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The Apple iPhone has evolved over the years, and every version of the iPhone is different. How does the iPhone 8 perform and what do you need to look for when it comes to iPhone 8 deals? Is the iPhone 8 really better than the iPhone 7? Selectra breaks down all there is to know about iPhone 8 deals, customer reviews, iPhone 8 contracts and price, and so much more. Keep reading for all the iPhone 8 essential.

The iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 was released in the UK on the 22nd of September 2017 alongside the Apple iPhone 8 plus. The iPhone 8 included features like a sleek new glass and aluminum design, retina HD displays, A11 bionic chip, new single and dual cameras that support portrait lighting, wireless charging and is optimised for augmented reality.

What is iOS?The term iOS refers to the mobile phone operating system created by Apple. Not all smartphones run on iOS, Android phones like Huawei or Samsung run on the Android operating system.

Iphone 8 price: Best iPhone 8 deals

If you’re looking for a good deal on an iPhone 8 then the good news is that you can still find the smartphone in several retail locations. Carphone Warehouse has the iPhone 8 on offer with a contract for £27.99 per month or Vodafone has the iPhone 8 on offer for £36 per month on a contract.

If you’re happy with your current mobile phone provider then it’s worth approaching them to see if you can upgrade your current plan to include the iPhone 8. Alternatively, if you’re seeking to change your mobile phone network we’ve got all the information you need on the main mobile phone networks across the United Kingdom.

Looking for a new phone?If you’re after a new mobile phone or UK SIM card then why not read through our guide to getting a UK SIM or mobile phone for all you need to know on the matter.

Is the iPhone 8 a cheap iPhone?

Seeing as the iPhone 8 is not the most recent model of the iPhone, and has had several predecessors since, it’s fairly reasonably priced. Here at Selectra, we always recommend shopping around for the right deal for you, especially if you have a mobile phone contract involved in the transaction. You may find that your current provider can offer you cheaper iPhone 8 deals, it will really depend on which mobile network you are with.

Can you buy the iPhone outright?

Yes, you can. If you’re certain you want to invest in an iPhone 8 they usually have them available in retailers like Carphone Warehouse and the Apple store itself. Keep in mind that if you’re not engaged in some kind of mobile network contract then you may not have the benefit of upgrading your phone later on if you so desire.

Getting an iPhone 8 contract

Getting an iPhone 8 contract is simple and straightforward. It’s possible to sign on to a contract that includes an iPhone 8 with most of the main mobile networks. Check out our guides to the main mobile phone providers if you’d like to learn more about the monthly plan prices and perks of signing on with particular mobile phone networks.

iPhone 8 red

The iPhone 8 came in a lively pop of colour with a red version of the phone hitting stores later in the game than the other colours. If the red coloured smartphone takes your fancy then you’ll be pleased to know that sales of the red iPhone 8 help to fund research into HIV and AIDS - good quality technology for a good cause!

If you’re not big on the red version of the iPhone 8, the phone also comes in the colours silver, space grey and gold. Regardless of your tastes you’re likely to find a colour that’s right for you. We do recommend comparing the design aesthetic of different iPhones as you may prefer the design of earlier iPhones like the iPhone 6 or later designs, like that of the iPhone 11.

Compare iPhonesIf you’re looking to compare the iPhone 8 to other iPhones, check out our guide to the iPhone x.

iPhone 8 reviews

All in all, customer reviews for the iPhone 8 were a mixed bag, with reviews being quite polarised between positive and negative outcomes. Some reviewers criticised of the lack of new features released in the iPhone 8, with the phone being very similar to the iPhone 7S. The iPhone 8 also received criticism for limited upgrades, a bezel-heavy design and poor battery life. The iPhone 8 was not the first iPhone under fire for battery issues, with changes to battery efficiency only really addressed in the more recent models of the phone.

When it comes to praise for the iPhone 8 things like its wireless charging capability as well as the glass rear of the design, and the colour range including the iPhone 8 red, got a mention. As always the iPhone 8 attracted crowds to Apple stores when it launched and there have been many happy customers out there singing its praises. Let’s take a look at what some iPhone 8 users had to say about the phone:

After using [an] iPhone 6s for 2 1/2 years, I picked up [the] iPhone 8 over iPhone 7. Almost [the] same form factor and feel yet a classy touch.The glass back seems a bit fragile but hopefully it is durable. Being a 2017 model, hope it will get iOS updates for years to come.

RockeriPhone 8 user

LOL. Battery drains after so many iOS updates? Apple releases frequent OS updates on a purpose to shorten battery life (not just to fix bugs and security). The battery health indicator is horribly misleading.

HabbibiPhone 8 user

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