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Nabuh Energy: latest reviews, top up tips & tariffs

Nabuh Energy is a Sheffield based gas and electricity supplier that entered the market in 2018. While it focuses on tariffs for prepayment meters, it also offers a few direct debit fixed-rate tariffs. It aims to save customers money and offer some of the cheapest prepayment tariffs in the UK.

Electricity: Natural gas, Nuclear, Renewables, Coal  Reasonable Prices
Fuel mix score:  Smart meters
Domestic Market: England, Scotland, Wales  Mobile app
Customers: Small company (less than 100,000 customers)  Poor customer reviews
Selectra score: ★★  No Warm Home Discount

Who is Nabuh Energy?

Nabuh Energy Limited is a gas and electricity supplier based in Sheffield. It focuses on tariffs for prepayment meters, aiming to offer some of the cheapest pay-as-you-go tariffs on the market, and also offers a number of fixed-rate tariffs paid by direct debit.

Nabuh Energy has already signed up 7,000 customers since opening its doors for business in July 2018. By the end of 2018, they are hoping to have 80,000. The company has a small office with 10 employees in Sheffield and 50 salespeople in a call centre in the city, but despite their size, they are aiming high with their level of customer service.

We are definitely giving the Big Six a run for their money. I just don’t think people realise there is an alternative. People need to understand that going with a small energy provider is not that big a risk - and they usually save you money.

Nabuh Energy CEO

Who owns Nabuh Energy?

The CEO of Nabuh Energy, Klaus Bach, is a shareholder in Juhl Bach Holding, which is one of the biggest family-owned private companies in Denmark. It was £2 million of funding from this company which helped set up Nabuh energy.


Nabuh Energy reviews online do not paint a particularly good picture of the company. For example, 83% of all reviews on Trustpilot rate Nabuh Energy as ‘bad’, leaving it with an overall rating of just 1.4 out of 5. Most complaints focus on poor customer service and problems with topping up, which is a major concern for a prepayment focused energy provider.

Online top up doesn't work even after confirming details numerous times over the phone, trying to top up over the phone on automatic payment the same, getting in touch with customer service is a nightmare, it feels like they have a team of 1, if you want to listen to music for hours call Nabuh customer service. Wish to god I had never switched.

Poor Nabuh Energy reviews continue on Google, with a rating of 1.6 out of 5. Again, customers mention huge issues with topping up their prepayment meters, such as the app taking 20 minutes to complete a top up, as well as inadequate customer service.

The picture doesn’t get any better in Citizen’s Advice September to December ratings. Nabuh Energy comes in 39th out of 40 suppliers with a poor overall review of just 1.9 out of 5. With a high amount of complaints (62.1 per 100,000 customers), a long average call wait time (8:21) and only 93.7% of customers receiving bills on time, we can see why Nabuh has such a low rating.

The call wait time is particularlyfrustrating as Nabuh Energy has said it aims to answer the phone in less than 30 seconds! When we called it took 5 minutes to get through to a customer service agent. The company says it has made Facebook chat available so that more customers can get through, but we waited 1 hour until we got a response. Not great if you have an urgent problem!

Overall, reviews of Nabuh Energy suggest the company is failing in some major areas, including customer service and providing adequate top up services. It may have some low prices, but these can’t make up for some of these burning problems.

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Login and app

Much like many other suppliers in the market, Nabuh Energy has an online account which you can use to manage your tariff and account.

To login to your account, you need to access the Nabuh Energy login page. To do this, head to the Nabuh’s website, hover over the MyAccount link located in the bar at the top of the screen and then click Log In. Once here, you simply need to enter the email address and password associated with your account.

If you wish to log in to your online account now, click the link below.


The Nabuh Energy app is designed for prepayment customers so they can top up their meters from their phones, making it quicker and easier than ever before.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for Apple devices. Unfortunately, it does not have great reviews with a score of 1.5/5 on the App Store and 1.3/5 on Google Play. The main complaint is that the app is very slow, meaning it actually takes a long time to top up.

To get the app up and running, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register your account using the details given during sign up.
  2. Once you're logged in, you will need to add your payment card. Click on the symbol in the top right to edit your profile, then select 'Visa' in the top right.
  3. Select 'Add New Card', fill in your payment details and click the 'Save' button, and then select 'Done' in the top right corner.
  4. Go back to the 'Top Up' page and select the fuel type - either 'Gas' or 'Electricity'. Then select the amount you would like to top up by.
  5. Choose how you would like to receive confirmation, either through SMS or Email.
  6. Click 'Select a Card' and choose the card you have saved with your account. Finally, click 'Top Up'. Shortly after, you will receive a receipt through your preferred method of confirmation.

Meter Reading

Nabuh Energy provides a good variety of ways to submit your meter readings. You can not only submit your meter readings through the online portal but also by telephone, on their website or by email if you prefer.

If for any reason you can’t submit your meter readings the company will estimate them. However, Nabuh Energy wants to keep your readings as accurate as possible to avoid large unwanted bills coming through the post.

Top up - where can I top up Nabuh Energy?

There are a number of different ways you can top up your credit with Nabuh Energy. If you have a smart prepayment meter, you can top up online, via the app or over the phone. If you have a traditional meter, you need to top up at your local PayPoint store. Let’s go through each option one by one.

  1. Nabuh Energy topup online (smart meter) - to top up online you don’t even need to log in to your account. Just click the top up online option on the Nabuh website and fill in the required details. Your new credit will be automatically transferred to your meter.
  2. Top up on the app (smart meter) - just log in to the app and you can top up. You can save your payment details so you don’t need to enter them every time.
  3. Over the phone (smart meters) - call 0330 0082 138 to top up over the phone
  4. PayPoint store (traditional meters) - take your top up card to your local PayPoint store and top up at the cash register. You will need to put your card into your meter in order to transfer the new credit.

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Friendly and emergency credit

gas meter

Nabuh Energy emergency credit will kick in once you have used all the credit you have paid for, to give you a chance to top up before your electricity and/or gas cuts off. The amount of emergency credit you use will be taken off your next top up. Emergency credit is not unlimited and will eventually run out. In this case, your meter will disconnect until you top up - you will need to top up by at least enough credit to cover all the emergency credit you used plus £1.

To ensure your supply is not cut off during evenings, weekends and bank holidays, Nabuh Energy also offers friendly credit. Friendly credit is applicable Monday to Thursday from 7:30pm to 12pm, from Friday 7:30pm till Monday at 12pm, and all UK bank holidays. It will kick in if you use up all the credit you paid for during these hours. You will have to pay it back when you next top up.

Tariffs and prices

Nabuh Energy currently offers four tariffs: a prepayment tariff and three direct debit fixed-rate tariffs.

The direct debit tariffs are as followed:

  • The Jack tariff - fixed-rate for 12 months for traditional meters, no exit fees
  • The Zara tariff - fixed-rate for 12 months for traditional meters, no exit fees (only available online)
  • The Mel tariff - fixed-rate for 12 months for smart meters, no exit fees

Prepayment tariff

Nabuh Energy has one prepayment tariff, currently called the Lizzy tariff. Although it is a prepayment meter, unit rates are fixed for the first 12 months and there are no exit fees. There are three versions available. One for traditional meters, one for Economy 7 meters, and one for smart meters.


As with all providers, Nabuh Energy prices will vary depending on where you live and how much energy you use. To give you some idea of its prices, we have calculated the annual cost of its prepayment tariff and one of the direct debit tariffs for a household in London that consumes a medium amount of energy.

Lizzy Tariff (prepayment tariff) Electricity Gas
Unit rate per kWh 18.866p 3.508p
Standing charge per day 26.408p 30.45p
Monthly cost £43.85 £45.80
Annual cost £526.25 £549.62

Overall Annual Cost: £1075.87

Updated April 2020

Jack tariff (direct debit) Electricity Gas
Unit rate per kWh 13.715p 3.454p
Standing charge per day 24.99p 24.99p
Monthly cost £43.63 £43.58
Annual cost £516.39 £523.61

Overall Annual Cost: £1039.40

Updated April 2020


Nabuh is a paperless energy supplier and sends all their correspondence by email. Every month you will receive an email to let you know that your Nabuh Energy statement is ready. Paper copies can be sent on request and Nabuh also caters for those with visual disabilities by providing information in Braille.

If the bill is estimated you can provide meter readings to make them more accurate unless you have a smart meter when these will be done automatically for you. Currently, Nabuh Energy has a refer a friend deal where customers can get £25 credit on their meter for either their gas or electricity if they refer a friend to Nabuh Energy.

Business Energy

Nabuh Energy doesn’t offer business tariffs as it is focusing on the domestic market. If you are interested in a business tariff, call our energy experts on 02039 360059 to compare your options and find the best energy deal for your business.

Fuel mix

Fuel mix refers to the sources a company gets its energy from, e.g. natural gas and renewables. More and more companies are trying to increase their use of green energy by getting more of their electricity from sustainable sources.

Unfortunately, Nabuh Energy ltd is not performing well in the renewable energy stakes. Despite claiming it is working towards the goal of only using green energy, it currently gets less electricity from sustainable sources than the national average.

From March 2018 to April 2019, Nabuh Energy got most of its energy from natural gas and only 2.6% from renewables!

Smart Meters

Nabuh Energy is installing smart meters and can support second-generation smart meters (SMETS2 ) installed by other providers. It offers prepayment smart meters as well as smart meters for people who pay by direct debit. With both smart meters, you do not need to submit meter readings as it is done automatically.

Current customers interested in getting a Nabuh Energy smart meter can register their interest and will be contacted when the company is installing in their given area.

Warm Home Discount

Nabuh Energy doesn’t currently offer the Warm Home Discount to their customers, although they have ambitions to do so in the future.

Despite this, you might find that a Nabuh Energy tariff without the discount is still cheaper than a tariff offered by one of the Big Six with the discount. Give Selectra a call on 02039 360059 to compare and find the cheapest option for you!

How do I contact Nabuh Energy?

There are a number of ways current and potential customers can contact Nabuh Energy, including phone, email and live chat. In the table below we have listed all the available Nabuh Energy contact details.

Nabuh Energy contact number 0330 0414 902 (Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm; Sat & Sun: 9am-5pm)
Email address
Nabuh Energy address Customer Service, Nabuh Energy, PO BOX 5862, Sheffield, S2 9FS
Online contact form Nabuh Energy contact form
Live Chat Nabuh Energy has a live chat feature available on its website. You can chat to a customer service agent using this Monday to Friday between 10am and 7pm.
Social media
Press enquiries

Talk to a real person - FastYou won't have to talk to a machine or wait on hold for hours. Our free service will put you through to a real person without the wait. Call 020 3966 4692 or get a free callback now.


If you experience problems with your meter or have issues topping up, contact Nabuh Energy on 0330 0414 902.

Power cuts cannot be dealt with by Nabuh, so you need to call 105 or your Distribution Network Operator.

If you experience a gas emergency, such as a gas leak, call the National Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999. Before calling, turn off your gas supply and get out of the house.


If you encounter a problem with Nabuh Energy, you can issue an official complaint. You can do this in the three following ways:

  • Phone - 0330 0414 902 ( Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm; Sat & Sun: 9am-5pm)
  • Email -
  • Post - Nabuh Energy, Floor 9 The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU

When you contact their customer service they will try to resolve your problem within 24 hours by providing you with an apology, action and compensation if they feel that is appropriate.

If one of their customer service agents can’t resolve your problem then you can “escalate” your complaint to one of the dedicated customer service managers who will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Usually, in these cases, most companies will aim to resolve your problem within 4-8 weeks. If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.

Moving home

If you are moving home, you need to contact Nabuh Energy either by email or phone to provide your final meter readings. You can also let the company now if you wish to continue your supply at your new address and it can set this up for you.