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PFP Energy (Places for People Energy)

PFP Energy (Places for People Energy) are an ex not-for-profit energy supplier. Previously they worked in conjunction with Places for People and reinvested all of their profits in social projects. However, now they are run as a private company. They want customers to feel in control and keep their billing simple and easy to understand.

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PFP Energy Reviews

PFP Energy tagline poster: 'Energy made simple'
Source: PFP Energy.

Although it is still a relatively new company, PFP Energy generally has very positive reviews online. Its number of customers is rocketing, with customers seemingly happy with the service they recieve from this little known supplier.

On Which? they have a76% positive rating and have consistently come at the top of their customer satisfaction table. Most recently, they have come 3rd out of 31 energy companies rated by the website. They beat companies which are much bigger and have been in operation for much longer so they must be doing something right!

Opinions of PFP Energy were overwhelmingly positive. From 100,000 calls they had 99 calls to outside bodies for complaints that couldn’t be resolved. In the majority of cases 63.1% of customers said that billing with the company was accurate.

Additionally, PFP Energy gained a five-star rating for their ease of switching and managed to process 100% of switches within the limit of 21 days. Customers commented that the process was pain-free and that they received their welcome pack promptly.

Customer service

Customer service by telephone at PFP Energy was rated slow on most of the leading review websites. Customers took an average of 3.18 minutes to get through on the customer service telephone number. In the Which? Survey the longest time to get through to a customer service agent was 5 minutes.

This is considerably faster than most of the big six energy suppliers and much faster than the slowest company to answer its telephones, EON, which in some cases took more than 30 minutes to answer calls. However, it is still far behind the fastest company, Bulb Energy, which answered phone calls within 27 seconds.

Customers also mentioned waiting times of a few days to receive replies to emails. On Trustpilot, they have an 83% score from 1788 reviews. Only 5% of reviews of Trustpilot were negative. Although getting through to customer service can take some time, customers on Trustpilot mentioned that staff were friendly and dealt with their problems efficiently.

The only recurring problems customers had seemed to be focused on when they left the company. Many customers mention being "stalked" by the company after leaving, claiming that they had paid their finaly bill but kept recieving emails and letter saying that they owed money.

Overall, it seems that PFP Energy are doing a good job of keeping customers happy while they are with the company. Their customer service seems excellent although the waiting times to get through to someone could be a little faster.

We would recommend that customers should be wary if they are switching away from the company and ensure that they give final meter readings to ensure that they don't get any nasty debt letters in the post.

Account Login

PFP Energy login graphic: 'Log into my account'
Source: PFP Energy.

One of PFP Energy’s promises is to keep account management and billing simple. One of the ways they have of doing this is having an online account from which customers can manage their energy more easily.

To make sure that customers have more accurate bills PFP Energy encourage customers to submit their meter readings every month to make sure they are more accurate. Customers can do this quickly and easily by merely entering their username and password and accessing their account through the online portal.

Customers can also get help through their online account and request a callback from a customer service agent, saving them time and hassle. If you would like to set up an online account at PFP Energy or access your account now, you can do so by clicking on the button below:

PFP Energy Account Login

Tariffs and Prices

As part of their promise to keep energy simple, PFP Energy have just two main direct debit tariffs: The “Together” fixed tariff and the “Simple Fair Energy” tariff. While PFP Energy isn’t the cheapest supplier on the market, they are consistently beating the big six on price. They also offer discounts to people who go paperless and pay by direct debit

Pound sign with downward facing arrows to the side
Source: PFP Energy.

The company puts a strong focus on the accuracy of their bills and encourage customers to send a meter reading every month to make sure that their bills are correct. PFP Energy also has a prepayment tariff option for customers who want to have more control over how much you are spending on your gas and electricity.

With a prepayment meter you load credit onto a card or key which is then inserted into the meter and used on a pay as you go basis.

With PFP it's easy to top-up by visiting your nearest PayPoint, Post Office or Payzone. Unfortunately at the moment they don't have online or app based top-up like some of the other companies more focused on prepayment such as Economy Energy and White Rose Energy.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for PFP Energy's standard variable tariff:

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Membership Fee (per month) TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price membership fee (Per Month) TCR
Northern Scotland 14.7101p £456.01 18-04p 19.19p 3.43p £428.75 30.67p 17.44p
Southern Scotland 13.6453p £423.00 35.99p 17.88p 3.60p £450.00 30.67p 18.13p
North East EN 13.9346p £431.97 36.09 18.18p 3.64p £455.00 30.67p 18.29p
North West EN 14.2194p £440.80 34.03p 18.23p 3.75p £468.75 37.82p 19.57p
Yorkshire 13.7478p £426.18 36.14p 18.00p 3.61p £451.25 30.97p 18.20p
Merseyside & N Wales 15.1901p £470.89 35.44p 19.36p 3.70p £462.50 32.01p 18.69p
East Midlands 13.9825p £433.46 34.02 17.99p 3.35p £418.75 30.67p 17.12p
West Midlands 14.0514p £435.59 34.98p 18.17p 3.55p £443.75 31.62p 18.04p
East EN 13.7666p £426.76 35.36p 17.93p 3.60p £450.00 32.01p 18.28p
South Wales 14.3961p £446.28 35.38p 18.56p 3.65p £456.25 30.97p 18.36p
London 13.7046p £424.84 35.31p 17.86p 3.66p £457.50 31.11p 18.42p
South East EN 14.0209p £434.65 35.29p 18.18p 3.63p £453.75 30.67p 18.25p
South West EN 15.1912p £470.93 36.03p 19.43p 3.60p 450.00 33.57p 18.47p

Last Updated: April 2018

In order to get an accurate quote you can contact PFP Energy on their website. However, to get a current personalised quote to see if you could save by switching supplier give us a call.

Energy Mix

PFP Energy has a reasonably standard fuel mix. They are using a slightly higher amount of renewable energy than the national average of 24.2%. Their use of nuclear energy is much less than the national average of 21%.

This means that while they are better than the national average, they aren’t an exceptionally environmentally friendly company for those customers who are interested in green energy. If you are interested in renewable energy it might be worth checking out some of our reviews of "green" suppliers such as Bulb Energy or Good Energy.

You can see the full breakdown of PFP Energy's fuel mix below.

Smart Meters

PFP Energy isn’t currently installing smart meters for their customers. For customers who already have smart meters installed, PFP will treat them as a standard meter. You will have to submit meter readings as usual on a monthly basis.

Hands pressing buttons on a smart meter
Source: PFP Energy.

Smart meters are designed to replace the electricity and gas meters which you have installed in your house. They do exactly the same job but they send meter readings direct to your energy suppliers without anyone having to come round and look at them.

That means that you save time taking meter readings and also means that your bills are more accurate. Due to new Ofgem regulations, all companies will have to start rolling out smart meters to their customers before 2020 in order to comply to the new rules.

Waiting might not be all bad though. It might actually work out in favour of PFP customers, as there is also currently a switch between the older SMET1 meters and new generation SMET2 meters, which are touted as being greatly improved and which make it easier for customers to switch between suppliers.

If you'd like to know more about smart meters and how they can help you save money then you can check out our Ultimate Guide.

PFP Business Energy

PFP Energy have also have a range of business tariffs suitable for companies of all sizes from microbusinesses up to large multinationals.

PFP Energy has been providing "energy clinics" at local events to help businesses assess if they are paying too much for their business energy needs and how they can pay less. According to Ofgem up to 10% of microbusinesses are on "deemed tariffs," which are basically the business version of a standard variable tariff. In some cases they can be up to 80% more expensive than a negociated contract.

PFP Energy wants to help its customers avoid these and make sure they contact companies when their 12 month contract ends to put them onto a new deal. When customers move into a property which is supplied by PFP Energy or if they want to move to them when they move into a new property then they need to provide PFP Energy with the following documents:

What do you need to open a PFP Energy business account?

To open a business account with PFP Energy you will need one of the following documents:

  • Confirmation from the landlord or brewery (Tenancy Agreement)
  • Confirmation from the solicitor handling the move
  • Copy of the mortgage completion letter (if property bought)

Along with....

  • Photo I.D (copy)
  • Moving in date
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Opening meter reading(s)

With its business energy tariffs PFP provides OJEU compliant tariffs for bigger companies and independent outsourced bill validation. PFP Energy can also help you if your property is void or vacant by providing unique management solutions.

In order to find out how PFP Energy can help you with your business gas and electricity you can check out their dedicated business energy webpage.


It's easy to find information about PFP Energy and get a better idea about what they have to offer you by visiting their website. If you'd like to contact PFP Energy for general enquiries the quickest way is probably contacting them on the customer services telephone number below or logging in to your online account.

If you can't be bothered waiting on hold you can also send them an email, however, it seems that the responses to email may take some time. Remember, in order to get a real comparison of how much you could save, give us a call or click here.

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