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SGN, previously known as Scotia Gas Networks, is the gas transporter for Scotland and the South of England, delivering to 5.9 million household and business properties and 17 million people. SGN covers some of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK, including Glasgow and two of the UK’s capital cities: Edinburgh; and London (for North London see National Grid.This gas is transported through their extensive piping infrastructure of over 74,000km, enough distance to fly from Edinburgh to London and back 111 times!

Shown below by the numbers one and six, you can see that SGN covers all of Scotland and part of the South of England:

If you are interested in pursuing a career working for SGN, click here to visit their careers page.

For any customer service quiery that you may have, you are able to contact the SGN customer service department by using any of the following methods:

Customer Information
0800 912 1700
SGN Customer Services
Inveralmond House
200 Dunkheld Road