italk Broadband - UK Telecom Provider Reviews

italk are not new on the UK broadband scene: they’ve been around since 2007 and have slowly built up a reputation as a trusted and reliable provider. But don’t just take this from us - their 8.9/10 rating on Trustpilot basically speaks for itself. 78% of reviewers give them the five star “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot, with less than 10% of reviewers finding a reason to complain.

Their deals are straightforward, just like the reviews, and if history is anything to go by you won’t be disappointed by their service. They say that reliable broadband doesn’t have to be a luxury - we say Amen! Let us break italk’s offer down for you:

italk Broadband Deals…

As we said, italk’s offer is simple - because why complicate things? They have three broadband packages catering to three types of internet user:

italk's broadband packages
Unlimited Broadband
Unlimited Fibre
Unlimited Superfast Fibre

Whether you’re a casual internet user on a budget, a large binge-watching family or an avid gamer - you’ll find what you need here. Every deal is unlimited with no hidden fees, comes with line rental as standard and a free router worth £99.

What’s more, each deal comes with italk’s 24 month fixed price promise, so you can expect the same cheap price for two full years after starting your contract. The only added charge you can expect is the £6.95 postage & packaging charge for delivery of the equipment!


If you’re a talker, italk have got you covered there as well. As well as saving you up to £20 per month on line rental, they offer a great selection of add-ons you can choose to suit your habits.

italk Reviews - the UK’s Best-Loved Provider?

As we said, you’d be hard-pressed to find happier customers than italk customers. But what’s making them so happy? They say it’s quite simple - fast, reliable speeds at good prices, and a friendly UK-based customer support team ready to handle their problems:

italk review 1

Another point that many reviews share is the ease of switching and getting set up. Once you decide to switch and sign up online, italk will handle the whole process for you, from cancelling your previous deal to installing your new router. The following review was one of several to laud them for this:

italk review 2

And not only is it easy, but italk will offer both you and the friend you recommend them to £50 if you convince them to switch. That is certainly an enticing strategy if you have friends or family also looking for a new broadband provider.