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Northern Powergrid

Northern Power Grid Logo

Northern Powergrid is the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the North East of England, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. This includes large urban areas such as Leeds, Newcastle and Hull. It delivers electricity to around 3.9 million homes and businesses across the regions inside its coverage, serving 8 million people.

This is done by taking the electricity supplied by National Grid’s transmission network and transporting it using North Powergrid’s extensive distribution network, consisting of 60,000 substations, 58,000 miles of overhead and underground lines (enough distance to travel from Leeds to New York and back 8 times). This large network has created employment for around 2,500 people.

What is a substation?A substation is somewhere high voltage electricity passes through in order to reduce the volatge and make it safe to be distributed to homes and businesses.

Below is a map of the distribution network in the UK showing the area Northern Powergrid covers.

Map showing Northern Power Grid's distribution in the UK
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For any customer service quieries, below you have a table that contains all the contact information you can use to contact the customer service department at Northern Powergrid.

Customer Information
Northern Powergrid
North East England
0800 66 88 77
Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire
0800 375 675
Customer Care Manager
Northern Powergrid
Manor House
Station Road
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