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Sky mobile positions itself as the most flexible mobile phone service in the UK, but what do consumers have to say about the network? Can it be trusted or do the reviews say otherwise? From Sky mobile deals and pricing to network coverage and customer service - let’s take a look at the roses and thorns of Sky mobile from a customer’s perspective.

Sky mobile customer reviews

Customer review

It’s important to note that as a relatively new player on the market, Sky Mobile is still establishing it’s customer base. The company launched in 1989 with the UK’s first satellite TV service but they only entered the mobile provider arena in 2016. With only a few years on the market, this provider is a comparatively young entity so the jury is still out, in terms of Ofcom and customer review site feedback.

If you were to judge Sky mobile customer reviews at a glance, it’s safe to say you wouldn’t be all that impressed. Sky mobile reviews on Trustpilot have a disappointing overall score of just one out of five stars. With 79% of reviewers giving 1 star and 18% giving 5 stars, it’s safe to say that the Trustpilot results are pretty polarising. But to truly understand the negative, and indeed, positive opinions of Sky mobile customers we need to go much deeper than that.

When most people leave a review about a mobile provider they tend to focus on one or two themes that they were happy or unhappy with. If you’re a busy person, you won’t have time to read every review, cover every theme and therefore gauge the bigger picture. Here at Selectra, we’ve read every Sky Mobile review so that you don’t have to! We reveal the four most relevant themes that customers mention, so keep reading to find out what customers had to say.

1. Sky mobile coverage reviews

Customer opinions

When it comes to Sky Mobile coverage reviews, there are some very unhappy customers out there. But it’s not all bad news for Sky mobile network when it comes to coverage.

“Useless mobile coverage, and have left me with no WiFi calling…”

RichardSky mobile customer

“I have had nothing but issues with signal strength and being able to send a message and making phone calls, getting cut off constantly [mid-call] and people saying they are ring and texting me yet I’m not getting anything”

LiamSky mobile customer

What mobile network does Sky use?

It’s worth mentioning customer satisfaction with O2 network signal. Why? Because Sky is a mobile virtual network operator (or MVNO) that piggybacks off O2 network infrastructure. Because Sky mobile uses the O2 network the quality of signal received is influenced by the performance of O2’s mobile network. Ofcom found that 87% of customers surveyed were satisfied with their signal strength, which is the industry average.

Despite the negative reviews about signal strength Sky mobile also boasts 99% coverage across the UK on the 4G network, coming in around the industry average as well.

2. Sky mobile customer care reviews

Sky customer service team

When it comes to customer care, Sky mobile reviews are pretty scathing on the whole. Positive reviews for the provider, more often than not, tend to centre around things like pricing, plans or the speed of mobile phone delivery.

However, whenever there is a review that receives only one star out of five on Trustpilot it almost always tends to cite a negative customer service experience. So what do reviewers have to say about Sky Mobile’s customer care?

“Don't bother complaining as customer service is [non-existent] in fact they are just [outright] rude!”

AlanFormer Sky mobile customer

“The customer service I have received as a new customer has been terrible...still no closer to a resolution and the attitude from Sky is [atrocious]. Constantly being blocked from escalating the problem and no response to emails.”

JaxA new Sky mobile customer

“Very difficult to get through to customer service, opt for the text support service and conversations go on for days, literally.”

ElaineSky mobile customer

“The customer service I have received as a new customer has been terrible...still no closer to a resolution and the attitude from Sky is [atrocious]. Constantly being blocked from escalating the problem and no response to emails.”

JaxSky mobile customer

3. Handset repair reviews

Broken phones are never fun and Sky mobile customers definitely have a lot to say on the topic. Online, a large portion of customer feedback is dedicated to issues that required phone repairs or contain horror stories of malfunctioning handsets.

In the defence of the provider, technical problems with the mobile phone itself are down to the manufacturer of the phone and not a fault of the mobile network itself. If a customer is unhappy with the length of time that it takes for a phone to get repaired or with the level of customer support they received that is more understandable.

For customers who receive handsets with their Sky mobile phone plan, repairs may be dependant on the phone warranty and whether or not it’s still in date. You can find all the mobile manufacturer warranty information on the Sky website. Here you will find a list of manufacturers and you can click through to see your warranty rights in the UK.

“Apparently need a new iPhone. Need to return the current one and wait on a replacement. That means an estimated 1 week with no phone as this can't be done simultaneously."

AlisonSky mobile customer

Selectra tip when signing up for a phone plan make sure to read the fine print. It may be frustrating when we feel a provider doesn’t give us the compensation we deserve but if we were pre-warned in the fine print then there may be nothing a company can or indeed want to do to help you.

4. Sky mobile deals, pricing and switching

Mobile price, deals and switching

This is the area that fared the best in our analysis of customer feedback. When pricing was mentioned, happy customers seemed thrilled with Sky mobile’s unlimited talk and text or their data rollover feature, seeing it as great value for money. Here is an example of a customer preaching value for money on Sky Mobile plans:

“Switched to sky mobile and as an existing tv subscriber its costing me £5 per month for unlimited calls and texts and 1gb data with rollover. [Where] else can you get a better deal than that. Nowhere. Process was simple and quick.”

Lone RangerSky mobile customer

When it comes to switching to the mobile provider, there was also a lot of love for how quick and easy it is with Sky. Happy customers seemed satisfied with the speed they progressed from the point of purchase to being fully switched to the network.

“Having activated my SIM I requested to keep my number and provided SKY will my PAC code. They text to confirm and advised it would be done the next day. Less than 24hrs after getting my phone my old number had been transferred from EE to my new SKY account. Was worried about changing networks but needn’t have been it was a quick, easy process. Plus I ended paying less for my new phone per month than I was for my old one with EE.”

ClareSky mobile customer

Changed to sky SIM only deal recently. Great price, kept my original number which was ported over from O2 within 20hrs with no problems

SteveSky mobile customer

Selectra’s Verdict: Can you rely on the Sky mobile network?

Selectra's verdict

Overall, the feedback on Sky mobile is a mixed bag. So what do we think of Sky mobile all things considered? Well, we can’t say they are perfect but it’s not all bad.

On the plus side

Our favourite thing about the Sky mobile is the flexibility they offer in their plans. When we have heard from customers about this, they seem pretty ecstatic about features like data rollover which not only provides flexibility but also value for money on their plans. Similarly, when it came to switching to the provider, customers seem chuffed with the ease and speed at which this can be done.

On the downside

On the downside, satisfaction with Sky mobile customer service is low. Consumers value customer service very highly and we’d be lying to you if we said Sky mobile has the best customer service experience out there. If the pricing or plans work for you, it’s worth giving Sky mobile a go, but keep in mind the questions about signal quality and customer service raised by customers in their reviews.

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