Councils offer energy efficiency grants for UK homes

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Councils in many parts of the UK are offering energy efficiency grants that can run into the thousands for those looking to make improvements to their property that will help it save energy. Could you benefit?

Many councils in England have been given funding to offer grants to low income households looking to improve their energy efficiency. The scheme is separate from the Green Homes Grant, for which applications ended in March, and can amount to up to £10,000 in improvements for those who failed to apply in time.

The improvements on offer through the scheme tend to include:

  • Cavity wall and loft insulation
  • Underfloor heating
  • Energy efficient doors
  • Replacing single-glazed windows

Different councils, however, interpret the scheme differently and offer other benefits. Homes in Liverpool, for example, can get a free property survey, and homes in Hartlepool are able to put the money toward air-source heat pumps and solar PV panels!

Who is eligible to receive energy efficiency grants?

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Criteria for eligibility varies by area, but to receive up to £10,000 in energy efficiency grants most schemes require households to earn a total income of less than £30,000.

This number can be slightly higher - in West Berkshire, for example, households can earn up to £35,000 and still receive it. In Leicestershire, households with three or more children are eligible if they earn less than £40,260.

If you earn slightly more than this, you could be eligible for a lower amount - many councils offer a smaller energy efficiency grant of up to £5,000 for households earning more than £30,000. 

Another factor in determining your eligibility is your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score, which is a certificate reflecting the energy efficiency of your home. An EPC score is between A and G, with A being the highest and G the lowest, and the government wants all UK homes to score C or above by 2035.

The schemes therefore prioritise homes with a score below C in order to bring them up to scratch. You can check the rating of your property by entering your address into the government’s online tool.

The schemes are not only for those who own their home. Those who rent may also be eligible for energy efficiency grants depending on where they live. You can apply for one of the schemes, which are subject to availability, though in many areas the cost of improvements to rented properties must be partly funded by the landlord.

Does my area offer grants and how do I get it?

To find out if your area offers energy efficiency grants, it’s best to head over to your local council’s website to see if they’ve announced any success in winning funding from the government under the Green Homes Grant.

In terms of getting energy efficiency grants, you won’t just be handed £10,000 and trusted to get the improvements done independently. Your local council will arrange for a contractor to carry out the works you want done to your property, with the value of the works amounting to a maximum of the figure of your grant.

Some councils are partnering with E.ON in order to offer the grant. You don’t need to be an E.ON customer in order to receive it, but you can contact them directly at to find out if they offer it in your area and if you’re eligible.

If E.ON hasn’t partnered with your local council to provide the grant, you’ll be better off finding out about it through your local council’s website.

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