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Nabuh Energy: 2020 Reviews, Tariffs, Account Login & Contact (Updated)

Find out more about Nabuh EnergyNabuh Energy is a small supplier with cheap prices and a happy customer base.
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Nabuh Energy’s goal is to help people who are on prepayment meters get a better deal on their gas and electricity. It claims to be the energy company with a heart and here at Selectra we wanted to find out if they lived up to their slogan.


Silhoutte of two hands coming together overlayed on the Nabuh Energy logo and the Earth from space.
Source: Nabuh Energy

At first glance it’s difficult to find information about Nabuh Energy. The website is messy, uninformative and riddled with grammatical errors. It was difficult to find all the things we needed to know. We kept getting redirected to their Facebook Page where it was equally as difficult to find anything of substance. Not really a great start.

So, what's the story behind Nabuh Energy? The CEO of Nabuh Energy Klaus Bach is a shareholder in Juhl Bach Holding which is one of the biggest family owned private companies in Denmark. It was £2 million of funding from this company which helped set up Nabuh energy.

Nabuh Energy has already signed up 7,000 customers since opening its doors for business in July 2018. By the end of 2018 they are hoping to have 80,000. The company has a small office with 10 employees in Sheffield and 50 sales people in a call centre in the city but despite their size they are aiming high with their level of customer service.

The company has been shortlisted for Moneyfacts Consumer Energy Provider of the Year award 2019 and also named the cheapest prepayment energy company in the Eastern region for categories A-E by Pixie Energy.

CEO Bach has said: “We are definitely giving the Big Six a run for their money. I just don’t think people realise there is an alternative. People need to understand that going with a small energy provider is not that big a risk - and they usually save you money.”

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Nottingham, Birmingham and London are home to many of the new generation of energy firms and after being unable to hire experienced people in Sheffield, Nabuh committed to training its own staff which is a big plus for jobseekers in the area and a boost to the local economy.

Nabuh Energy has a commitment to answer the phone in less than 30 seconds. However, it appears that the company is failing to deliver on its promise as many customers have been left waiting on hold for long periods of time.

When we called it took 5 minutes to get through to a customers service agent - not overly long but not the fastest on the market either. Nabuh Energy say that they have made Facebook chat available as well so that customers can get through but we waited 1 hour until we got a response.

This is especially worrying in the case of emergencies or if you lose your card over the weekend when their offices aren’t open. One customer on Trustpilot commented:

Online top up doesn't work even after confirming details numerous times over the phone, trying to top up over the phone on automatic payment the same, getting in touch with customer service is a nightmare, it feels like they have a team of 1, if you want to listen to music for hours call Nabuh customer service. Wish to god I had never switched.

Although, it is also important to note that 74% of customers were satisfied with the service they received from Nabuh Energy. Customers claim that call centre employees are friendly during the sign up process but somewhat inefficient, failing to give callbacks when required and lacking knowledge. The person who we spoke to was indeed very friendly and was fairly knowledgeable about everything we asked.

Overall we’d say that Nabuh Energy is one to watch. Other than their cheap prices we’d say that their customer service is friendly although you will have to wait a considerable time to talk to someone either on the phone or via their other channels.

Nabuh Energy has great low prices but nothing especially interesting to distinguish them from the other new contenders in the energy market. For now at least we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt as it seems that they are keeping the majority of their customers happy.

Account login

Much like many other suppliers in the market Nabuh Energy has an online account which you can use to manage your energy without having to make any phone calls.

When logged in to your account using your username and password it should be easy to carry out day to day tasks such as updating your account details, providing meter readings or checking your balance. However, we have had customers mention that in the beginning they had problems accessing the platform.


Nabuh Energy App on an iphone screen
source: Nabuh Energy

Nabuh Energy has a brand new app which prepay customers can use to top up their meters making it quicker and easier than ever before. No more traipsing to the shops to the Paypoint or running out of gas and electricity when the shops are closed.

The app is rated 3 stars with customers complaining that the app has lots of bugs. If you prefer to try topping up your prepayment meter by phone you can download the app in the Google Play Store or the App Store. Then you just need to follow the steps below in order to get set up.

  1. Register your account using the details given during sign up.
  2. Once you're logged in, you will need to add your payment card. Click on the symbol in the top right to edit your profile, then select 'Visa' in the top right.
  3. Select 'Add New Card' fill in your payment details and click 'Save' button, and then select 'Done' in the top right corner.
  4. Go back to the 'Top Up' page and select the fuel type - either 'Gas' or 'Electricity'. Then select the amount you would like to top up by.
  5. Choose how you would like to receive confirmation, either through SMS or Email.
  6. Click 'Select a Card' and choose the card you have saved with your account. Finally click 'Top Up'. Shortly after, you will receive a receipt through your preferred method of confirmation.

Tariffs & Prices

If you compare gas and electricity suppliers you will find that Nabuh Energy has some of the cheapest electricity prices on the market. Nearly all their tariffs are fixed. This means that you will be protected for price rises for the next 12 months. Important - especially with Brexit just around the corner!

Although they focus primarily on prepayment meters they have a range of tariffs to suit both PayG customers and direct debit customers. There are no exit fees on any of the tariffs.

  • Jack (12 month fixed tariff with smart meters)
  • Katy/ Eco 7 (12 month fixed tariff with smart meters and Economy 7 options available)
  • Lisa (Fixed 12 month tariff for non-smart meters and economy 7 meters)
  • Mel (12 month fixed tariff for smart meters)
  • Rachel (12 month variable tariff for smart meters)

Prices will vary depending on which of the 13 different pricing regions you live in, the size of your home and how many people live in your home.


Understanding your energy bills can sometimes be confusing. Start off by getting to know how your energy bill is calculated in our simple to follow guide. All of Nabuh Energy tariffs have access to online billing without any additional charge.

Nabuh customers can either use prepayment or pay by direct debit.

Nabuh is a paperless company and send all their correspondence by email. Every month you will receive an email to let you know that your Nabuh Energy statement is ready. Paper copies can be sent on request and Nabuh also cater for those with visual disabilities by providing information in Braille.

If the bill is estimated you can provide meter readings to make them more accurate unless you have a smart meter when these will be done automatically for you. Currently, Nabuh Energy has a refer a friend deal where customers can get £25 credit on their meter for either their gas or electricity if they refer a friend to Nabuh Energy.

Energy Mix

The fuel mix for Nabuh Energy hasn't been published yet, but as the company has been in business for less than one year we imagine that these would be published in the coming financial year.

Currently they are only just starting to supply renewable energy so we imagine that the fuel mix won’t be too different from the national averages. However, when we spoke to their customer service department they assured us that in the future they would be striving to provide 100% renewable energy to their customers.

Meter Reading

A Nabuh Energy Gas Card on top of an open wallet
source: Nabuh Energy

Nabuh Energy provides a good variety of ways to submit your meter readings. You can not only submit your meter readings through the online portal but also by telephone, on their website or by email if you prefer.

We imagine that with the company’s focus on technology that they would be releasing an app for this in the future as well.

Customers with some types of smart meter will be able to keep their smart meter functionality and in this case they won’t have to submit monthly meter readings. Give Nabuh Energy a call or chat with them on Facebook to check if your meter will be compatible.

If for any reason you can’t submit your meter readings the company will estimate them. However, Nabuh Energy wants to keep your readings as accurate as possible to avoid large unwanted bills coming through the post.

Smart Meters

A Nabuh Energy Smart Meter
Nabuh Energy is most probably going to use Secure meters.

If you don’t have a smart meter already installed, Nabuh was originally planning to install smart meters for their customers at the beginning of next year, much like many of the other smaller newer suppliers.

However, due to industry delays this has not been possible. There is currently no set date for smart meter installations.

On their website it states that they will be installing second generation SMETS2 meters. The UK government would like to have as many residential energy users on smart meters by 2020 and Nabuh is on board with this goal.

If you are a Nabuh Energy customer and you want to register your interest in a smart meter when they become available you can send them an email or give their customer service team a call.

Moving home

If you are moving home you can contact Nabuh Energy either by email or phone and give them your final meter readings and at the same time, if you wish to stay with them as a supplier, they can set up the supply for your new home.

Make sure that you check whether the meter in your house is prepayment or direct debit before you contact them so that they can give you the quickest service possible.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Nabuh Energy doesn’t currently offer the Warm Home Discount to their customers although they have ambitions to do so in the future. However, we would recommend that Nabuh Energy, much like many of the other small suppliers, currently offers very cheap prices.

If you have a standard tariff with them then you will still probably be saving more money than if you went with one of the big six and got the discount. If you want to check the difference between being with the big six and having the discount and the other cheap tariffs available then you can ask for a callback to get some free professional advice on the best way to save money.

Business Energy

Nabuh Energy doesn’t currently offer business tariffs as it is focusing on the domestic market.

Business Energy is a very complex subject and the tariff that you would need will depend mainly on the size of your business and your energy needs. There are a variety of different business suppliers that we would recommend such as Haven Power and Bulb Energy.


Nabuh Energy have a list of conditions that they have set for themselves as a supplier in order to meet their customers expectations. If they fail to meet your expectations within certain time limits then you may be offered compensation. For example, if If they don’t carry out an appointment at the time that you agreed, then they’ll pay you £30 within 10 working days. You can find a whole list of these here.

As with the general customer service, it can also be a bit tricky getting through if you have a complaint with Nabuh Energy. If you should have problems with them and want to complain then you can follow the following complaints procedure.

The first step is to obviously get in touch with their customer service team using one of the following methods:

Phone themYou can speak to one of their Customer Service Team on the phone
0330 041 4902
*Monday to Saturday: 9am-5pm; Saturday: 9am-5pm

Send Them an EmailSend an email to their Customer Services Team at

Or write to them at their address:Nabuh Energy
PO Box 5862
S2 9FS.

When you contact their customer service they will try to resolve your problem within 24 hours by providing you with an apology, action and compensation if they feel that is appropriate.

If one of their customer service agents can’t resolve your problem then you can “escalate” your complaint to one of the dedicated customer service managers who will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Usually, in these cases, most companies will aim to resolve your problem within 4-8 weeks. If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.


Nabuh Energy has a variety of ways for you to get in touch. You can contact them by phone, email, post, social media or via their app.

To check out their current deals on tariffs, you can visit their website to sign up.

If you'd like to contact Nabuh Energy for general enquiries or for complaints then you can contact them on the customer services telephone number below or login to your account. We have also had good experiences chatting with their customer service agents via Facebook.

blue telephone

Nabuh Energy Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
023 9227 5030
*Monday to Friday: 9am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-5pm

Nabuh Energy Address

Nabuh Energy

2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

Nabuh Energy Email

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