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How much do you really know about Honor in the UK? Selectra delves into the world of Honor phones, like the Honor 10 and looks at Honor UK operations, as well as their presence world wide. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Honor smartphones and the company behind them, you’re bound to learn something new.

Honor And Its History

Founded in 2013, Honor is based in Shenzhen, China and is the sister-brand to technology giant Huawei Technologies. Honor works alongside Huawei selling smartphones, tablet computers and also has started releasing some wearable technology.

Honor smartphones and tablets are pitched at the average budget to mid-price range consumer, using digital platform and third-party-retailers such as eBay and Amazon to promote their products online.

Without the requirement for physical stores, Honor has started to emerge from the highly competitive budget-price pointed market with a strong presence, mainly due to the feature-packed smartphone and tablets offerings at an affordable price.

A Youth Market

Despite there being similarities between Huawei and Honor smartphones, Honor is actually designed to focus its sites on a more youthful consumer. The brand is actually branded as HONOR in capital letters and aims its smartphones, tablets and wearable technologies at young consumers.

Did you know? Honor launched with its Vmall online store in the UK in 2015, providing direct purchasing with the manufacturer.

Honor phones: On The International Stage

After the successful launch of the company in China, Honor then began launching in other Asian markets, starting with Malaysia in 2014 with its release of the Honor 6C, and soon after launched in 74 other countries, including Japan, India, and Europe.

By the end of 2015, Honor made announcements to launch it’s range of smartphone products and wearable technology to the US, and by January 2016, had made its debut with the Huawei Honor 5X at the US-based technology show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

In 2017, Honor again used the CES in the US to announce its plans to launch the Honor 6X Smartphone in 13 new markets, including Europe, the UK, and the US. It was clear at this stage that Honor had made significant ground in the international smartphone market and was gaining market share with every smartphone release.

Honor is now a recognised brand in smartphones, however it’s not entirely a household name just yet. Smartphones like Apple’s iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy series and even Huawei’s flagship models are more recognisable to most consumers.

Honor UK

In 2017 Honor UK was launched, but it was with the release of the Honor 10 smartphone, that Honor really sparked interest from the UK consumer. Bolstered by the favorable reviews and press releases from the media, the Honor 10 symbolised the pivotal moment when the UK purchasing public recognised Honor as a reputable brand.

The Honor 10 brought a tussle between competitors in the budget and mid-priced smartphone market in the UK. It also effectively introduced a huge range of features to its smartphone range that typically were only seen premium and flagship phones from other manufacturers.

Do People Trust Honor In The UK?

It may surprise you to learn that many people don’t actually know that Honor is linked to Huawei. Huawei has certainly received some bad press of late, with the tech giant actually being banned from operating in the US. Huawei phones have yet to be banned in the UK, and speculation surrounding a potential ban is certainly still out there. Some consumers are turning away from Huawei phones because of this, but it is uncertain as to whether Honor phones will suffer the same fate or not.

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Honor Smartphones: Their Quality Might Surprise You

Honor has collected a number of accolades for its smartphone releases. Globally, Honor has accumulated favorable reviews by a number of respected international technology publications such as Digital Trends, Slash Gear, and Talkn Android have all written positive reviews focusing on the quality, features, and price of the smartphones that Honor has on offer.

In 2016, Recode published that Honor had sold over 60 million products, generating around GBP 5.6 Billion in revenue, just three years after the company’s launch. Needless to say, in a competitive smartphone market, those figures are pretty impressive.

The international debut of the Honor 9 in 2017, held in Berlin, generated a frenzy of sales with one million sales in the first month alone. Additionally, the Honor 9 was reviewed by a number of technology publications to be of exceptional value with features basting top-specification, which was a solid result for the brand.

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The Honor 10: What Is It?

The Honor 10 was the smartphone that followed Honor’s 9th incarnation and the phone debut was well-received by both the consumer and technology publications. The Honor 10 actually sold over 3 million handsets in just a few months from its global launch, held in London on the 15th of May, 2018. Competing against some of the major Android releases that happened that same year.

The Honor 10 lists a great array of different features. Some of these features include the front fingerprint sensor, 16 and 24 megapixel rear cameras, a 24 megapixel front camera, Face Unlock and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

"The Honor 10 is an incredibly popular flagship smartphone. Already it has achieved record-breaking sales figures." - George Zhao, President of Honor.

Accolades and reviews of the Honor 10 can be found in the following locations:

  • "The 'EISA Lifestyle Smartphone 2018 - 2019'  (Honor's third EISA award)
  • Android Headline Editor's Choice award
  • Wired's Best mid-range smartphone
  • Pocket-Lint's Best Smartphone 2018
  • Android Central's Best $400 Phone and Choice Award
  • Tech Radar's Best Smartphone of 2018

Did You Know? Did you know that Honor is still owned by Huawei? The tech giant that started it all is still very much in control of the company as Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei’s brand.

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