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Shell Broadband has some of the cheapest broadband options available and often includes introductory pricing and other perks. If you’re thinking about switching to Shell Energy Broadband, check out the deals and reviews section. If you’re an existing customer then you can quickly find the best Shell Broadband contact number or learn more about the Shell Broadband login. Keep reading to learn all this and more in our Shell Broadband provider guide.

Who Owns Shell Broadband?

Previously known as First Utility, Shell Energy Broadband has only been around since 2018. Shell Broadband is one of several energy suppliers that also offers broadband to its customers and has established a good reputation for offering a wide range of competitive broadband deals with an 18-month minimum term as standard.

Looking For Information About Shell Energy Electricity and Gas? If you want to find out more about what deals Shell Energy has for gas and electricity, you can read our Shell Energy Guide to find out more.

What Network Does Shell Broadband Use?

Shell Broadband has a partnership with TalkTalk to use its network to provide broadband to its customers. That means you will have a similar experience in regards to speed, reliability, and service to what you would get with TalkTalk Broadband. However, Shell Energy Broadband provides its customers with its own customer service and billing.

Has Shell Taken Over the Post Office?

Yes, in August 2021 The Post Office sold its broadband service to Shell Energy. This deal was struck as the Post Office decided to exit the telecoms market after five years to focus on its core business of delivering mail. Shell Broadband transferred some 450,000 customers to its network and promised no changes or interruptions during the transition.

Shell Energy Broadband Contact Number

Shell Energy Broadband Contact Headset

Customers who have a Shell Energy Broadband problem or need help with their broadband account might need to call a Shell Energy Broadband contact number. For this you have four options to contact Shell Energy Broadband.

  1. Live chat
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Social Media

To avoid waiting on-hold for a Shell Broadband contact representative to answer, you might want to try the first two options. If your query is urgent we recommend Live Chat or Phone as the Shell Energy Broadband email can take up to 48 hours to get a reply.

Contact Shell Broadband

In the tables below you can find each way to contact Shell Broadband. If you have a problem with your Shell Energy Electricity or Gas account, you will need a different contact number that you can find in our Shell Energy Contact Guide, otherwise use the Shell Broadband contact options below.

Shell Broadband Phone Number
Department Shell Broadband Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Service and Sales 0370 863 7606 Mon to Sat 8am to 8pm
Sun 9am to 6pm

Last updated: 16/05/2022

Shell Broadband Email and Live Chat To send an email to Shell Broadband, or to chat with a customer service representative online, you will need to go to the Shell Energy website and choose the Contact Us option. You will then need to click See contact options button for Broadband. You should then scroll down and choose:

  Chat with us for Live Chat
  Email us to send an email via the contact form

Shell Broadband Reviews

Shell Broadband Reviews Pros and Cons

Choosing a broadband provider is an important decision as you’ll be tied in for up to two years, so it’s important to make sure you read all the reviews beforehand. In this section, we will find out how existing customers of Shell Broadband review the provider so you can make an informed decision whether to choose Shell Energy Broadband for your home.

Let’s begin by taking a look at Shell Broadband reviews on Trustpilot. We should point out that the Shell Energy Broadband Trustpilot score is representative of Shell Energy as a whole and they don't have a dedicated Trustpilot page for broadband. For the customer reviews below, we’ve filtered the results for Shell Broadband reviews.

Trustpilot Rating for Shell Energy Broadband
Excellent Great Average Poor Bad Overall Rating
51% 21% 8% 5% 15% 4.1/5

Representative of ALL Shell Energy reviews, not limited to Broadband.

Last updated: 16/05/2022

 Positive Shell Broadband Reviews

Whilst the majority of customers who have left a Shell Energy Broadband review have been dissatisfied with the service they’ve received, there are also some positive Shell Energy Broadband reviews from customers who are happy with the service. These customers praise the provider for its excellent customer service, especially when it comes to giving existing customers a new deal to persuade them not to Switch Broadband Provider.

I was about to switch broadband from BT to Shell, when BT came back with a better offer, so I had to cancel my switch. SHELL were as good as gold about it. Made me feel guilty for changing my mind

I spoke with Magdalena. I was planning on switching to Virgin Broadband, however, she offered me a great deal in return for retaining my custom, which I was more than pleased with, including a £30 cash back, one off gift. Magdalena listened well, was extremely polite and couldn't have been more obliging. I was thoroughly blown away by her helpfulness and provision.

I phoned shell to renew my broadband package, spoke with an agent called Alex, I found him to really helpful, he dealt with my renewal so professionally and was a pleasure to speak with. Very very happy.

I had a problem with the speed and quality of my broadband signal and spoke to Brandon from the call centre. He was really helpful, diagnosing the problem and taking the time to adjust the settings from his end. This boosted the signal and it has been tip top ever since. As I work from home using Zoom, this has been very important. Many thanks Brandon!

 Negative Shell Broadband Reviews

As we mentioned before, most customers have taken to the Trustpilot page to give a negative Shell Broadband review. The main reason for these negative Shell Broadband reviews seems to be regarding the providers mid-contract price increases, reliability issues, and lengthy wait times when trying to contact Shell Broadband.

Just let me know they’re ‘generously’ postponing a planned price increase for my broadband. Which means they plan to increase the price from the price I agreed to pay when I signed a contract with them. Apparently this is legal but I fail to see how this differs from fraud, especially as I am not allowed to cancel the contract when they increase their prices. Absolutely disgusted by Shell and will definitely be moving on at the end of my contract. Disgusting, unethical behaviour. Talk Talk didn’t even pull this sort of nonsense.

I do not recommend for broadband at all, my contract is so close to ending and all we have are internet problems, not to mention there were times I did not even get the correct speed promised. Internet keeps dipping and I have a 75mb line and only getting like 16mb. Not impressed so glad I changed suppliers.

Was switched from post office broadband to shell when they took it over and my contract end is going up £13 a month for the same broadband I had before! I also was told the next bill would be for 3 months and would be taken by DD. Not only that I have tried numerous times on the shell web site to get chat and they told me just call customer service. Have tried and all I listen to is music for over 50 minutes so gave up. Impossible to speak to a live person. TERRIBLE AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Almost 3 months on from my initial complaint, and what feels like hundreds of further attempts including emails and phone calls, Shell broadband are still yet to acknowledge my complaint and do anything about it. Shell broadband is not fit for purpose but they are continuing to bill me.

What Is Shell Broadband Like? As we can see from the Shell Broadband reviews, some customers are more than happy with the level of service they receive whilst other customers are extremely dissatisfied with the service. Online reviews do tend to receive more negative reviews than positive, as customers are more likely to be vocal about negative service than positive. We recommend that you thoughtfully compare broadband providers before making a decision.

Shell Energy Broadband Deals

Shell Energy Broadband Bill with Wi-Fi Icon

All Shell Energy Broadband deals come with an 18-month contract, after which your price will increase. We should also point out that Shell Energy Broadband deals also include a mid-contract price-rise based on the Consumer Price Index rate, plus 3%. So whilst Shell Energy Broadband might look like the Cheapest Broadband Deals, the price can become less competitive when you read the terms and conditions.

In the table below, you can find the latest Shell Energy Broadband deals that the provider has published on its website. We’ve included both the introductory rate and the price you will be expected to pay after your contract finishes.

Latest Shell Energy Broadband Deals
  Fast Broadband Unlimited Superfast Fibre Unlimited Superfast Fibre Plus Unlimited
Average Speed 11Mb/sec 38Mb/sec 67Mb/sec
Activation Charge      
Landline Included      
Unlimited Usage      
£50 Promotional Credit      
Minimum Term 18 Months 18 Months 18 Months
Price Per Month £17.99 £21.99 £23.99
Price After 18 Months £27.58 £32.88 £38.19

Last updated: 16/05/2022

There are also some hidden plans available that aren't published on the Shell Energy Broadband website. To sign-up for one of these Shell Energy Broadband deals you would need to contact Shell Energy Broadband. Below you can find details of these plans, however they do not include a promotional price and availability may vary.

Shell Broadband Deals - Full List
Shell Broadband Plan Average Speed Price Per Month
Fast Broadband Unlimited 11Mb/sec £27.58
Superfast Fibre Unlimited 38Mb/sec £32.88
Superfast Fibre Plus Unlimited 67Mb/sec £38.19
Ultrafast Fibre Unlimited 140Mb/sec £44.55
UltrafastFibre Plus Unlimited 290Mb/sec £49.86
Full Fibre 100 100Mb/sec £37.99
Full Fibre 200 200Mb/sec £42.99
Full Fibre 300 300Mb/sec £47.99
Full Fibre 500 500Mb/sec £52.99
Full Fibre 900 900Mb/sec £57.99
Home Phone Rental N/A £16.99

Last updated: 16/05/2022

Are Shell Broadband Prices Fixed? No, Shell Broadband states in its terms and conditions that the price you pay is subject to increases based on the CPI.

“Your monthly charges may increase each year from 2023 on or after 1 April by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation plus up to 3%. For example, if you’re paying £20 per month, and the January CPI figure is 2%, we may apply an increase of up to 5%. At 5%, your monthly price would increase to £21 after 1 April.”

Broadband providers will often link their prices to the CPI and pass on the rise in costs to its customers, it's important to read the terms and conditions of any broadband deal to see how the CPI cost is factored in. Some broadband providers such as Direct Save Telecom or italk offer fixed prices without a mid-contract price rise.

Does Shell Broadband Offer TV Deals?

Shell Broadband TV with Remote

At the time of writing, Shell Broadband doesn’t have any options for TV - they only provide an internet service. However, if you want a great value TV service then we would recommend checking out the award winning Netgem TV who offer more than 210 live channels and 50,000+ hours of on-demand content for as little as £10 a month when you sign up through Selectra.

Here's some of the features you get with Netgem TV:

  • 210+ live channels including Freeview!
  • 35+ apps
  • Premier Sports included (worth £12.99/month)
  • 40,000 hours of on-demand content
  • Choice of add-ons (BT Sport, Rakuten TV, BritBox, hayu, etc)
  • Unlimited Mobile TV
  • 4K TV box included (worth £149)

Alternatively, you might want to compare traditional TV Packages like those from Sky or BT TV. Another option is to use your broadband connection to take advantage of a Streaming Service like Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, or Paramount Plus UK.

Shell Broadband Login

Laptop for Shell Broadband Login

To manage your broadband account you will need a Shell Broadband login, otherwise you will need to contact Shell Broadband each time you need to make any adjustments to your account. With a Shell Broadband Login you can:

  • Upgrade your broadband package
  • Add and remove call features
  • View your Shell Broadband bills
  • Update contact information
  • View payments
  • Check your Shell Broadband service status

When you sign-up to Shell Energy Broadband, you will be able to register for a Shell Broadband login. To access your online account, you will need to use the email address and password you chose when you registered for the online account.

If you’ve forgotten your Shell Broadband login password, you can request a password reset from the login page. However, if you don’t remember the email address you used, or no longer have access to it, you will need to get in touch with Shell Broadband customer service to change it.

Shell Energy Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

How To Set Up Shell Broadband?

To set up Shell Broadband, you will first need to choose which plan you would like. After you’ve signed-up, Shell Broadband will assign you a ‘go-live date’. Next, you will need to wait for your Shell Broadband router to arrive in the post.

On your go-live date, you will need to plug in your Shell Broadband router and follow the instructions included in your welcome pack. If you have any problems during set up, you will need to contact Shell Broadband who will be able to help you.

How To Cancel Shell Broadband?

If you are switching to a different provider, or you don’t need broadband any longer you'll need to contact Shell Energy to request cancellation. You can do this by calling Shell Energy broadband customer service on 0330 094 5801.

Cancellation is free of charge, unless you’re still in contract. Below you can see how much you will need to pay in early-cancellation charges if you’re still in contract but want to cancel Shell Broadband.

Shell Broadband Early Cancellation Charges
Shell Energy Broadband Plan Cancellation Charge
Fast Broadband Unlimited £6.50
Superfast Fibre Unlimited £16.50
Superfast Fibre Plus Unlimited £18.50
Ultrafast Fibre Unlimited £18.50
UltrafastFibre Plus Unlimited £18.50
Full Fibre 100 £18.50
Full Fibre 200 £18.50
Full Fibre 300 £18.50
Full Fibre 500 £18.50
Full Fibre 900 £18.50

The cancellation charge is per month remaining on your contract, e.g. you have two months remaining, you should multiply the above charge by two.

Last updated: 16/05/2022

Is Shell Broadband Fast?

Unless you live in a full fibre area, you will be restricted to a maximum speed of 67Mbps. As Shell Broadband uses the TalkTalk network, which in turn uses BT Openreach, you will need to wait until BT Openreach has installed full fibre broadband to take advantage of the fastest broadband speeds.

Alternatively, you can check if your home is covered by Virgin Media if you need something faster and don’t want to wait for full fibre coverage from Shell Broadband.

Does Shell Broadband Use BT?

Yes, Shell Broadband uses the infrastructure provided by BT Openreach. Some local providers such as Community Fibre and KCOM build their own networks. Shell Broadband which is partnered with TalkTalk has chosen to use the BT Openreach network as it provides greater coverage in the UK.

Why Is My Shell Internet Not Working?

Your Shell Internet may not be working due to a number of reasons. The first thing you need to do if your Shell internet isn’t working is to reset your router by unplugging it from the power for 30 seconds to a minute, then plug it back in.

If it still isn’t working, you can check the service status in your Shell Broadband login. There it will tell you if Shell Broadband has detected any fault with your connection, or if there are any outages that are affecting your area - if so, Shell Broadband will also include any updates as to what the problem is and when you can expect service to be restored.

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