prices.

If you would like to learn more about what your energy tariff is comprised of, click the below link to learn more:

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In order to illustrate the difference in price according to each UK region we have divided the nation into 13 different areas and chosen a postcode from a town or city in each area. We have made our search through EDF Energy's standard variable dual fuel tariff for direct debit payment on the 6th March 2017. Each search is based on the UK 'average' energy usage of 3,100 kWh per year for electricity and 12,500 kWh per year for gas.

Region/City Gas (Monthly) Electricity (Monthly) Price (Monthly) Price (Yearly)
Northern Scotland - Inverness £44 £47 £91 £1,087.32
Southern Scotland - Glasgow £44 £44 £88 1048.26
North East England - Newcastle £46 £45 £91 £1085.09
North West England - Manchester £44 £46 £90 1,068.77
Yorkshire - Leeds £44 £44 £88 £1051.84
Merseyside/North Wales - Liverpool £44 £47 £91 £1,079.84
East Midlands - Nottingham £44 £45 £89 £1059.33
West Midlands - Birmingham £46 £45 £91 £1086.07
Eastern England - Norwich £46 £45 £91 £1,086.39
South Wales - Cardiff £44 £46 £90 1,072.02
London - Croydon £46 £47 £93 £1,103.97
South East England - Canterbury £46 £47 £93 £1,103.97
South West England - Plymouth £46 £49 £95 £1,131.31

graph of price changes by region

From the above information we can see that price does vary a great deal for such a small locational difference in our small nation. We can see that between Glasgow and Plymouth, there is a huge £83.05 in the exact same tariff. Unfortunately there is nothing that any of us can do in order to reduce the standing charges applied to your energy suppliers by your local distribution network. As such, it's even more important that we get you the best deal possible in order to keep those savings rolling in!

How about how we compare in relation to Europe? Here we've seen that even within the UK our prices can vary greatly, so surely they'll change when crossing into other countries? Click the link below to find out.

Price according to European cities