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Preston based energy supplier PFP Energy aims to keep its bills and tariffs simple for its customers. Offering fixed-rate, variable-rate and prepayment tariffs, as well business energy tariffs. This could make PFP Energy suitable for a wide range of customers.

Who is PFP Energy?

PFP Energy Ltd is a gas and electricity supplier based in Preston. It started trading in 2015 and brands itself as keeping its tariffs competitive, its billing simple, and putting its customers first.

The supplier used to be a non-for-profit organisation, working in conjunction with Places for People and reinvested all of its profits in social projects. However, it is now a private energy company. PFP Energy acquired all of Better Energy's customers in late 2019.

What does PFP stand for?

The phrase PFP stands for Places For People. Before launching as a private company in 2015, PFP Energy was known as Places for People Energy. The new branding saw the name shortened to just the initials.

Reviews - Is PFP Energy any good?

PFP Energy reviews are generally positive. Customers seem generally relatively happy with the service they receive.

In the 2017 Which? survey, it had a 76% positive rating and came 3rd out of 31 energy companies rated by the website, beating companies which are much bigger and have been in operation for much longer so they must be doing something right!

It gained a five-star rating for ease of switching and managed to process 100% of switches within the limit of 21 days. Customer reviews of the time claimed the process is pain-free and that they received their welcome pack promptly.

On Trustpilot, it has a score of 3.6/5, at the time of writing. Here customers mention the friendliness and efficiency of the supplier’s customer service.

Customer service

Customer service by telephone at PFP Energy has been rated slow on most of the leading review websites. Customers took an average of 3.01 minutes (Citizens Advice) to get through on the customer service telephone number, at the time of writing. PFP Energy customer reviews also mention waiting times of a few days to receive replies to emails.

The only recurring problems customers focus on are reports of being "stalked" by the company after leaving, claiming that they had paid their final bill but kept receiving emails and letters saying that they owed money.

Overall, it seems that PFP Energy is doing a good job of keeping customers happy. Customer service seems strong. Discover more about the supplier’s customer service and get an idea of customer reviews in our dedicated PFP Energy reviews page.

Login and account management

One of PFP Energy’s promises is to keep account management and billing simple. One of the ways they have of doing this is having an online account from which customers can manage their energy more easily.

The My PFP Energy account allows customers to submit meter readings online, keep an eye on their energy usage, make payments, view their bills and set up direct debit payments if they wish.


There is currently no PFP Energy app available. Customers wishing to manage their account online need to use the My PFP Energy account service which is accessible from the supplier’s website.

Meter readings

gas meter

To make sure that customers have more accurate bills, PFP Energy encourages customers to submit meter readings once or twice a month.

The easiest way to submit PFP Energy meter readings is through your online account. Log in to your account and click the ‘Meter Readings’ option. This will take you to a new page where you can enter your meter readings and submit them to the PFP team.

If you have more than one property with PFP Energy, you need to select the right property before you can enter your meter readings.

Tariffs and prices

As part of its promise to keep energy simple, PFP Energy offers these tariffs: Green Variable, Simple Clear and Fixed.

These tariffs are available as dual fuel, electricity only and gas only tariffs, and also have Economy 7 alternatives for customers with Economy 7 meters.

Like all variable-rate tariffs, the Simple Clear Energy tariff has no end date and prices can change based on the wholesale cost of energy.

Discounts are offered to customers who opt for dual fuel tariffs. Prices could also change if you pick the "Paperless" version of a tariff, where available.

PFP Energy also has one prepayment tariff. Again, this can be taken out as a dual fuel, gas-only or electricity-only tariff, and there is an Economy 7 version available.

Exit fees

PFP’s fixed-rate tariff imposes early exit fees. These kick in if you choose to leave the tariff outside of the cooling off periods.


The exact cost of a PFP Energy tariff will vary depending on area and how much energy you use.

Business tariffs

PFP Energy also has a range of business tariffs suitable for companies of all sizes. It offers OJEU compliant tariffs for bigger companies and independent outsourced bill validation. PFP Energy can also help you if your property is void or vacant by providing unique management solutions.

The company provides "energy clinics" at local events to help businesses assess if they are paying too much for their business energy needs and how they can pay less.

PFP Energy wants to help its customers avoid these and make sure they contact companies when their 12-month contract ends to put them onto a new deal.

What do you need to open a PFP Energy business account?

To open a business account with PFP Energy you will need one of the following documents:

  • Confirmation from the landlord or brewery (Tenancy Agreement)
  • Confirmation from the solicitor handling the move
  • Copy of the mortgage completion letter (if property bought)

Along with:

  • Photo I.D (copy)
  • Moving in date
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Opening meter reading(s)

Fuel mix

Fuel mix refers to where a company gets its energy from, such as natural gas or renewable sources.

At the time of writing, PFP Energy stated in its fuel mix disclosure that it got 2.6% of its electricity from renewable sources. The main source of PFP’s energy is natural gas. This information, which is outside of Selectra's purview, may change depending on PFP Energy and its operation.

Smart Meters

PFP Energy customers interested in getting a smart meter can register their interest by filling out the PFP Energy smart meter form.

If you already have a smart meter installed by another supplier, you will need to contact PFP Energy to see if they can support it.


There are a number of ways to contact PFP Energy. In the table below we have listed some of the main contact details available. For more detailed information on how to contact the supplier, including how to place a complaint, head to our PFP Energy contact guide.

Jobs with PFP Energy

All current PFP Energy jobs are advertised on the supplier’s website. Quite varied vacancies may appear, such as Business Analyst and Project Manager, as well as Customer Service agents. Keep an eye on the ‘About Us’ section on the provider’s website for a job that might suit you.

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