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Shell Broadband Reviews and Customer Feedback

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In this Shell Broadband reviews guide we are going answer the question is Shell Broadband any good? To give you a complete picture of Shell Energy Broadband, we’ve compiled the best and worst customer reviews from around the internet. So, before you contact Shell Broadband to sign-up, make sure you read this guide carefully to make sure the provider is the right one for you and your home.

Shell Energy Broadband Review

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First of let’s take a look at the overview of Shell Broadband Reviews, Trustpilot for example, is a leading source of customer reviews and unfortunately for us, it doesn’t separate broadband reviews from the Shell Energy Gas and Electric arm of its business. This means it can be hard to get a clear picture of how well it scores.

What we’ve done is aggregated the feedback from the last 40 Shell Energy Broadband reviews on Trustpilot going back to June 9 2022. As you can see below, Shell Energy Broadband reviews from customers on Trustpilot have resulted in 2 out of 5 stars for the provider.

Trustpilot Rating for Shell Energy Broadband
Excellent Great Average Poor Bad Overall Rating
22.50% 2.50% 0% 5% 70% 1/5

Aggregated score based on the 40 most recent Shell Broadband reviews on Trustpilot.

Last updated: 30/06/2022

Positive Shell Broadband Reviews

Below are some of the positive Shell Broadband reviews left on Trustpilot.

I reported a fault with my broadband and an engineer was out within 12 hours. Customer service was really helpful via twitter, best way to get hold of them.

First contact with Shell. Spoke with Ross and Jason both excellent advisors patient and helpful. Great to talk to broadband company who are professional and understanding! Would recommend for price and customer service.

From first signing up with Shell, I have been so impressed. Broadband worked very well, any contact was dealt with speedily and efficiently. It was so lovely to have someone call me regarding a query I had. Great to speak to a human! Thank you! Great customer service, keep it up....

Negative Shell Broadband Reviews

There’s always two-sides to a story and as you can see below, customers were equally dissatisfied with the service received from Shell Broadband.

Stephan was very helpful and prompt in resolution of my Shell broadband issue.
UPDATE: After 2 days of working, broadband is down again and no phone line and I have to wait till next week for someone to fix it. Sadly I may have to move on from Shell due to very unpredictable and erratic service.

Previously with Post Office Broadband which was fine. Since Shell Energy took over completely useless. Constantly losing connection. Failed to inform me that my contract was up for renewal. Asked to upgrade to a bigger download speed and told it would take 2 to 4 works. All in all totally dissatisfied. Have decided to go elsewhere.

I have given one star unfortunately you can’t give zero as this broadband is the worst I have ever had even the guy that came to try and solve the problem said it is not fit for purpose. Beware if you do take it as the 14 cooling off period STARTS on the day you phone to take the broadband but they don’t set it up until after the 14 days.I cancelled on the day I received it realising it was not suitable and they charged me £287 YES £287. Steer clear of it.

Shell Energy Broadband Reviews: Price

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Shell Energy Broadband is renowned for its low-cost broadband packages, but what happens when you sign-up to a Shell Broadband deal? Will your price go up or is it fixed?

Whilst Shell Broadband states its prices are fixed on all its deals, you will still be subject to annual increases in-line with the CPI. These price increases are put into effect on April 1st each year. However, due to the economic situation that many households in the UK are facing, Shell Broadband decided not to increase its broadband prices for existing customers in 2022.

Absolutely useless company. My broadband has not worked properly for a month now. They offer such poor customer service that they are not able to correct the fault. I tried to submit yet another complaint after receiving my bill this afternoon and even that facility doesn't work. It's time to find another provider.

Despite numerous emails to Shell energy broadband my mum who is 83 hasn't received her credit of £333.This is causing her a great deal of financial stress especially during the current climate. Shell my mum has always paid her bill on time so do the decent thing and pay her credit back to her.I feel helpless watching her falling into depression whilst you treat her this way. Absolutely disgusting way to treat an oap,Now TV thank you the way you have treat my mum has been brilliant 👏. Fantastic customer service. Shell you are on notice,pay up or see you in court.

I wrote a first review several weeks ago describing the poor treatment by Shell of my recently bereaved elderly mother. I was trying to put her broadband account in her name as my father had passed away and move her onto a reasonably priced package as fixed term of the one my father had initially signed up for had expired so she was now paying £35 pm for basic broadband and calls. They said they would put the account her name but she would have to sign a new 24 month contract at this inflated price. The more reasonably priced deals were not available to her. Had I not not intervened she would have agreed to this. I think this opportunistic exploitative behaviour towards elderly bereaved customers is shocking. I was contacted four times by the Shell customer services team after writing the review asking for full details so that they could help. I have replied three times giving full details and have just received a fourth identical email asking again for "full details". Clearly they aren't reading anything sent to them either. My mother will move to a more ethical/professional supplier.

Shell Broadband Reviews: Speed

When you take into account broadband speed, most customers will either choose the Cheapest Broadband deal or be looking for the Fastest Broadband they can lay their hands on. As Shell Broadband uses the BT Openreach network, it isn’t able to fully control the speed of its packages. However, it’s important to mention that you should get a stable connection above all else with any Broadband Providers.

When looking at Shell Broadband reviews for speed and stability, its customers are mixed in their reviews. Some customers are happy and content with what they signed up for, whilst others haven’t received what they were sold.

I didn't ask to be a Shell Broadband customer. I signed up for Post Office broadband, but Shell bought them out and existing PO Broadband customers were forced to migrate to Shell or pay an early termination penalty. Shell customer service is hopeless, you waste huge amounts of time on the phone trying to contact these people, the broadband speed is glacially slow (and my broadband was meant to be fast but it was hopeless). I've just got rid of them and had to pay £157 for the privilege. Don't even think about becoming a Shell Broadband customer, it's not worth the time, money and stress. It's a rip off.

I have never had a problem in nearly a year - speed is reliable and it’s never down. Had a config issue and they quickly solved it via Twitter as I couldn’t get through help line.

The service I receive is very stable but only achieves 80% of advertised speed, the helpdesk is excellent, but the underlaying service provider (TalkTalk) is behind the times iro technology (Specifically IPV6) with no committed plans to implement. Also there are no options for faster connectivity from Shell Energy.

Shell Broadband Reviews: Customer Service

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The last thing we want to talk about is Shell Broadband reviews of its customer service. It might be at the bottom of this Broadband Guide, but it's by no means the least important thing to consider when Switching Broadband providers.

Whilst we hope that nobody ever needs to Contact Shell Energy Broadband, or whoever provides their internet connection, but you should consider what other customers think of Shell Broadband customer service before committing to a switch.

I transferred to SHELL BROADBAND from TALK TALK around 8 months ago because the service was abysmal and the customer service was useless! I only have basic internet but for my simple needs it is sufficient and has been working O.K. Today it suddenly packed in without warning , I phoned up customer service and was dealt with by a lovely lady called Aminat , maybe 15 or 20 minutes later my internet was up and running again , very happy because I have several important things to do today . Thank you once again for sorting my problem out.

Disappointing customer service for broadband services. Telephone lines are jammed meaning queues for over half an hour for even the most simple queries. Once my contract term ended, I emailed them to request termination and was told that in order to terminate I was required to phone and give a further 30 days notice in order to leave them, thus paying an inflated out of contracted period price. After this experience I shall certainly not be a returning customer.

This is my 3rd review about the shambolic service or l should say lack of it, that l've received in relation to my broadband. My 2nd review was simply about not receiving any follow up about my initial complaint. I did get a reply apologising that no one had been in touch and that someone would be in touch asap..that was the 20th May and still l wait. Looking forward to seeing how they reply to this review and it's now a joke that customer services haven't been in touch..poor poor poor.

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