This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

Better Energy is now PFP: your queries answered

Better Energy was a UK gas supplier that launched in 2010 and ultimately closed in March 2020. Were you a Better Energy customer? Read on to find out what's happened to your energy supply and customer account.

Domestic market: Great Britain Low gas rates
Number of customers: Less than 100,000 License revoked in March 2020
Fuel type: Gas only (sources undisclosed) No smart meters

Better Energy no longer provides gas or electricity. The UK energy supplier had its license revoked on 20 March 2020. All Better Energy customers have been transferred to PFP Energy.

FAQs for Better Energy customers

1) What happened to Better Energy?

Even though many customers were transferred to a new provider as early as December 2019, Better Energy officially had its license revoked in March 2020 after it failed to join the Data Communications Company (DCC)* by Ofgem’s deadline (which was originally set for November 2017).

*The DCC serves as the energy sector’s communication infrastructure for smart meters.

2) Will my gas supply be cut off?

Better Energy customers can rest assured that their gas supply will not be interrupted at any time throughout the transfer process to the new provider.

3) Will I have to pay more with the new provider?

Former Better Energy customers should have already received their new energy prices in the welcome pack from the new provider. If you are not happy with your new rates, you are free to change to a different plan. You will not be charged an exit fee for switching to a different provider.

4) My account was in credit. Will I get my money back?

The newly appointed energy provider will honour your credit balance with Better Energy. You should receive a final bill from the Better Energy that confirms your current balance, which will be transferred to the new provider.

5) I don’t want to be with PFP. Can I move to another supplier?

Customers will not be charged any sort of termination fee for switching to a new supplier, even if your Better Energy tariff included one. We recommend comparing energy tariffs in your area to find the best one to suit your household’s energy needs.

Better Energy reviews: what did customers say?

On customer review site Trustpilot, Better Energy has just 39 reviews and an overall rating of just 1.8 out of five stars. Of the customers who left reviews, 51% rated the company as either poor or bad.

In the months before the company closed, a few common complaints stand out in the customer reviews. Many former customers who had already switched to a different provider left reviews saying that Better Energy had yet to refund their credit, which ranged from around £50 to nearly £800.

“Better Energy did not cancel my direct debit when my contract ended and now owes me over £750. I was told it would take 10 days to process the refund but that was almost 4 weeks ago.”

Marion EdwardsTrustpilot review

Even almost a year before the supplier officially had its license revoked, customers were already posting reviews that accused Better Energy of increasing their direct debit payment and holding on to the credit.

“I regularly submitted my reading at the end of every month but the company is not generating my bill. . . . They have been charging more than I use [for] the energy via direct debit and [it] requires refund from their side so neither generating the bill nor refunding the money back. I'll strongly advise to stay away from this company.”

NustratTrustpilot review

Are you curious what customers have to say about your new provider? Check out our guide on PFP Energy reviews to see how the reviews compare to those for Better Energy.

Better Energy Login: What happens to my account?

Are you trying to access the Better Energy login page? You will need to open a new online account with the new supplier. To open a new account, go to PFP’s homepage, and click on the orange button that says My Account in the top right corner.

You will be directed to a new page. Scroll down a but until you see where it says Login on the left side, and Register on the right in orange letters. You will need to enter your account number (which can be found in your welcome pack) and your postcode in the Register box.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to manage your energy account entirely online. For more information about what you can do with your online account, check out our PFP Energy login guide (coming soon!)

What happens to my tariff?

gas bill

Better Energy offered five main gas tariffs. There was one prepayment tariff, and four were available as direct debit. While they weren't the cheapest supplier, their tariffs were generally good value for money.

Better Energy customers will be put on a tariff with a different name. The terms will still be the same, except for your new rates are not guaranteed to be the same as your old rates.

To find out more about tariffs with your new provider, check out our PFP tariff guide.

How do I submit a meter reading?

Instead of submitting your meter reading to Better Energy, you must now submit it to PFP. You can either submit your meter reading online or by calling the newly appointed supplier.

We recommend that you hold on to your meter readings until your account has been completely transferred from Better Energy to the new supplier and any credit or debt has been sorted.

If you’re tired of having to submit meter readings, you should think about having a smart meter installed. The smart meter will automatically send meter readings to your supplier, as well as keep you updated on your energy use in near real time.

What is the Better Energy contact number?

Information in this guide is no longer being updated since the closure of this supplier. All information presented here was correct at time of original publication and is for reference purposes only. For more up to date information please contact the new supplier directly.

The Better Energy contact number is no longer in service. Former Better Energy customers will need to contact the newly appointed supplier to speak with a representative. Visit our PFP Energy Contact guide for current details.

Better Energy contact numbers
Department Phone number Opening hours
Customer service (now PFP) 0177 239 5777 Monday to Friday: 9am-9pm
Power cut 105 24/7
Gas emergency 0800 111 999 24/7
Energy Ombudsman 0330 440 1624 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm
*Last updated: May 2021

What's the contact number for complaints?

Information in this guide is no longer being updated since the closure of this supplier. All information presented here was correct at time of original publication and is for reference purposes only. For more up to date information please contact the new supplier directly.

If you have an open complaint with Better Energy, the new supplier is not required to take it on. If the complaint is not related to Better Energy, you will need to raise it with your new supplier.

You can contact the new supplier on 0177 239 5777. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

If you have escalated your complaint with Better Energy to the Energy Ombudsman (or another third party), you can expect to hear back about your situation shortly.

Better Energy Fuel Mix: Did it supply electricity?

Better Energy was a gas-only supplier. Even though the supplier obtained a license to supply electricity, it never actually started selling and providing it to households. Better Energy never disclosed its fuel mix data for gas.

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