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italk might not the best-known broadband provider in the UK, you could be forgiven for thinking that this broadband provider is new on the market. It has, in fact, been on the market since 2007. italk offers broadband to suit all needs and budgets. In this broadband provider guide, we will take you through the italk broadband offer and help you decide if it’s the best option for your internet needs.

italk broadband seems to pride itself on making broadband simple, which is something we can certainly get behind. Its main focus, italk says, is on delivering “the best UK customer support and care” to all its broadband and phone customers. Since March 2020, italk claims to have grown its backend support team by 40%, without sacraficing its customer care standards.

This will be music to the ears of many who may be familiar with sub-par broadband customer service. We’re going to start by taking you through italk broadband offers so you can see for yourself whether it has something to suit you.

italk Broadband Deals

As we’ve already mentioned, italk broadband is a simple matter. It has just three broadband packages to choose from, which means you won’t have to um and ah too long about which to go for. Here they are:

italk broadband deals
Simply Broadband Fast Fibre Superfast Fibre
10 Mbps avg. download speed 35 Mbps avg. download speed 63 Mbps avg. download speed
£21.99 per month £30.49 per month £35.49 per month
£12.95 postage & packaging £12.95 postage & packaging £12.95 postage & packaging
24-month contract 24-month contract 24-month contract
Line rental included Line rental included Line rental included
Prices updated 03/05/2022

These speeds coincide more or less with those available from most broadband providers, with a cheaper standard broadband package and two fibre optic packages for households with more demanding usage habits. italk also runs off the Vodafone network to ensure you get a reliable connection.

Don’t understand what is meant by download speeds?For the difference between download and upload speed and how important each is, see our guide. For a clear idea as to what the above numbers actually mean and what speed your internet usage requires, see our guide to broadband speed.

In terms of price, italk broadband’s deals are more or less on par with the market average for their respective speeds. You may certainly be able to find the same, perhaps even faster, speeds advertised at cheaper prices elsewhere - so what does italk do to separate itself from the competition? Here are a few extra italk features:

  • 24-month fixed price guarantee
  • Router worth £99 included as standard
  • Unlimited usage allowance
  • UK call centre providing customer support
  • Calls packages and add-ons to choose from

With free routers and unlimited usage being pretty much standard in today’s market, what really separates italk broadband from the pack is its fixed-price guarantee.

If for nothing else, many users may decide on italk as a provider simply because of the assurance their bill won’t go up for a solid two-year period. Unlike some major providers who may increase your rate mid-contract, such as the recent BT price hike in early 2022, italk promises the same flat-rate for the duration of your contract.

With the cost of living on the rise, this is no small benefit and will give you peace of mind knowing that your internet bill is going to remain the same from month-to-month.

New Line Installation

If your home doesn't have a phone line you will need to have an engineer from italk visit to get you set up. This will cost a one-off £49 charge. Other providers might charge as much as £60 for a new line installation.

You will need a new line if:

  • You don't have an existing line
  • Your property has/had Virgin Media
  • You have a new build property

italk Call Packages & Add-ons

As we’ve mentioned, italk broadband offers its subscribers to option to add calls packages and add-ons to their deal. Line rental is included, and you’re under no obligation to add any such package or even install a handset in your home if you don’t want one.

We would say italk offer a pretty reasonably priced set of calls packs, as we don’t think you’d find comparable packages for less. Here’s a summary of the calls packages you can add to your italk broadband deal and how much each would set you back:

italk call packages
Evening & Weekend Anytime International
£2 per month £7 per month £1.50 per month
Free calls to UK landline numbers at evenings and weekends Free calls to UK landline numbers at all times Calls to 21 designated countries* charged at 3p per minute

italk Evening & Weekend Calls

If you like to have a natter with friends and family, then adding the italk unlimited evening and weekend package is perfect for you. From 6pm to 6am Monday to Friday, and anytime during the weekend, you can call any UK landline number (those starting 01, 02, 03 and 0845) for free.

It's worth mentioning that most evening and weekend call packages from other providers tend to start at 7pm.

The only limitation is that each call is restricted to 60 minutes, but you can hang-up and redial right away to avoid additional charges.

italk Anytime Calls

Similar to the evening and weekend offering, the italk anytime calls package offers unlimted calls to UK landlines (those starting 01, 02, 03 and 0845) 24/7. Again, the free calls are restricted to 60 minutes, so don't forget to hang-up and redial to avoid extra charges popping up on your bill if you've subscribed to this italk add-on.

italk International Calls

If you've got friends or loved ones living abroad, calling them can get pretty expensive. To help ease the burden of high-priced long-distance calls, you can take advantage of the italk international calls package. With this italk add-on, you get a reduced rate on calls to landlines in 21 countries such as:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. Denmark
  7. Estonia
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Ireland
  12. Italy
  13. Malaysia
  14. New Zealand
  15. Norway
  16. Portugal
  17. Poland
  18. Spain
  19. Sweden
  20. Switzerland
  21. United States

Each international call you make with the italk international calls add-on will cost you 3p per minute plus a call connection fee of 15.9p.

Don’t get caught out after an hour!As is the case for all UK providers, inclusive calls are only inclusive up to 60 minutes. This means that after the initial hour has passed, you will be charged the standard rate for every minute thereafter. Avoid paying for a call that should be inclusive by hanging up before the hour and redialling!

Aside from calls packages, italk broadband customers can also add extra calls features to their deal should they wish to. Here is a list of features available to add with italk, including how much each would set you back:

  • Call minder: £3.12 per month
  • Choose to refuse: £2.40 per month
  • Three-way calling: £2.60 per month
  • Anonymous call rejection: £2.60 per month
  • Call diversion: £2.60 per month
  • Call waiting: £3.60 per month
  • Reminder call: £2.60 per month
  • Ring back: £2.60 per month
  • Call redirect: £7.60 per month
  • Remote call forwarding: £24 per month

These are just a few of the dozens of extra calls features you can add, the complete list of which is available on the italk website along with pricing information. They can be found on the italk rate card, which also contains information on early termination fees and extra charges you can expect to receive (such as a £4.49 paper bill charge).

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italk Phone Only Deal

Some people may not want or need a broadband connection, if you need just a phone line then italk also offers phone only services. italk offers two packages for its phone only deal:

italk Phone Only Deals
italk Package Includes Price Per Month
italk now and then
  • line rental
  • evening and weekend calls
italk all the time
  • line rental
  • anytime calls


gold laptop woth stars around it

While italk seems to offer no mobile app, you can log in to your italk account online via the My Account section of its website. To access this you will need the username and password which you set up on registering for your account.

Unfortunately, if you can’t remember your username or password there seems to be no easy route for recovering either, as is common on other similar sites. If this is the case we would suggest that you contact italk customer service team to see if they can help you - for this, we would recommend having your account number (which should be available on a recent bill) to hand so that you can identify yourself over the phone.

When you do manage to get yourself signed in, you can use your italk login to manage your account, view your bills, and make payments online. For more information about italk login, see the italk website.

italk Customer Reviews

We’ve now run you through everything you need to know about italk broadband deals except one pretty important aspect - what its users think.

A quick glance at italk’s entry on the customer review site Trustpilot is promising. The provider gets a TrustScore of 4.7 out of 5, with 82% of 14,414 italk reviews giving it the best score of Excellent and 91% of them recording a positive experience. The majority of these reviews cite a very easy setup process:

I have just signed up to ITALK and I can't recommend them enough the advisor I spoke to was very helpful and explained everything to me. I look forward to being a long term customer thank you.

It does seem that customers are encouraged when they sign up to italk to go to Trustpilot to leave a positive review, which would explain its excellent rating. The fact that so many customers have been happy to do so, however, speaks to the helpfulness of italk’s customer service agents, as this customer points out:

Can't fault italk had a few issues with activation which were beyond their control was sorted quickly.

It’s also true that, if italk was neglecting customers after the signup process, these positive reviews would have been counterbalanced by an equal measure of complaints. We will certainly be keeping an eye on italk reviews in the future to see if this happens, but at the moment it seems that the provider is keeping its customers satisfied.

Contact italk

If you’re looking to get in touch with italk broadband, there are a number of ways you can go about it. You may just want a number to call so that you can speak with an italk customer service agent over the phone or maybe you'd prefer to email to write to the provider. Whatever your case, you can find the italk contact information in the table below:

How to get in touch with italk
italk Contact
italk Customer Services 0330 1914 970
italk Email [email protected]
italk Address 6, The Gemini Business Centre
136-140 Old Shoreham Road
Hove, East Sussex

Phone lines are open from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 5.30pm on Saturday

To avoid being kept waiting, you also have the alternative to request a callback by filling in a form on the italk website. If you’ve filled in the form correctly, this will also ensure the right person to answer your query calls you back.

italk also has one of the fastest average call waiting times for its customer service team when compared to some of the most well-known providers.

Average Call Waiting Times and Non-Connected Call Ratio
Provider Average Waiting Time Calls That Ended Before Contact
Average 04:09 10.7%
italk 01:17 1.1%
BT 03:28 14.4%
EE 01:15 5.1%
KCOM 03:19 21.6%
Plusnet 04:52 13.9%
Post Office 01:59 6.5%
Sky 03:21 5.8%
TalkTalk 01:46 -
Virgin Media 07:40 -
Vodafone 03:25 11.6%

Official data from Ofcom

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we’re going to run you through some common queries to those looking for information about italk:

italk Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to switch to italk?

When you decide to switch, italk will contact your existing provider for you and you won’t have to do anything. From the moment you tell italk you want to switch, it will take 2-3 weeks to activate your package, and italk will let you know via text and/or email when it’s all done and you’re ready to go.

Will my service be interrupted during the process?

No, italk will ensure that the change happens without a blink in your internet service. If you don’t have an existing connection, however, it can take up until midnight on your activation date before your connection goes live.

Can I keep my old phone number?

Yes. Just let the italk Customer Care team know that you want to keep your old number and they will sort it for you.

Can I keep my service if I move house?

Yes. You’ll need to contact the Customer Care team by phone or by email ([email protected]) to let them know and they will arrange the transfer to your new address.

When will I receive my italk router?

Your router will be sent to your home once your broadband order has been confirmed, it should arrive shortly before your italk broadband service is activated.

How can I pay for italk broadband?

All italk packages are paid for by direct debit with your first payment being taken four to six weeks after you subscribe.

How much are calls with italk?

If you don't have an add-on call package, you will be billed for each call you make. At the time of writing the italk call costs are:

italk standard call costs
Type of call Cost per minute
UK Mobiles (starting 07) £0.20
Landlines (starting 01, 02, 03) £0.20
0844 / 0871 Local rate
0870 Set by provider
Premium Rate (starting 09) Set by provider

correct as of 03/05/2022

italk Broadband

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italk Broadband Deals

24-month contract

Basic ADSL Internet £21.99 /month plus £12.95 P&P

Easy Sign Up

  • Affordable option for light internet use
  • Average download speed of 10 Mbps
  • UK based customer care & support

24-month contract

Basic ADSL Internet £21.99 /month plus £12.95 P&P

Easy Sign Up

  • Affordable option for light internet use
  • Average download speed of 10 Mbps
  • UK based customer care & support

24-month contract

Fast Fibre Internet £30.49 /month plus £12.95 P&P

Easy Sign Up

  • Perfect for binge-watching and gaming
  • Average download speed of 35 Mbps
  • UK based customer care & support
Phone 01704 468005

24-month contract

Superfast Fibre Broadband £35.49 /month plus £12.95 P&P

Easy Sign Up

  • The best choice for large households
  • Average download speed of 63 Mbps
  • UK based customer care & support
Phone 01704 468005

24-month contract

Fast Fibre Internet £30.49 /month plus £12.95 P&P

Easy Sign Up

  • Perfect for binge-watching and gaming
  • Average download speed of 35 Mbps
  • UK based customer care & support
Phone 01704 468005

24-month contract

Superfast Fibre Broadband £35.49 /month plus £12.95 P&P

Easy Sign Up

  • The best choice for large households
  • Average download speed of 63 Mbps
  • UK based customer care & support
Phone 01704 468005